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Cliffs of Moher, County Clare by Diego Lopez (CC-BY-SA 4.0)

Wiki Loves Earth Ireland 2020link=Commons:Wiki Loves Earth 2020 in Ireland
   Cliffs of Moher, County Clare by Diego Lopez (CC-BY-SA 4.0)
Wiki Loves Earth 2023 Ireland is a photo contest focused on the protected natural areas across the island of Ireland.
Images must be licensed under free licenses, see COM:Licensing.
The event is supported by Wikimedia Community Ireland.

Find more protected areas in Leinster, Ulster and Connacht

You don't know where protected areas are located? This map shows all European protected areas.

Protected sites in Munster[edit]

Name Upload Photo Category Type[1] Region(s) Wikidata Location
- Killarney National Park Upload a file Killarney National Park NP, BIS County Kerry Q1573866 51°59′35″N 9°33′25″W / 51.993°N 9.557°W / 51.993; -9.557
- The Burren Upload a file Burren NP County Clare Q917858 53°00′29″N 9°00′07″W / 53.008°N 9.002°W / 53.008; -9.002
Ireland/6619 Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark Upload a file Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark GP County Clare Q5000424 52°56′10″N 9°28′16″W / 52.936°N 9.471°W / 52.936; -9.471
Ireland/6445 Copper Coast Geopark Upload a file Copper Coast Geopark GP County Waterford Q5168708 52°08′31″N 7°21′54″W / 52.142°N 7.365°W / 52.142; -7.365
S.I. No. 418/1986, IE0000994 Ballyteigue/Ballyteige Upload a file Ballyteigue NR, SAC County Clare Q99194392 53°01′34″N 9°15′58″W / 53.026°N 9.266°W / 53.026; -9.266
S.I. No. 387/1980 Cahermurphy Upload a file Cahermurphy NR County Clare Q104856311 53°00′00″N 8°38′31″W / 53.000°N 8.642°W / 53.000; -8.642
S.I. No. 379/1985 Dromore Upload a file Dromore, County Clare NR, SAC County Clare Q13574469 52°55′52″N 8°57′25″W / 52.931°N 8.957°W / 52.931; -8.957
S.I. No. 346/1986 Keelhilla, Slieve Carron Upload a file Keelhilla, Slieve Carron NR County Clare Q104851849 53°05′10″N 8°59′49″W / 53.086°N 8.997°W / 53.086; -8.997
S.I. No. 381/1985, S.I. No. 384/1985 Capel Island and Knockadoon Head Upload a file Capel Island and Knockadoon Head NR County Cork Q99239726 51°52′48″N 7°51′40″W / 51.880°N 7.861°W / 51.880; -7.861
S.I. No. 172/1991 Glengarriff Wood Upload a file Glengarriff Wood NR County Cork Q98105915 51°45′07″N 9°34′30″W / 51.752°N 9.575°W / 51.752; -9.575
S.I. No. 314/1993, S.I. No. 315/1993 Kilcolman Bog Upload a file Kilcolman Bog NR County Cork Q104856630 52°14′49″N 8°36′47″W / 52.247°N 8.613°W / 52.247; -8.613
S.I. No. 107/1989 Knockomagh Wood Upload a file Knockomagh Wood NR County Cork Q104856774 51°30′22″N 9°18′36″W / 51.506°N 9.310°W / 51.506; -9.310
S.I. No. 206/1981 Lough Hyne Upload a file Lough Hyne NR, SAC County Cork Q3777053 51°30′07″N 9°18′14″W / 51.502°N 9.304°W / 51.502; -9.304
S.I. No. 231/1987 The Gearagh Upload a file The Gearagh NR, RS, SAC County Cork Q24196938 51°53′06″N 8°59′56″W / 51.885°N 8.999°W / 51.885; -8.999
S.I. No. 10/1990, 470 Castlemaine Harbour Upload a file Castlemaine Harbour NR, RS County Kerry Q104856992 52°07′41″N 9°56′38″W / 52.128°N 9.944°W / 52.128; -9.944
S.I. No. 116/1994 Cummeragh River Bog Upload a file Cummeragh River Bog NR County Kerry Q104857259 51°52′16″N 10°03′54″W / 51.871°N 10.065°W / 51.871; -10.065
S.I. No. 111/1989 Derrycunnihy Wood Upload a file Derrycunihy Wood NR County Kerry Q99438625 51°58′16″N 9°35′38″W / 51.971°N 9.594°W / 51.971; -9.594
S.I. No. 110/1989 Derrymore Island Upload a file Derrymore Island NR County Kerry 52°15′18″N 9°49′48″W / 52.255°N 9.830°W / 52.255; -9.830
S.I. No. 419/1986 Eirk Bog Upload a file Eirk Bog NR County Kerry Q98104561 51°56′46″N 9°39′58″W / 51.946°N 9.666°W / 51.946; -9.666
S.I. No. 235/1988 Great Skellig Upload a file Skellig Michael NR County Kerry Q207193 51°46′16″N 10°32′24″W / 51.771°N 10.540°W / 51.771; -10.540
S.I. No. 236/1988 Little Skellig Upload a file Little Skellig NR County Kerry Q2360976 51°46′55″N 10°30′32″W / 51.782°N 10.509°W / 51.782; -10.509
S.I. No. 73/1988 Lough Nambrackdarrig Upload a file Lough Nambrackdarrig NR County Kerry Q6686142 52°04′55″N 9°53′53″W / 52.082°N 9.898°W / 52.082; -9.898
S.I. No. 72/1988 Lough Yganavan Upload a file Lough Yganavan NR County Kerry Q6686142 52°05′35″N 9°53′35″W / 52.093°N 9.893°W / 52.093; -9.893
S.I. No. 420/1986 Mount Brandon Upload a file Mount Brandon NR County Kerry Q1478911 52°16′05″N 10°14′13″W / 52.268°N 10.237°W / 52.268; -10.237
S.I. No. 228/1987, S.I. No. 229/1987 Puffin Island Upload a file Puffin Island (Ireland) NR County Kerry Q2733571 51°50′13″N 10°24′29″W / 51.837°N 10.408°W / 51.837; -10.408
S.I. No. 7/1990 Sheheree Bog Upload a file Sheheree Bog NR County Kerry Q26718912 52°02′24″N 9°28′52″W / 52.040°N 9.481°W / 52.040; -9.481
S.I. No. 108/1989, S.I. No. 109/1989 Tearaght Island Upload a file Tearaght Island NR County Kerry Q2662514 52°04′30″N 10°39′54″W / 52.075°N 10.665°W / 52.075; -10.665
S.I. No. 106/1989, 440 Tralee Bay Upload a file Tralee Bay NR, RS County Kerry Q1091161 52°15′18″N 9°48′04″W / 52.255°N 9.801°W / 52.255; -9.801
S.I. No. 380/1982 Uragh Wood Upload a file Uragh Wood NR County Kerry Q7899562 51°48′14″N 9°41′10″W / 51.804°N 9.686°W / 51.804; -9.686
S.I. No. 173/1991 IE0002353 Redwood Bog Upload a file Redwood Bog NR, SAC County Tipperary Q99521505 53°09′14″N 8°04′41″W / 53.154°N 8.078°W / 53.154; -8.078
S.I. No. 86/2004 Fenor Bog Upload a file Fenor Bog NR County Waterford Q98106414 52°09′54″N 7°13′30″W / 52.165°N 7.225°W / 52.165; -7.225
IE0000014 Ballyallia Lake Upload a file Ballyallia Lake SAC, RS County Clare Q61676998 52°52′26″N 8°58′59″W / 52.874°N 8.983°W / 52.874; -8.983
IE0000016 Ballycullinan Lake Upload a file Ballycullinan Lake SAC County Clare 52°55′16″N 9°03′25″W / 52.921°N 9.057°W / 52.921; -9.057
IE0000019 Ballyogan Lough Upload a file Ballyogan Lough SAC County Clare 52°57′58″N 8°56′10″W / 52.966°N 8.936°W / 52.966; -8.936
IE0000996 Ballyvaughan Turlough Upload a file Ballyvaughan Turlough SAC County Clare 53°06′36″N 9°09′40″W / 53.110°N 9.161°W / 53.110; -9.161
IE0000020 Black Head-Poulsallagh Complex Upload a file Black Head-Poulsallagh Complex SAC County Clare 53°06′04″N 9°16′05″W / 53.101°N 9.268°W / 53.101; -9.268
IE0002250 Carrowmore Dunes (Doonbeg dunes) Upload a file Carrowmore Dunes SAC County Clare Q98104456 52°45′18″N 9°30′36″W / 52.755°N 9.510°W / 52.755; -9.510
IE0001021 Carrowmore Point to Spanish Point and Islands Upload a file Carrowmore Point to Spanish Point and Islands SAC County Clare 52°48′36″N 9°30′18″W / 52.810°N 9.505°W / 52.810; -9.505
IE0001926 East Burren Complex Upload a file East Burren Complex SAC County Clare
County Galway
53°01′52″N 9°00′14″W / 53.031°N 9.004°W / 53.031; -9.004
IE0000268 Galway Bay Complex Upload a file Galway Bay Complex SAC County Clare
County Galway
53°12′00″N 9°02′17″W / 53.200°N 9.038°W / 53.200; -9.038
IE0001912 Glendree Bog Upload a file Glendree Bog SAC County Clare 52°56′38″N 8°43′59″W / 52.944°N 8.733°W / 52.944; -8.733
IE0001013 Glenomra Wood Upload a file Glenomra Wood SAC County Clare 52°45′32″N 8°34′41″W / 52.759°N 8.578°W / 52.759; -8.578
IE0000036 Inagh River Estuary Upload a file Inagh River Estuary SAC County Clare 52°56′42″N 9°20′13″W / 52.945°N 9.337°W / 52.945; -9.337
IE0002264 Kilkee Reefs Upload a file Kilkee Reefs SAC County Clare 52°41′49″N 9°40′34″W / 52.697°N 9.676°W / 52.697; -9.676
IE0000308 Loughatorick South Bog Upload a file Loughatorick South Bog SAC County Clare
County Galway
52°59′13″N 8°28′08″W / 52.987°N 8.469°W / 52.987; -8.469
IE0000051 Lough Gash Turlough Upload a file Lough Gash Turlough SAC County Clare 52°45′29″N 8°54′04″W / 52.758°N 8.901°W / 52.758; -8.901
IE0002165 Lower River Shannon Upload a file Lower River Shannon SAC Munster 52°35′02″N 9°25′37″W / 52.584°N 9.427°W / 52.584; -9.427
IE0000054 Moneen Mountain Upload a file Moneen Mountain SAC County Clare Q26717043 53°03′36″N 9°07′48″W / 53.060°N 9.130°W / 53.060; -9.130
IE0000057 Moyree River System Upload a file Moyree River System SAC County Clare 52°57′29″N 8°55′08″W / 52.958°N 8.919°W / 52.958; -8.919
IE0002126 Pollagoona Bog Upload a file Pollagoona Bog SAC County Clare
County Galway
53°00′54″N 8°32′06″W / 53.015°N 8.535°W / 53.015; -8.535
IE0002312 Slieve Bernagh Bog Upload a file Slieve Bernagh Bog SAC County Clare 52°50′20″N 8°33′07″W / 52.839°N 8.552°W / 52.839; -8.552
IE0001321 Termon Lough Upload a file Termon Lough SAC County Clare 53°01′48″N 8°52′19″W / 53.030°N 8.872°W / 53.030; -8.872
IE0002343 Tullaher Lough and Bog Upload a file Tullaher Lough and Bog SAC County Clare 52°42′22″N 9°33′32″W / 52.706°N 9.559°W / 52.706; -9.559
IE0000077, 831 Ballymacoda (Clonpriest and Pillmore) Upload a file Ballymacoda SAC, RS County Cork Q56055354 51°54′18″N 7°54′25″W / 51.905°N 7.907°W / 51.905; -7.907
IE0001040 Barley Cove to Ballyrisode Point Upload a file Barley Cove to Ballyrisode Point SAC County Cork 51°28′26″N 9°44′10″W / 51.474°N 9.736°W / 51.474; -9.736
IE0002171 Bandon River Upload a file Bandon River SAC County Cork Q2155474 51°44′31″N 9°05′49″W / 51.742°N 9.097°W / 51.742; -9.097
IE0002036 Ballyhoura Mountains Upload a file Ballyhoura Mountains SAC County Cork
County Limerick
Q805411 52°18′25″N 8°31′37″W / 52.307°N 8.527°W / 52.307; -8.527
IE0002170, 836 Blackwater River (Cork/Waterford) Upload a file River Blackwater, Cork SAC, RS Munster Q1464482 52°08′28″N 8°23′53″W / 52.141°N 8.398°W / 52.141; -8.398
IE0000093 Caha Mountains Upload a file Caha Mountains SAC County Cork
County Kerry
Q1764408 51°44′56″N 9°40′16″W / 51.749°N 9.671°W / 51.749; -9.671
IE0002037 Carrigeenamronety Hill Upload a file Carrigeenamronety Hill SAC County Cork
County Limerick
52°17′38″N 8°26′13″W / 52.294°N 8.437°W / 52.294; -8.437
IE0001547 Castletownshend SAC Upload a file Castletownshend SAC SAC County Cork 51°32′13″N 9°10′16″W / 51.537°N 9.171°W / 51.537; -9.171
IE0001043 Cleanderry Wood Upload a file Cleanderry Wood SAC County Cork 51°44′17″N 9°56′02″W / 51.738°N 9.934°W / 51.738; -9.934
IE0000091 Clonakilty Bay Upload a file Clonakilty Bay SAC County Cork Q26716064 51°36′11″N 8°52′19″W / 51.603°N 8.872°W / 51.603; -8.872
IE0001230 Courtmacsherry Estuary Upload a file Courtmacsherry Estuary SAC County Cork 51°38′35″N 8°42′29″W / 51.643°N 8.708°W / 51.643; -8.708
IE0001873 Derryclogher (Knockboy) Upload a file Derryclogher (Knockboy) SAC County Cork 51°48′14″N 9°25′37″W / 51.804°N 9.427°W / 51.804; -9.427
IE0002280 Dunbeacon Shingle Upload a file Dunbeacon Shingle SAC County Cork 51°36′04″N 9°33′54″W / 51.601°N 9.565°W / 51.601; -9.565
IE0000090 Glengarriff Harbour and Woodland Upload a file Glengarriff Harbour and Woodland SAC County Cork Q98105754 51°45′11″N 9°33′36″W / 51.753°N 9.560°W / 51.753; -9.560
IE0001879 Glanmore Bog Upload a file Glanmore Bog SAC County Cork
County Kerry
51°42′47″N 9°51′11″W / 51.713°N 9.853°W / 51.713; -9.853
IE0001058 Great Island Channel Upload a file Great Island Channel SAC County Cork Q98072233 51°53′24″N 8°15′43″W / 51.890°N 8.262°W / 51.890; -8.262
IE0001058 Farranamanagh Lough Upload a file Farranamanagh Lough SAC County Cork 51°34′44″N 9°41′24″W / 51.579°N 9.690°W / 51.579; -9.690
IE0002158 Kenmare River Upload a file Kenmare River SAC County Cork
County Kerry
Q3814571 51°43′12″N 10°03′14″W / 51.720°N 10.054°W / 51.720; -10.054
IE0001061 Kilkeran Lake and Castlefreke Dunes Upload a file Kilkeran Lake and Castlefreke Dunes SAC County Cork 51°33′36″N 8°57′22″W / 51.560°N 8.956°W / 51.560; -8.956
IE0001070 Myross Wood Upload a file Myross Wood SAC County Cork 51°34′23″N 9°08′49″W / 51.573°N 9.147°W / 51.573; -9.147
IE0002281 Reen Point Shingle Upload a file Reen Point Shingle SAC County Cork 51°36′04″N 9°36′25″W / 51.601°N 9.607°W / 51.601; -9.607
IE0000101 Roaringwater Bay and Islands Upload a file Roaringwater Bay and Islands SAC County Cork 51°28′52″N 9°29′42″W / 51.481°N 9.495°W / 51.481; -9.495
IE0000102 Sheep's Head Upload a file Sheep's Head peninsula SAC County Cork Q2707869 51°35′24″N 9°43′01″W / 51.590°N 9.717°W / 51.590; -9.717
IE0000106 St. Gobnet's Wood Upload a file St. Gobnet's Wood SAC County Cork Q7588267 51°56′38″N 9°10′01″W / 51.944°N 9.167°W / 51.944; -9.167
IE0000109 Three Castle Head to Mizen Head Upload a file Three Castle Head SAC County Cork Q26715345 51°28′34″N 9°48′58″W / 51.476°N 9.816°W / 51.476; -9.816
IE0000332 Akeragh, Banna and Barrow Harbour Upload a file Akeragh Harbour SAC County Kerry 52°19′12″N 9°50′42″W / 52.320°N 9.845°W / 52.320; -9.845
IE0000332 Akeragh, Banna and Barrow Harbour Upload a file Banna Harbour SAC County Kerry 52°19′12″N 9°50′42″W / 52.320°N 9.845°W / 52.320; -9.845
IE0000332 Akeragh, Banna and Barrow Harbour Upload a file Barrow Harbour SAC County Kerry Q4863874 52°19′12″N 9°50′42″W / 52.320°N 9.845°W / 52.320; -9.845
IE0000335 Ballinskelligs Bay and Inny Estuary Upload a file Ballinskelligs Bay SAC County Kerry Q3633036 51°49′48″N 10°12′36″W / 51.830°N 10.210°W / 51.830; -10.210
IE0000335 Ballinskelligs Bay and Inny Estuary Upload a file Inny Estuary SAC County Kerry 51°49′48″N 10°12′36″W / 51.830°N 10.210°W / 51.830; -10.210
IE0002112 Ballyseedy Wood Upload a file Ballyseedy Wood SAC County Kerry 52°15′18″N 9°39′25″W / 52.255°N 9.657°W / 52.255; -9.657
IE0002173 Blackwater River (Kerry) Upload a file Kerry Blackwater SAC County Kerry Q945892 51°53′35″N 9°45′25″W / 51.893°N 9.757°W / 51.893; -9.757
IE0002172 Blasket Islands Upload a file Blasket Islands SAC County Kerry Q881960 52°05′10″N 10°34′34″W / 52.086°N 10.576°W / 52.086; -10.576
IE0001342 Cloonee and Inchiquin Loughs, Uragh Wood Upload a file Cloonee and Inchiquin Loughs, Uragh Wood SAC County Kerry Q5135099 51°48′14″N 9°41′49″W / 51.804°N 9.697°W / 51.804; -9.697
IE0002187 Drongawn Lough Upload a file Drongawn Lough SAC County Kerry 51°48′54″N 9°50′31″W / 51.815°N 9.842°W / 51.815; -9.842
IE0002315 Glanlough Woods Upload a file Glanlough Woods SAC County Kerry 51°52′12″N 9°26′28″W / 51.870°N 9.441°W / 51.870; -9.441
IE0002263 Kerry Head Shoal Upload a file Kerry Head Shoal SAC County Kerry Q34798398 52°26′46″N 10°03′47″W / 52.446°N 10.063°W / 52.446; -10.063
IE0000365 Killarney National Park, MacGillycuddy's Reeks and Caragh River Catchment Upload a file MacGillycuddy's Reeks SAC County Kerry Q1366878 51°57′54″N 9°44′38″W / 51.965°N 9.744°W / 51.965; -9.744
IE0000365 Killarney National Park, MacGillycuddy's Reeks and Caragh River Catchment Upload a file Caragh River SAC County Kerry Q5037626 51°57′54″N 9°44′38″W / 51.965°N 9.744°W / 51.965; -9.744
IE0002261 Magharee Islands Upload a file Magharee Islands SAC County Kerry Q691618 52°19′55″N 10°00′18″W / 52.332°N 10.005°W / 52.332; -10.005
IE0001881 Maulagowna Bog Upload a file Maulagowna Bog SAC County Kerry 51°48′50″N 9°37′55″W / 51.814°N 9.632°W / 51.814; -9.632
IE0002351 Moanveanlagh Bog Upload a file Moanveanlagh Bog SAC County Kerry 52°27′18″N 9°24′36″W / 52.455°N 9.410°W / 52.455; -9.410
IE0001371 Mucksna Wood Upload a file Mucksna Wood SAC County Kerry 51°52′05″N 9°35′28″W / 51.868°N 9.591°W / 51.868; -9.591
IE0001890 Mullaghanish Bog Upload a file Mullaghanish Bog SAC County Kerry 51°59′02″N 9°08′38″W / 51.984°N 9.144°W / 51.984; -9.144
IE0000382 Sheheree (Ardagh) Bog Upload a file Sheheree (Ardagh) Bog SAC County Kerry 52°02′24″N 9°28′52″W / 52.040°N 9.481°W / 52.040; -9.481
IE0002185 Slieve Mish Mountains Upload a file Slieve Mish Mountains SAC County Kerry Q2294156 52°12′11″N 9°48′36″W / 52.203°N 9.810°W / 52.203; -9.810
IE0002070 Tralee Bay and Magharees Peninsula, West to Cloghane Upload a file Tralee Bay SAC County Kerry Q1091161 52°16′05″N 9°56′31″W / 52.268°N 9.942°W / 52.268; -9.942
IE0002070 Tralee Bay and Magharees Peninsula, West to Cloghane Upload a file Magharees Peninsula SAC County Kerry 52°16′05″N 9°56′31″W / 52.268°N 9.942°W / 52.268; -9.942
IE0002262 Valencia Harbour/Portmagee Channel Upload a file Valencia Harbour SAC County Kerry 51°55′30″N 10°19′01″W / 51.925°N 10.317°W / 51.925; -10.317
IE0002262 Valencia Harbour/Portmagee Channel Upload a file Portmagee Channel SAC County Kerry Q33129744 51°55′30″N 10°19′01″W / 51.925°N 10.317°W / 51.925; -10.317
IE0002279 Askeaton Fen Complex Upload a file Askeaton Fen Complex SAC County Limerick 52°34′55″N 8°55′08″W / 52.582°N 8.919°W / 52.582; -8.919
IE0000432 Barrigone Upload a file Barrigone SAC County Limerick 52°36′04″N 9°02′13″W / 52.601°N 9.037°W / 52.601; -9.037
IE0000930 Clare Glen Upload a file Clare Glen SAC County Limerick
County Tipperary
Q5126172 52°41′06″N 8°23′13″W / 52.685°N 8.387°W / 52.685; -8.387
IE0000174 Curraghchase Woods Upload a file Curraghchase Woods SAC County Limerick 52°35′46″N 8°52′19″W / 52.596°N 8.872°W / 52.596; -8.872
IE0000646 Galtee Mountains Upload a file Galtee Mountains SAC County Limerick
County Tipperary
Q1492751 52°22′01″N 8°08′42″W / 52.367°N 8.145°W / 52.367; -8.145
IE0001430 Glen Bog Upload a file Glen Bog SAC County Limerick 52°29′38″N 8°30′25″W / 52.494°N 8.507°W / 52.494; -8.507
IE0001432 Glenstal Wood Upload a file Glenstal Wood SAC County Limerick 52°40′01″N 8°23′02″W / 52.667°N 8.384°W / 52.667; -8.384
IE0000439 Tory Hill Upload a file Tory Hill SAC County Limerick Q26717977 52°32′17″N 8°41′10″W / 52.538°N 8.686°W / 52.538; -8.686
IE0002125 Anglesey Road SAC Upload a file Anglesey Road SAC SAC County Tipperary 52°39′11″N 8°05′46″W / 52.653°N 8.096°W / 52.653; -8.096
IE0000641 Ballyduff/Clonfinane Bog Upload a file Ballyduff/Clonfinane Bog SAC County Tipperary 53°04′52″N 8°00′11″W / 53.081°N 8.003°W / 53.081; -8.003
IE0002124 Bolingbrook Hill Upload a file Bolingbrook Hill SAC County Tipperary 52°45′54″N 8°11′10″W / 52.765°N 8.186°W / 52.765; -8.186
IE0001197 Keeper Hill Upload a file Keeper Hill SAC County Tipperary Q3778335 52°45′04″N 8°16′01″W / 52.751°N 8.267°W / 52.751; -8.267
IE0000647 Kilcarren-Firville Bog Upload a file Kilcarren-Firville Bog SAC County Tipperary 53°03′54″N 8°05′17″W / 53.065°N 8.088°W / 53.065; -8.088
IE0000934 Kilduff Mountain Upload a file Kilduff Mountain SAC County Tipperary Q26717276 52°49′34″N 7°54′29″W / 52.826°N 7.908°W / 52.826; -7.908
IE0001683 Liskeenan Fen Upload a file Liskeenan Fen SAC County Tipperary 53°02′10″N 8°03′11″W / 53.036°N 8.053°W / 53.036; -8.053
IE0002241 Lough Derg (North-east Shore) Upload a file Lough Derg (Munster) SAC County Tipperary
County Galway
Q918349 53°02′10″N 8°15′22″W / 53.036°N 8.256°W / 53.036; -8.256
IE0002257 Moanour Mountain Upload a file Moanour Mountain SAC County Tipperary 52°25′30″N 8°14′53″W / 52.425°N 8.248°W / 52.425; -8.248
IE0001847 Philipston Marsh Upload a file Philipston Marsh SAC County Tipperary 52°34′01″N 8°09′54″W / 52.567°N 8.165°W / 52.567; -8.165
IE0000939 IE0002258 Silvermine Mountains Upload a file Silvermine Mountains SAC County Tipperary Q3862462 52°46′44″N 8°13′48″W / 52.779°N 8.230°W / 52.779; -8.230
IE0002123 Ardmore Head Upload a file Ardmore Head SAC County Waterford Q26717542 51°56′38″N 7°42′36″W / 51.944°N 7.710°W / 51.944; -7.710
IE0001952 Comeragh Mountains Upload a file Comeragh Mountains SAC County Waterford Q1762938 52°14′13″N 7°34′01″W / 52.237°N 7.567°W / 52.237; -7.567
IE0002324 Glendine Wood Upload a file Glendine Wood SAC County Waterford 52°07′12″N 7°35′10″W / 52.120°N 7.586°W / 52.120; -7.586
IE0000665 Helvick Head Upload a file Helvick Head SAC County Waterford Q85766195 52°02′53″N 7°32′31″W / 52.048°N 7.542°W / 52.048; -7.542
IE0000668 Nier Valley Woodlands Upload a file Nier Valley Woodlands SAC County Waterford 52°16′26″N 7°38′35″W / 52.274°N 7.643°W / 52.274; -7.643
IE0000671, 835 Tramore Dunes and Backstrand Upload a file Tramore Dunes and Backstrand SAC, RS County Waterford Q98106493 52°09′29″N 7°06′11″W / 52.158°N 7.103°W / 52.158; -7.103
830 Ballycotton Bay Upload a file Ballycotton Bay RS County Cork Q26716352 51°49′59″N 8°00′00″W / 51.833°N 8.000°W / 51.833; -8.000
837 Cork Harbour Upload a file Cork Harbour RS County Cork Q932369 51°49′59″N 8°15′00″W / 51.833°N 8.250°W / 51.833; -8.250
839 Dungarvan Harbour Upload a file Dungarvan Harbour RS County Waterford 51°49′59″N 8°15′00″W / 51.833°N 8.250°W / 51.833; -8.250
  1. AONB: Area of Outstanding Beauty, NP : National Park, NR : Natural Reserve, RS : Ramsar Site, SAC : Special Area of Conservation, SPA : Special Protection Area, BIS : Biosphere, GP : Geopark.