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Cliffs of Moher, County Clare by Diego Lopez (CC-BY-SA 4.0)

Wiki Loves Earth Ireland 2020link=Commons:Wiki Loves Earth 2020 in Ireland
   Cliffs of Moher, County Clare by Diego Lopez (CC-BY-SA 4.0)
Wiki Loves Earth 2022 Ireland is a photo contest focused on the protected natural areas across the island of Ireland.
Images must be licensed under free licenses, see COM:Licensing.
The event is supported by Wikimedia Community Ireland.

Find more protected areas in Munster, Ulster and Connacht

Protected sites in Leinster[edit]

Name Upload Photo Category Type[1] Region(s) Wikidata Location
IE0002122 Wicklow Mountains National Park Upload a file Wicklow Mountains National Park NP, SAC County Wicklow Q3364505 53°01′05″N 6°23′53″W / 53.018°N 6.398°W / 53.018; -6.398
S.I. No. 233/1988, IE0000199 Baldoyle Estuary Upload a file Baldoyle Bay NR, SAC, RS County Dublin Q4850462 53°24′07″N 6°07′26″W / 53.402°N 6.124°W / 53.402; -6.124
S.I. No. 231/1988, S.I. No. 232/1988, 406 North Bull Island Upload a file Bull Island, Dublin NR, RS County Dublin Q3778009 53°21′43″N 6°08′17″W / 53.362°N 6.138°W / 53.362; -6.138
S.I. No. 71/1988, IE0000208, 412 Rogerstown Estuary Upload a file Rogerstown Estuary NR, RS, SAC County Dublin Q7359369 53°30′18″N 6°08′06″W / 53.505°N 6.135°W / 53.505; -6.135
S.I. No. 414/1986, IE0000396, 474 Pollardstown Fen Upload a file Pollardstown Fen NR, RS, SAC County Kildare Q98836181 53°11′13″N 6°50′38″W / 53.187°N 6.844°W / 53.187; -6.844
S.I. No. 386/1980 Ballykeeffe Wood Upload a file Ballykeeffe Wood NR County Kilkenny Q26717253 52°36′40″N 7°23′35″W / 52.611°N 7.393°W / 52.611; -7.393
S.I. No. 234/1988 Fiddown Island Upload a file Fiddown Island NR County Kilkenny Q98851240 52°19′34″N 7°19′05″W / 52.326°N 7.318°W / 52.326; -7.318
S.I. No. 389/1980 Garryricken Upload a file Garryricken NR County Kilkenny 52°29′49″N 7°24′54″W / 52.497°N 7.415°W / 52.497; -7.415
S.I. No. 388/1980 Kyleadohir Upload a file Kyleadohir NR County Kilkenny 52°31′59″N 7°27′14″W / 52.533°N 7.454°W / 52.533; -7.454
S.I. No. 379/1982 Coolacurragh Wood Upload a file Coolacurragh Wood NR County Laois Q104855223 52°51′50″N 7°30′32″W / 52.864°N 7.509°W / 52.864; -7.509
S.I. No. 378/1982 Grantstown Wood and Grantstown Lough Upload a file Grantstown Wood and Grantstown Lough NR County Laois Q104855358 52°52′16″N 7°30′07″W / 52.871°N 7.502°W / 52.871; -7.502
S.I. No. 383/1985 Timahoe Esker Upload a file Timahoe Esker NR County Laois Q104855055 52°58′37″N 7°11′53″W / 52.977°N 7.198°W / 52.977; -7.198
S.I. No. 382/1985, IE0000412, 335 Slieve Bloom Mountains Upload a file Slieve Bloom Mountains NR, RS, SAC County Laois
County Offaly
Q2658989 53°05′31″N 7°34′34″W / 53.092°N 7.576°W / 53.092; -7.576
S.I. No. 226/1987, IE0000572, 460 Clara Bog Upload a file Clara Bog NR, SAC, RS County Offaly Q4090966 53°19′19″N 7°37′26″W / 53.322°N 7.624°W / 53.322; -7.624
S.I. No. 230/1987, IE0000580, 416 Mongan Bog Upload a file Mongan Bog NR, SAC, RS County Offaly Q60574007 53°19′37″N 7°57′04″W / 53.327°N 7.951°W / 53.327; -7.951
S.I. No. 280/1987, IE0000582, 417 Raheenmore Bog Upload a file Raheenmore Bog NR, RS, SAC County Offaly Q7283363 53°20′17″N 7°20′35″W / 53.338°N 7.343°W / 53.338; -7.343
S.I. No. 350/1992, IE0000692 Scragh Bog Upload a file Scragh Bog NR, SAC County Westmeath Q98961363 53°34′44″N 7°21′36″W / 53.579°N 7.360°W / 53.579; -7.360
S.I. No. 279/1987, S.I. No. 8/1990 Ballyteigue Burrow Upload a file Ballyteigue Burrow NR County Wexford Q98399898 52°12′36″N 6°39′32″W / 52.210°N 6.659°W / 52.210; -6.659
S.I. No. 200/1983, 333 The Raven Nature Reserve Upload a file The Raven Nature Reserve NR, RS County Wexford Q98972908 52°21′07″N 6°21′54″W / 52.352°N 6.365°W / 52.352; -6.365
S.I. No. 205/1981, 291 Wexford Wildfowl Reserve Upload a file North Slob NR, RS County Wexford Q7056767 52°21′32″N 6°24′58″W / 52.359°N 6.416°W / 52.359; -6.416
S.I. No. 381/1982 Deputy's Pass Upload a file Deputy's Pass NR County Wicklow Q99066798 52°57′07″N 6°09′50″W / 52.952°N 6.164°W / 52.952; -6.164
S.I. No. 178/1980 Glen of the Downs Upload a file Glen of the Downs NR, SAC County Wicklow Q5568116 53°08′10″N 6°06′54″W / 53.136°N 6.115°W / 53.136; -6.115
S.I. No. 68/1988 Glendalough Upload a file Glendalough Valley NR County Wicklow Q691153 53°00′29″N 6°19′26″W / 53.008°N 6.324°W / 53.008; -6.324
S.I. No. 69/1988 Glenealo Valley Upload a file Glenealo Valley, Glendalough NR County Wicklow Q104849570 53°00′40″N 6°23′24″W / 53.011°N 6.390°W / 53.011; -6.390
S.I. No. 58/1994 IE0000725 Knocksink Wood Upload a file Knocksink Wood NR, SAC County Wicklow
County Dublin
Q98106187 53°12′00″N 6°10′59″W / 53.200°N 6.183°W / 53.200; -6.183
S.I. No. 374/1983 Vale of Clara Upload a file Vale of Clara NR County Wicklow Q98380258 52°57′29″N 6°14′10″W / 52.958°N 6.236°W / 52.958; -6.236
IE0000770 Blackstairs Mountains Upload a file Blackstairs Mountains SAC County Carlow
County Wexford
Q601719 52°35′06″N 6°47′20″W / 52.585°N 6.789°W / 52.585; -6.789
IE0002162 River Barrow Upload a file River Barrow SAC Leinster Q936301 52°34′55″N 7°10′59″W / 52.582°N 7.183°W / 52.582; -7.183
IE0002162 River Nore Upload a file River Nore SAC Leinster Q1048506 52°34′55″N 7°10′59″W / 52.582°N 7.183°W / 52.582; -7.183
IE0000781 Slaney River Valley Upload a file River Slaney SAC County Carlow
County Wexford

County Wicklow
Q1122203 52°27′47″N 6°33′43″W / 52.463°N 6.562°W / 52.463; -6.562
IE0002299 River Boyne Upload a file River Boyne SAC Leinster Q896037 53°41′38″N 6°47′06″W / 53.694°N 6.785°W / 53.694; -6.785
IE0000713 Ballyman Glen Upload a file Ballyman Glen SAC County Dublin
County Wicklow
53°12′11″N 6°09′25″W / 53.203°N 6.157°W / 53.203; -6.157
IE0000206 North Dublin Bay Upload a file Dublin Bay SAC, BIS County Dublin Q148621 53°22′08″N 6°08′10″W / 53.369°N 6.136°W / 53.369; -6.136
IE0000210 South Dublin Bay Upload a file Dublin Bay SAC, BIS County Dublin Q148621 53°19′26″N 6°11′17″W / 53.324°N 6.188°W / 53.324; -6.188
IE0001209 Glenasmole Valley Upload a file Glenasmole Valley SAC County Dublin Q109534170 53°14′31″N 6°21′47″W / 53.242°N 6.363°W / 53.242; -6.363
IE0000202 Howth Head Upload a file Howth Head SAC County Dublin Q774374 53°22′26″N 6°03′54″W / 53.374°N 6.065°W / 53.374; -6.065
IE0002193 Ireland's Eye Upload a file Ireland's Eye SAC County Dublin Q1672468 53°24′18″N 6°03′50″W / 53.405°N 6.064°W / 53.405; -6.064
IE0000204 Lambay Island Upload a file Lambay Island SAC County Dublin Q1520062 53°29′28″N 6°00′50″W / 53.491°N 6.014°W / 53.491; -6.014
IE0000205 Malahide Estuary Upload a file Malahide Estuary SAC County Dublin 53°27′40″N 6°09′07″W / 53.461°N 6.152°W / 53.461; -6.152
IE0000391 Ballynafagh Bog Upload a file Ballynafagh Bog SAC County Kildare 53°17′42″N 6°46′44″W / 53.295°N 6.779°W / 53.295; -6.779
IE0001387 Ballynafagh Lake Upload a file Ballynafagh Lake SAC County Kildare 53°18′00″N 6°47′28″W / 53.300°N 6.791°W / 53.300; -6.791
IE0000397 Red Bog, Kildare Upload a file Red Bog, County Kildare SAC County Kildare 53°11′49″N 6°32′06″W / 53.197°N 6.535°W / 53.197; -6.535
IE0001398 Rye Water Valley/Carton Upload a file River Rye SAC County Kildare
County Meath
Q7337795 53°22′48″N 6°32′13″W / 53.380°N 6.537°W / 53.380; -6.537
IE0002331 Mouds Bog Upload a file Mouds Bog SAC County Kildare 53°12′54″N 6°49′01″W / 53.215°N 6.817°W / 53.215; -6.817
IE0000404 Hugginstown Fen Upload a file Hugginstown Fen SAC County Kilkenny 52°25′34″N 7°13′59″W / 52.426°N 7.233°W / 52.426; -7.233
IE0000407 The Loughans Upload a file The Loughans SAC County Kilkenny 52°43′26″N 7°32′02″W / 52.724°N 7.534°W / 52.724; -7.534
IE0000831 Cullahill Mountain Upload a file Cullahill Mountain SAC County Kilkenny Q28195275 52°47′24″N 7°29′20″W / 52.790°N 7.489°W / 52.790; -7.489
IE0000849 Spahill and Clomantagh Hill Upload a file Spahill and Clomantagh Hill SAC County Kilkenny Q5134932 52°44′53″N 7°30′25″W / 52.748°N 7.507°W / 52.748; -7.507
IE0001858 Galmoy Fen Upload a file Galmoy Fen SAC County Kilkenny 52°48′29″N 7°34′08″W / 52.808°N 7.569°W / 52.808; -7.569
IE0001858 Lower River Suir SAC Upload a file Lower River Suir SAC SAC County Kilkenny
County Tipperary

County Waterford
52°23′53″N 7°38′06″W / 52.398°N 7.635°W / 52.398; -7.635
IE0002252 Thomastown Quarry Upload a file Thomastown Quarry SAC County Kilkenny 52°32′06″N 7°08′38″W / 52.535°N 7.144°W / 52.535; -7.144
IE0000859 Clonaslee Eskers and Derry Bog Upload a file Clonaslee Eskers and Derry Bog SAC County Laois
County Offaly
53°09′40″N 7°36′29″W / 53.161°N 7.608°W / 53.161; -7.608
IE0002332 Coolrain Bog Upload a file Coolrain Bog SAC County Laois 52°58′23″N 7°36′00″W / 52.973°N 7.600°W / 52.973; -7.600
IE0000869 Lisbigney Bog Upload a file Lisbigney Bog SAC County Laois 52°51′43″N 7°20′06″W / 52.862°N 7.335°W / 52.862; -7.335
IE0002141 Mountmellick SAC Upload a file Mountmellick SAC SAC County Laois 53°07′37″N 7°15′58″W / 53.127°N 7.266°W / 53.127; -7.266
IE0002333 Knockacollier Bog Upload a file Knockacollier Bog SAC County Laois 52°58′12″N 7°32′20″W / 52.970°N 7.539°W / 52.970; -7.539
IE0002341 Ardagullion Bog Upload a file Ardagullion Bog SAC County Longford 53°43′34″N 7°31′26″W / 53.726°N 7.524°W / 53.726; -7.524
IE0002346 Brown Bog Upload a file Brown Bog SAC County Longford 53°43′55″N 7°51′14″W / 53.732°N 7.854°W / 53.732; -7.854
IE0002348 Clooneen Bog Upload a file Clooneen Bog SAC County Longford 53°48′11″N 7°53′46″W / 53.803°N 7.896°W / 53.803; -7.896
IE0000448 Fortwilliam Turlough Upload a file Fortwilliam Turlough SAC County Longford 53°37′08″N 7°58′41″W / 53.619°N 7.978°W / 53.619; -7.978
IE0001818 Lough Forbes Complex Upload a file Lough Forbes SAC County Longford
County Roscommon
Q24196541 53°45′54″N 7°52′41″W / 53.765°N 7.878°W / 53.765; -7.878
IE0000440 Lough Ree Upload a file Lough Ree SAC County Longford
County Roscommon

County Westmeath
Q608133 53°33′00″N 7°58′37″W / 53.550°N 7.977°W / 53.550; -7.977
IE0002202 Mount Jessop Bog Upload a file Mount Jessop Bog SAC County Longford 53°40′41″N 7°48′11″W / 53.678°N 7.803°W / 53.678; -7.803
IE0001957 Boyne Coast and Estuary Upload a file Boyne Coast and Estuary SAC County Louth
County Meath
53°43′44″N 6°15′29″W / 53.729°N 6.258°W / 53.729; -6.258
IE0000453 Carlingford Mountain Upload a file Slieve Foye SAC County Louth Q7540435 54°03′32″N 6°16′16″W / 54.059°N 6.271°W / 54.059; -6.271
IE0002306 Carlingford Shore Upload a file Carlingford Shore SAC County Louth Q112579673 54°02′02″N 6°09′47″W / 54.034°N 6.163°W / 54.034; -6.163
IE0001459 Clogher Head Upload a file Clogher Head SAC County Louth Q26716062 53°47′35″N 6°13′16″W / 53.793°N 6.221°W / 53.793; -6.221
IE0000455 Dundalk Bay Upload a file Dundalk Bay SAC, RS County Louth Q3633048 53°57′32″N 6°20′17″W / 53.959°N 6.338°W / 53.959; -6.338
IE0002120 Lough Bane Upload a file Lough Bane SAC County Meath
County Westmeath
Q1815595 53°41′17″N 7°10′23″W / 53.688°N 7.173°W / 53.688; -7.173
IE0002120 Lough Glass Upload a file Lough Glass SAC County Meath
County Westmeath
Q33283353 53°41′17″N 7°10′23″W / 53.688°N 7.173°W / 53.688; -7.173
IE0002340 Moneybeg Bogs and Clareisland Bogs Upload a file Moneybeg Bogs and Clareisland Bogs SAC County Meath
County Westmeath
53°46′55″N 7°20′02″W / 53.782°N 7.334°W / 53.782; -7.334
IE0002342 Mount Hevey Bog Upload a file Mount Hevey Bog SAC County Meath
County Westmeath
53°28′41″N 7°04′01″W / 53.478°N 7.067°W / 53.478; -7.067
IE0001810 White Lough, Ben Loughs and Lough Doo SAC Upload a file White Lough SAC County Meath
County Westmeath
Q33320705 53°42′00″N 7°12′58″W / 53.700°N 7.216°W / 53.700; -7.216
IE0001810 White Lough, Ben Loughs and Lough Doo SAC Upload a file Ben Loughs SAC County Meath
County Westmeath
Q33230594 53°42′00″N 7°12′58″W / 53.700°N 7.216°W / 53.700; -7.216
IE0001810 White Lough, Ben Loughs and Lough Doo SAC Upload a file Lough Doo SAC County Meath
County Westmeath
53°42′00″N 7°12′58″W / 53.700°N 7.216°W / 53.700; -7.216
IE0000566 All Saints Bog and Esker Upload a file All Saints Bog and Esker SAC County Offaly 53°09′04″N 7°58′59″W / 53.151°N 7.983°W / 53.151; -7.983
IE0000571 Charleville Wood Upload a file Charleville Wood SAC County Offaly 53°15′36″N 7°31′26″W / 53.260°N 7.524°W / 53.260; -7.524
IE0000575 Ferbane Bog Upload a file Ferbane Bog SAC County Offaly 53°17′02″N 7°50′10″W / 53.284°N 7.836°W / 53.284; -7.836
IE0000576 Fin Lough Upload a file Fin Lough SAC County Offaly 53°18′54″N 7°57′04″W / 53.315°N 7.951°W / 53.315; -7.951
IE0002236 Island Fen Upload a file Island Fen SAC County Offaly 53°03′47″N 7°49′08″W / 53.063°N 7.819°W / 53.063; -7.819
IE0002147 Lisduff Fen Upload a file Lisduff Fen SAC County Offaly 53°03′14″N 7°52′41″W / 53.054°N 7.878°W / 53.054; -7.878
IE0000581 Moyclare Bog Upload a file Moyclare Bog SAC County Offaly 53°16′05″N 7°53′02″W / 53.268°N 7.884°W / 53.268; -7.884
IE0001776 Pilgrim's Road Esker Upload a file Pilgrim's Road Esker SAC County Offaly 53°19′59″N 7°56′35″W / 53.333°N 7.943°W / 53.333; -7.943
IE0000216 River Shannon Callows Upload a file River Shannon Callows SAC Leinster Q7488839 53°15′14″N 8°01′19″W / 53.254°N 8.022°W / 53.254; -8.022
IE0000585 Sharavogue bog Upload a file Sharavogue bog SAC County Offaly
County Tipperary
53°02′10″N 7°55′48″W / 53.036°N 7.930°W / 53.036; -7.930
IE0000925 The Long Derries Upload a file The Long Derries SAC County Offaly 53°18′40″N 7°00′14″W / 53.311°N 7.004°W / 53.311; -7.004
IE0002313 Ballymore Fen Upload a file Ballymore Fen SAC County Westmeath 53°29′42″N 7°38′13″W / 53.495°N 7.637°W / 53.495; -7.637
IE0002336 Carn Park Bog Upload a file Carn Park Bog SAC County Westmeath 53°25′34″N 7°49′37″W / 53.426°N 7.827°W / 53.426; -7.827
IE0002337 Crosswood Bog Upload a file Crosswood Bog SAC County Westmeath 53°24′43″N 7°52′12″W / 53.412°N 7.870°W / 53.412; -7.870
IE0000679 Garriskil Bog Upload a file Garriskil Bog SAC County Westmeath 53°39′22″N 7°27′11″W / 53.656°N 7.453°W / 53.656; -7.453
IE0000685, 848 Lough Ennell Upload a file Lough Ennell SAC, RS County Westmeath Q2639357 53°28′01″N 7°24′14″W / 53.467°N 7.404°W / 53.467; -7.404
IE0002121 Lough Lene Upload a file Lough Lene SAC County Westmeath Q1633096 53°39′47″N 7°13′44″W / 53.663°N 7.229°W / 53.663; -7.229
IE0000688, 851 Lough Owel Upload a file Lough Owel SAC, RS County Westmeath Q2702889 53°34′23″N 7°23′35″W / 53.573°N 7.393°W / 53.573; -7.393
IE0001831 Split Hills and Long Hill Esker Upload a file Split Hills and Long Hill Esker SAC County Westmeath 53°23′20″N 7°28′01″W / 53.389°N 7.467°W / 53.389; -7.467
IE0000697, 840 Bannow Bay Upload a file Bannow Bay SAC, RS County Wexford Q26716368 52°13′59″N 6°47′42″W / 52.233°N 6.795°W / 52.233; -6.795
IE0000700 Cahore Polders and Dunes Upload a file Cahore Polders and Dunes SAC County Wexford 52°32′35″N 6°12′50″W / 52.543°N 6.214°W / 52.543; -6.214
IE0002269 Carnsore Point Upload a file Carnsore Point SAC County Wexford Q3495219 52°11′10″N 6°20′13″W / 52.186°N 6.337°W / 52.186; -6.337
IE0000764 Hook Head Upload a file Hook Head SAC County Wexford Q1459722 52°06′11″N 6°52′30″W / 52.103°N 6.875°W / 52.103; -6.875
IE0001741 Kilmuckridge-Tinnaberna Sandhills Upload a file Kilmuckridge-Tinnaberna Sandhills SAC County Wexford Q6408060 52°29′38″N 6°15′32″W / 52.494°N 6.259°W / 52.494; -6.259
IE0001742 Kilpatrick Sandhills Upload a file Kilpatrick Sandhills SAC County Wexford 52°43′48″N 6°09′00″W / 52.730°N 6.150°W / 52.730; -6.150
IE0000704 Lady's Island Lake Upload a file Lady's Island Lake SAC County Wexford Q6469864 52°11′38″N 6°23′35″W / 52.194°N 6.393°W / 52.194; -6.393
IE0002161 Long Bank Upload a file Long Bank, County Wexford SAC County Wexford Q26717460 52°18′00″N 6°16′55″W / 52.300°N 6.282°W / 52.300; -6.282
IE0000707 Saltee Islands Upload a file Saltee Islands SAC County Wexford Q936626 52°07′05″N 6°35′53″W / 52.118°N 6.598°W / 52.118; -6.598
IE0000708 Screen Hills Upload a file Screen Hills SAC County Wexford 52°24′25″N 6°23′20″W / 52.407°N 6.389°W / 52.407; -6.389
IE0000709 Tacumshin Lake Upload a file Tacumshin Lake SAC County Wexford Q26715337 52°11′49″N 6°28′05″W / 52.197°N 6.468°W / 52.197; -6.468
IE0000714 Bray Head Upload a file Bray Head SAC County Wicklow Q902905 53°10′55″N 6°04′48″W / 53.182°N 6.080°W / 53.182; -6.080
IE0000729 Buckroney-Brittas Dunes and Fen Upload a file Buckroney-Brittas Dunes and Fen SAC County Wicklow 52°52′01″N 6°04′34″W / 52.867°N 6.076°W / 52.867; -6.076
IE0000716 Carriggower Bog Upload a file Carriggower Bog SAC County Wicklow 53°06′18″N 6°10′08″W / 53.105°N 6.169°W / 53.105; -6.169
IE0000733 Rathdrum Wood Upload a file Rathdrum Wood SAC County Wicklow 52°57′22″N 6°14′10″W / 52.956°N 6.236°W / 52.956; -6.236
IE0001757 Holdenstown Bog Upload a file Holdenstown Bog SAC County Wicklow 52°54′36″N 6°41′20″W / 52.910°N 6.689°W / 52.910; -6.689
IE0001766 Magherabeg Dunes Upload a file Magherabeg Dunes SAC County Wicklow 52°55′23″N 6°01′52″W / 52.923°N 6.031°W / 52.923; -6.031
IE0002249 The Murrough Wetlands Upload a file The Murrough Wetlands SAC County Wicklow 53°02′20″N 6°02′53″W / 53.039°N 6.048°W / 53.039; -6.048
IE0002274 Wicklow Reef Upload a file Wicklow Reef SAC County Wicklow 52°58′26″N 5°57′25″W / 52.974°N 5.957°W / 52.974; -5.957
833 The Broadmeadow Estuary Upload a file The Broadmeadow Estuary RS County Dublin 53°27′00″N 6°10′01″W / 53.450°N 6.167°W / 53.450; -6.167
847 Lough Derravaragh Upload a file Lough Derravaragh RS County Westmeath Q1586768 53°37′59″N 7°21′00″W / 53.633°N 7.350°W / 53.633; -7.350
849 Lough Glen Upload a file Lough Glen, County Westmeath RS County Westmeath 53°25′01″N 7°22′59″W / 53.417°N 7.383°W / 53.417; -7.383
850 Lough Iron Upload a file Lough Iron RS County Westmeath Q6686126 53°37′01″N 7°16′59″W / 53.617°N 7.283°W / 53.617; -7.283
832 Sandymount Strand and Tolka Estuary Upload a file Sandymount Strand RS County Dublin Q7417543 53°19′59″N 6°12′00″W / 53.333°N 6.200°W / 53.333; -6.200
832 Sandymount Strand and Tolka Estuary Upload a file Tolka Estuary RS County Dublin Q107061307 53°21′36″N 6°13′30″W / 53.360°N 6.225°W / 53.360; -6.225
  1. AONB: Area of Outstanding Beauty, NP : National Park, NR : Natural Reserve, RS : Ramsar Site, SAC : Special Area of Conservation, SPA : Special Protection Area, BIS : Biosphere, GP : Geopark.