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Cliffs of Moher, County Clare by Diego Lopez (CC-BY-SA 4.0)

Wiki Loves Earth Ireland 2020link=Commons:Wiki Loves Earth 2020 in Ireland
   Cliffs of Moher, County Clare by Diego Lopez (CC-BY-SA 4.0)
Wiki Loves Earth 2023 Ireland is a photo contest focused on the protected natural areas across the island of Ireland.
Images must be licensed under free licenses, see COM:Licensing.
The event is supported by Wikimedia Community Ireland.

Find more protected areas in Munster, Ulster and Connacht

You don't know where protected areas are located? This map shows all European protected areas.

Protected sites in Leinster[edit]

Name Upload Photo Category Type[1] Region(s) Wikidata Location
IE0002122 Wicklow Mountains National Park Upload a file Wicklow Mountains National Park NP, SAC County Wicklow Q3364505 53°01′05″N 6°23′53″W / 53.018°N 6.398°W / 53.018; -6.398
S.I. No. 233/1988, IE0000199 Baldoyle Estuary Upload a file Baldoyle Bay NR, SAC, RS County Dublin Q4850462 53°24′07″N 6°07′26″W / 53.402°N 6.124°W / 53.402; -6.124
S.I. No. 231/1988, S.I. No. 232/1988, 406 North Bull Island Upload a file Bull Island, Dublin NR, RS County Dublin Q3778009 53°21′43″N 6°08′17″W / 53.362°N 6.138°W / 53.362; -6.138
S.I. No. 71/1988, IE0000208, 412 Rogerstown Estuary Upload a file Rogerstown Estuary NR, RS, SAC County Dublin Q7359369 53°30′18″N 6°08′06″W / 53.505°N 6.135°W / 53.505; -6.135
S.I. No. 414/1986, IE0000396, 474 Pollardstown Fen Upload a file Pollardstown Fen NR, RS, SAC County Kildare Q98836181 53°11′13″N 6°50′38″W / 53.187°N 6.844°W / 53.187; -6.844
S.I. No. 386/1980 Ballykeeffe Wood Upload a file Ballykeeffe Wood NR County Kilkenny Q26717253 52°36′40″N 7°23′35″W / 52.611°N 7.393°W / 52.611; -7.393
S.I. No. 234/1988 Fiddown Island Upload a file Fiddown Island NR County Kilkenny Q98851240 52°19′34″N 7°19′05″W / 52.326°N 7.318°W / 52.326; -7.318
S.I. No. 389/1980 Garryricken Upload a file Garryricken NR County Kilkenny 52°29′49″N 7°24′54″W / 52.497°N 7.415°W / 52.497; -7.415
S.I. No. 388/1980 Kyleadohir Upload a file Kyleadohir NR County Kilkenny 52°31′59″N 7°27′14″W / 52.533°N 7.454°W / 52.533; -7.454
S.I. No. 379/1982 Coolacurragh Wood Upload a file Coolacurragh Wood NR County Laois Q104855223 52°51′50″N 7°30′32″W / 52.864°N 7.509°W / 52.864; -7.509
S.I. No. 378/1982 Grantstown Wood and Grantstown Lough Upload a file Grantstown Wood and Grantstown Lough NR County Laois Q104855358 52°52′16″N 7°30′07″W / 52.871°N 7.502°W / 52.871; -7.502
S.I. No. 383/1985 Timahoe Esker Upload a file Timahoe Esker NR County Laois Q104855055 52°58′37″N 7°11′53″W / 52.977°N 7.198°W / 52.977; -7.198
S.I. No. 382/1985, IE0000412, 335 Slieve Bloom Mountains Upload a file Slieve Bloom Mountains NR, RS, SAC County Laois
County Offaly
Q2658989 53°05′31″N 7°34′34″W / 53.092°N 7.576°W / 53.092; -7.576
S.I. No. 226/1987, IE0000572, 460 Clara Bog Upload a file Clara Bog NR, SAC, RS County Offaly Q4090966 53°19′19″N 7°37′26″W / 53.322°N 7.624°W / 53.322; -7.624
S.I. No. 230/1987, IE0000580, 416 Mongan Bog Upload a file Mongan Bog NR, SAC, RS County Offaly Q60574007 53°19′37″N 7°57′04″W / 53.327°N 7.951°W / 53.327; -7.951
S.I. No. 280/1987, IE0000582, 417 Raheenmore Bog Upload a file Raheenmore Bog NR, RS, SAC County Offaly Q7283363 53°20′17″N 7°20′35″W / 53.338°N 7.343°W / 53.338; -7.343
S.I. No. 350/1992, IE0000692 Scragh Bog Upload a file Scragh Bog NR, SAC County Westmeath Q98961363 53°34′44″N 7°21′36″W / 53.579°N 7.360°W / 53.579; -7.360
S.I. No. 279/1987, S.I. No. 8/1990 Ballyteigue Burrow Upload a file Ballyteigue Burrow NR County Wexford Q98399898 52°12′36″N 6°39′32″W / 52.210°N 6.659°W / 52.210; -6.659
S.I. No. 200/1983, 333 The Raven Nature Reserve Upload a file The Raven Nature Reserve NR, RS County Wexford Q98972908 52°21′07″N 6°21′54″W / 52.352°N 6.365°W / 52.352; -6.365
S.I. No. 205/1981, 291 Wexford Wildfowl Reserve Upload a file North Slob NR, RS County Wexford Q7056767 52°21′32″N 6°24′58″W / 52.359°N 6.416°W / 52.359; -6.416
S.I. No. 381/1982 Deputy's Pass Upload a file Deputy's Pass NR County Wicklow Q99066798 52°57′07″N 6°09′50″W / 52.952°N 6.164°W / 52.952; -6.164
S.I. No. 178/1980 Glen of the Downs Upload a file Glen of the Downs NR, SAC County Wicklow Q5568116 53°08′10″N 6°06′54″W / 53.136°N 6.115°W / 53.136; -6.115
S.I. No. 68/1988 Glendalough Upload a file Glendalough Valley NR County Wicklow Q691153 53°00′29″N 6°19′26″W / 53.008°N 6.324°W / 53.008; -6.324
S.I. No. 69/1988 Glenealo Valley Upload a file Glenealo Valley, Glendalough NR County Wicklow Q104849570 53°00′40″N 6°23′24″W / 53.011°N 6.390°W / 53.011; -6.390
S.I. No. 58/1994 IE0000725 Knocksink Wood Upload a file Knocksink Wood NR, SAC County Wicklow
County Dublin
Q98106187 53°12′00″N 6°10′59″W / 53.200°N 6.183°W / 53.200; -6.183
S.I. No. 374/1983 Vale of Clara Upload a file Vale of Clara NR County Wicklow Q98380258 52°57′29″N 6°14′10″W / 52.958°N 6.236°W / 52.958; -6.236
IE0000770 Blackstairs Mountains Upload a file Blackstairs Mountains SAC County Carlow
County Wexford
Q601719 52°35′06″N 6°47′20″W / 52.585°N 6.789°W / 52.585; -6.789
IE0002162 River Barrow Upload a file River Barrow SAC Leinster Q936301 52°34′55″N 7°10′59″W / 52.582°N 7.183°W / 52.582; -7.183
IE0002162 River Nore Upload a file River Nore SAC Leinster Q1048506 52°34′55″N 7°10′59″W / 52.582°N 7.183°W / 52.582; -7.183
IE0000781 Slaney River Valley Upload a file River Slaney SAC County Carlow
County Wexford

County Wicklow
Q1122203 52°27′47″N 6°33′43″W / 52.463°N 6.562°W / 52.463; -6.562
IE0002299 River Boyne Upload a file River Boyne SAC Leinster Q896037 53°41′38″N 6°47′06″W / 53.694°N 6.785°W / 53.694; -6.785
IE0000713 Ballyman Glen Upload a file Ballyman Glen SAC County Dublin
County Wicklow
53°12′11″N 6°09′25″W / 53.203°N 6.157°W / 53.203; -6.157
IE0000206 North Dublin Bay Upload a file Dublin Bay SAC, BIS County Dublin Q148621 53°22′08″N 6°08′10″W / 53.369°N 6.136°W / 53.369; -6.136
IE0000210 South Dublin Bay Upload a file Dublin Bay SAC, BIS County Dublin Q148621 53°19′26″N 6°11′17″W / 53.324°N 6.188°W / 53.324; -6.188
IE0001209 Glenasmole Valley Upload a file Glenasmole Valley SAC County Dublin Q109534170 53°14′31″N 6°21′47″W / 53.242°N 6.363°W / 53.242; -6.363
IE0000202 Howth Head Upload a file Howth Head SAC County Dublin Q774374 53°22′26″N 6°03′54″W / 53.374°N 6.065°W / 53.374; -6.065
IE0002193 Ireland's Eye Upload a file Ireland's Eye SAC County Dublin Q1672468 53°24′18″N 6°03′50″W / 53.405°N 6.064°W / 53.405; -6.064
IE0000204 Lambay Island Upload a file Lambay Island SAC County Dublin Q1520062 53°29′28″N 6°00′50″W / 53.491°N 6.014°W / 53.491; -6.014
IE0000205 Malahide Estuary Upload a file Malahide Estuary SAC County Dublin 53°27′40″N 6°09′07″W / 53.461°N 6.152°W / 53.461; -6.152
IE0000391 Ballynafagh Bog Upload a file Ballynafagh Bog SAC County Kildare 53°17′42″N 6°46′44″W / 53.295°N 6.779°W / 53.295; -6.779
IE0001387 Ballynafagh Lake Upload a file Ballynafagh Lake SAC County Kildare 53°18′00″N 6°47′28″W / 53.300°N 6.791°W / 53.300; -6.791
IE0000397 Red Bog, Kildare Upload a file Red Bog, County Kildare SAC County Kildare 53°11′49″N 6°32′06″W / 53.197°N 6.535°W / 53.197; -6.535
IE0001398 Rye Water Valley/Carton Upload a file River Rye SAC County Kildare
County Meath
Q7337795 53°22′48″N 6°32′13″W / 53.380°N 6.537°W / 53.380; -6.537
IE0002331 Mouds Bog Upload a file Mouds Bog SAC County Kildare 53°12′54″N 6°49′01″W / 53.215°N 6.817°W / 53.215; -6.817
IE0000404 Hugginstown Fen Upload a file Hugginstown Fen SAC County Kilkenny 52°25′34″N 7°13′59″W / 52.426°N 7.233°W / 52.426; -7.233
IE0000407 The Loughans Upload a file The Loughans SAC County Kilkenny 52°43′26″N 7°32′02″W / 52.724°N 7.534°W / 52.724; -7.534
IE0000831 Cullahill Mountain Upload a file Cullahill Mountain SAC County Kilkenny Q28195275 52°47′24″N 7°29′20″W / 52.790°N 7.489°W / 52.790; -7.489
IE0000849 Spahill and Clomantagh Hill Upload a file Spahill and Clomantagh Hill SAC County Kilkenny Q5134932 52°44′53″N 7°30′25″W / 52.748°N 7.507°W / 52.748; -7.507
IE0001858 Galmoy Fen Upload a file Galmoy Fen SAC County Kilkenny 52°48′29″N 7°34′08″W / 52.808°N 7.569°W / 52.808; -7.569
IE0001858 Lower River Suir SAC Upload a file Lower River Suir SAC SAC County Kilkenny
County Tipperary

County Waterford
52°23′53″N 7°38′06″W / 52.398°N 7.635°W / 52.398; -7.635
IE0002252 Thomastown Quarry Upload a file Thomastown Quarry SAC County Kilkenny 52°32′06″N 7°08′38″W / 52.535°N 7.144°W / 52.535; -7.144
IE0000859 Clonaslee Eskers and Derry Bog Upload a file Clonaslee Eskers and Derry Bog SAC County Laois
County Offaly
53°09′40″N 7°36′29″W / 53.161°N 7.608°W / 53.161; -7.608
IE0002332 Coolrain Bog Upload a file Coolrain Bog SAC County Laois 52°58′23″N 7°36′00″W / 52.973°N 7.600°W / 52.973; -7.600
IE0000869 Lisbigney Bog Upload a file Lisbigney Bog SAC County Laois 52°51′43″N 7°20′06″W / 52.862°N 7.335°W / 52.862; -7.335
IE0002141 Mountmellick SAC Upload a file Mountmellick SAC SAC County Laois 53°07′37″N 7°15′58″W / 53.127°N 7.266°W / 53.127; -7.266
IE0002333 Knockacollier Bog Upload a file Knockacollier Bog SAC County Laois 52°58′12″N 7°32′20″W / 52.970°N 7.539°W / 52.970; -7.539
IE0002341 Ardagullion Bog Upload a file Ardagullion Bog SAC County Longford 53°43′34″N 7°31′26″W / 53.726°N 7.524°W / 53.726; -7.524
IE0002346 Brown Bog Upload a file Brown Bog SAC County Longford 53°43′55″N 7°51′14″W / 53.732°N 7.854°W / 53.732; -7.854
IE0002348 Clooneen Bog Upload a file Clooneen Bog SAC County Longford 53°48′11″N 7°53′46″W / 53.803°N 7.896°W / 53.803; -7.896
IE0000448 Fortwilliam Turlough Upload a file Fortwilliam Turlough SAC County Longford 53°37′08″N 7°58′41″W / 53.619°N 7.978°W / 53.619; -7.978
IE0001818 Lough Forbes Complex Upload a file Lough Forbes SAC County Longford
County Roscommon
Q24196541 53°45′54″N 7°52′41″W / 53.765°N 7.878°W / 53.765; -7.878
IE0000440 Lough Ree Upload a file Lough Ree SAC County Longford
County Roscommon

County Westmeath
Q608133 53°33′00″N 7°58′37″W / 53.550°N 7.977°W / 53.550; -7.977
IE0002202 Mount Jessop Bog Upload a file Mount Jessop Bog SAC County Longford 53°40′41″N 7°48′11″W / 53.678°N 7.803°W / 53.678; -7.803
IE0001957 Boyne Coast and Estuary Upload a file Boyne Coast and Estuary SAC County Louth
County Meath
53°43′44″N 6°15′29″W / 53.729°N 6.258°W / 53.729; -6.258
IE0000453 Carlingford Mountain Upload a file Slieve Foye SAC County Louth Q7540435 54°03′32″N 6°16′16″W / 54.059°N 6.271°W / 54.059; -6.271
IE0002306 Carlingford Shore Upload a file Carlingford Shore SAC County Louth Q112579673 54°02′02″N 6°09′47″W / 54.034°N 6.163°W / 54.034; -6.163
IE0001459 Clogher Head Upload a file Clogher Head SAC County Louth Q26716062 53°47′35″N 6°13′16″W / 53.793°N 6.221°W / 53.793; -6.221
IE0000455 Dundalk Bay Upload a file Dundalk Bay SAC, RS County Louth Q3633048 53°57′32″N 6°20′17″W / 53.959°N 6.338°W / 53.959; -6.338
IE0002120 Lough Bane Upload a file Lough Bane SAC County Meath
County Westmeath
Q1815595 53°41′17″N 7°10′23″W / 53.688°N 7.173°W / 53.688; -7.173
IE0002120 Lough Glass Upload a file Lough Glass SAC County Meath
County Westmeath
Q33283353 53°41′17″N 7°10′23″W / 53.688°N 7.173°W / 53.688; -7.173
IE0002340 Moneybeg Bogs and Clareisland Bogs Upload a file Moneybeg Bogs and Clareisland Bogs SAC County Meath
County Westmeath
53°46′55″N 7°20′02″W / 53.782°N 7.334°W / 53.782; -7.334
IE0002342 Mount Hevey Bog Upload a file Mount Hevey Bog SAC County Meath
County Westmeath
53°28′41″N 7°04′01″W / 53.478°N 7.067°W / 53.478; -7.067
IE0001810 White Lough, Ben Loughs and Lough Doo SAC Upload a file White Lough SAC County Meath
County Westmeath
Q33320705 53°42′00″N 7°12′58″W / 53.700°N 7.216°W / 53.700; -7.216
IE0001810 White Lough, Ben Loughs and Lough Doo SAC Upload a file Ben Loughs SAC County Meath
County Westmeath
Q33230594 53°42′00″N 7°12′58″W / 53.700°N 7.216°W / 53.700; -7.216
IE0001810 White Lough, Ben Loughs and Lough Doo SAC Upload a file Lough Doo SAC County Meath
County Westmeath
53°42′00″N 7°12′58″W / 53.700°N 7.216°W / 53.700; -7.216
IE0000566 All Saints Bog and Esker Upload a file All Saints Bog and Esker SAC County Offaly 53°09′04″N 7°58′59″W / 53.151°N 7.983°W / 53.151; -7.983
IE0000571 Charleville Wood Upload a file Charleville Wood SAC County Offaly 53°15′36″N 7°31′26″W / 53.260°N 7.524°W / 53.260; -7.524
IE0000575 Ferbane Bog Upload a file Ferbane Bog SAC County Offaly 53°17′02″N 7°50′10″W / 53.284°N 7.836°W / 53.284; -7.836
IE0000576 Fin Lough Upload a file Fin Lough SAC County Offaly 53°18′54″N 7°57′04″W / 53.315°N 7.951°W / 53.315; -7.951
IE0002236 Island Fen Upload a file Island Fen SAC County Offaly 53°03′47″N 7°49′08″W / 53.063°N 7.819°W / 53.063; -7.819
IE0002147 Lisduff Fen Upload a file Lisduff Fen SAC County Offaly 53°03′14″N 7°52′41″W / 53.054°N 7.878°W / 53.054; -7.878
IE0000581 Moyclare Bog Upload a file Moyclare Bog SAC County Offaly 53°16′05″N 7°53′02″W / 53.268°N 7.884°W / 53.268; -7.884
IE0001776 Pilgrim's Road Esker Upload a file Pilgrim's Road Esker SAC County Offaly 53°19′59″N 7°56′35″W / 53.333°N 7.943°W / 53.333; -7.943
IE0000216 River Shannon Callows Upload a file River Shannon Callows SAC Leinster Q7488839 53°15′14″N 8°01′19″W / 53.254°N 8.022°W / 53.254; -8.022
IE0000585 Sharavogue bog Upload a file Sharavogue bog SAC County Offaly
County Tipperary
53°02′10″N 7°55′48″W / 53.036°N 7.930°W / 53.036; -7.930
IE0000925 The Long Derries Upload a file The Long Derries SAC County Offaly 53°18′40″N 7°00′14″W / 53.311°N 7.004°W / 53.311; -7.004
IE0002313 Ballymore Fen Upload a file Ballymore Fen SAC County Westmeath 53°29′42″N 7°38′13″W / 53.495°N 7.637°W / 53.495; -7.637
IE0002336 Carn Park Bog Upload a file Carn Park Bog SAC County Westmeath 53°25′34″N 7°49′37″W / 53.426°N 7.827°W / 53.426; -7.827
IE0002337 Crosswood Bog Upload a file Crosswood Bog SAC County Westmeath 53°24′43″N 7°52′12″W / 53.412°N 7.870°W / 53.412; -7.870
IE0000679 Garriskil Bog Upload a file Garriskil Bog SAC County Westmeath 53°39′22″N 7°27′11″W / 53.656°N 7.453°W / 53.656; -7.453
IE0000685, 848 Lough Ennell Upload a file Lough Ennell SAC, RS County Westmeath Q2639357 53°28′01″N 7°24′14″W / 53.467°N 7.404°W / 53.467; -7.404
IE0002121 Lough Lene Upload a file Lough Lene SAC County Westmeath Q1633096 53°39′47″N 7°13′44″W / 53.663°N 7.229°W / 53.663; -7.229
IE0000688, 851 Lough Owel Upload a file Lough Owel SAC, RS County Westmeath Q2702889 53°34′23″N 7°23′35″W / 53.573°N 7.393°W / 53.573; -7.393
IE0001831 Split Hills and Long Hill Esker Upload a file Split Hills and Long Hill Esker SAC County Westmeath 53°23′20″N 7°28′01″W / 53.389°N 7.467°W / 53.389; -7.467
IE0000697, 840 Bannow Bay Upload a file Bannow Bay SAC, RS County Wexford Q26716368 52°13′59″N 6°47′42″W / 52.233°N 6.795°W / 52.233; -6.795
IE0000700 Cahore Polders and Dunes Upload a file Cahore Polders and Dunes SAC County Wexford 52°32′35″N 6°12′50″W / 52.543°N 6.214°W / 52.543; -6.214
IE0002269 Carnsore Point Upload a file Carnsore Point SAC County Wexford Q3495219 52°11′10″N 6°20′13″W / 52.186°N 6.337°W / 52.186; -6.337
IE0000764 Hook Head Upload a file Hook Head SAC County Wexford Q1459722 52°06′11″N 6°52′30″W / 52.103°N 6.875°W / 52.103; -6.875
IE0001741 Kilmuckridge-Tinnaberna Sandhills Upload a file Kilmuckridge-Tinnaberna Sandhills SAC County Wexford Q6408060 52°29′38″N 6°15′32″W / 52.494°N 6.259°W / 52.494; -6.259
IE0001742 Kilpatrick Sandhills Upload a file Kilpatrick Sandhills SAC County Wexford 52°43′48″N 6°09′00″W / 52.730°N 6.150°W / 52.730; -6.150
IE0000704 Lady's Island Lake Upload a file Lady's Island Lake SAC County Wexford Q6469864 52°11′38″N 6°23′35″W / 52.194°N 6.393°W / 52.194; -6.393
IE0002161 Long Bank Upload a file Long Bank, County Wexford SAC County Wexford Q26717460 52°18′00″N 6°16′55″W / 52.300°N 6.282°W / 52.300; -6.282
IE0000707 Saltee Islands Upload a file Saltee Islands SAC County Wexford Q936626 52°07′05″N 6°35′53″W / 52.118°N 6.598°W / 52.118; -6.598
IE0000708 Screen Hills Upload a file Screen Hills SAC County Wexford 52°24′25″N 6°23′20″W / 52.407°N 6.389°W / 52.407; -6.389
IE0000709 Tacumshin Lake Upload a file Tacumshin Lake SAC County Wexford Q26715337 52°11′49″N 6°28′05″W / 52.197°N 6.468°W / 52.197; -6.468
IE0000714 Bray Head Upload a file Bray Head SAC County Wicklow Q902905 53°10′55″N 6°04′48″W / 53.182°N 6.080°W / 53.182; -6.080
IE0000729 Buckroney-Brittas Dunes and Fen Upload a file Buckroney-Brittas Dunes and Fen SAC County Wicklow 52°52′01″N 6°04′34″W / 52.867°N 6.076°W / 52.867; -6.076
IE0000716 Carriggower Bog Upload a file Carriggower Bog SAC County Wicklow 53°06′18″N 6°10′08″W / 53.105°N 6.169°W / 53.105; -6.169
IE0000733 Rathdrum Wood Upload a file Rathdrum Wood SAC County Wicklow 52°57′22″N 6°14′10″W / 52.956°N 6.236°W / 52.956; -6.236
IE0001757 Holdenstown Bog Upload a file Holdenstown Bog SAC County Wicklow 52°54′36″N 6°41′20″W / 52.910°N 6.689°W / 52.910; -6.689
IE0001766 Magherabeg Dunes Upload a file Magherabeg Dunes SAC County Wicklow 52°55′23″N 6°01′52″W / 52.923°N 6.031°W / 52.923; -6.031
IE0002249 The Murrough Wetlands Upload a file The Murrough Wetlands SAC County Wicklow 53°02′20″N 6°02′53″W / 53.039°N 6.048°W / 53.039; -6.048
IE0002274 Wicklow Reef Upload a file Wicklow Reef SAC County Wicklow 52°58′26″N 5°57′25″W / 52.974°N 5.957°W / 52.974; -5.957
833 The Broadmeadow Estuary Upload a file The Broadmeadow Estuary RS County Dublin 53°27′00″N 6°10′01″W / 53.450°N 6.167°W / 53.450; -6.167
847 Lough Derravaragh Upload a file Lough Derravaragh RS County Westmeath Q1586768 53°37′59″N 7°21′00″W / 53.633°N 7.350°W / 53.633; -7.350
849 Lough Glen Upload a file Lough Glen, County Westmeath RS County Westmeath 53°25′01″N 7°22′59″W / 53.417°N 7.383°W / 53.417; -7.383
850 Lough Iron Upload a file Lough Iron RS County Westmeath Q6686126 53°37′01″N 7°16′59″W / 53.617°N 7.283°W / 53.617; -7.283
832 Sandymount Strand and Tolka Estuary Upload a file Sandymount Strand RS County Dublin Q7417543 53°19′59″N 6°12′00″W / 53.333°N 6.200°W / 53.333; -6.200
832 Sandymount Strand and Tolka Estuary Upload a file Tolka Estuary RS County Dublin Q107061307 53°21′36″N 6°13′30″W / 53.360°N 6.225°W / 53.360; -6.225
  1. AONB: Area of Outstanding Beauty, NP : National Park, NR : Natural Reserve, RS : Ramsar Site, SAC : Special Area of Conservation, SPA : Special Protection Area, BIS : Biosphere, GP : Geopark.