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Colibrí cerca al río Yura por Jose Maria Eterovic (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Wiki Loves Earth Bolivia 2023
   Colibrí cerca al río Yura por Jose Maria Eterovic (CC BY-SA 4.0)
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What is Wiki Loves Earth?[edit]

Wiki Loves Earth is a photographic competition of natural protected areas that takes place worldwide. It’s organized by the Wikimedia Chapters, and by user groups in many countries. Natural heritage is a very important part of the knowledge that we collect and make available on Wikipedia, where everyone can contribute pictures. Everyone is welcome to upload pictures of protected areas in Bolivia, under free licenses. The idea behind this project is to acquire a global and unique outlook on Bolivian natural heritage. Participate on Wiki Loves Earth 2023, and help us expand the contents about Bolivia on Wikipedia and its sister Wikimedia projects!

How to join:[edit]

Step 1: Check your travel picture archives and identify the images that belong to protected natural areas in Bolivia.
Step 2: Select the best pictures. Even if they’re not awarded, your contribution helps raise awareness of protected natural areas and Bolivia, and their natural wealth.
Step 3: Classify the images by zone and category. Title and describe them.
Step 4: Access Wikimedia Commons. If you don’t have a user account, create one and check your email inbox.
Step 5: Identify which natural reserve on the list your pictures belongs to, click on the upload link, upload your images, and provide the required data.