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Slovenská verzia

1 July - 31 July 2023
Wiki Loves Earth 2023 in Slovakia

Wiki Loves Earth is an international photographic competition with the goal of promoting natural heritage. Almost a quarter (23.25%) of Slovakia's land area is protected. There are over a thousand protected areas and monuments and many of them do not have a photo on Commons yet. The competition is for pictures uploaded between 1 July and 31 July 2023. They can be taken before the competition too. There will be a jury to evaluate the best photos. Please make sure to include the template {{Wiki Loves Earth 2023|sk}} to your uploads. Make sure they have geolocation coordinates and ID from the list.

List of participating countries.


Find a protected area or monument, take a photo and upload it to Wikimedia Commons:

Find an object on the list!

Find natural heritage or monument
Over a thousand protected sites are here!

Capture Images
For example: Here are the uploads from previous events.

Upload your photograph of natural heritage.


There will be prizes for the best 10 photos as well as for the photographer illustrating the most sites.

Competition rules

These are the rules to participate:
Photographs must be originals uploaded by their author to Wikimedia Commons.
Photographs must be uploaded between 1 July and 31 July 2023.
All photos must be under a free license
Participants must have an active email account.
Photographs must be linked by an ID to a protected area or monument as provided by the Organization of Environmental Protection.
Geocoordinates must be indicated.
Make sure that there are no visible watermarks
All photos must have at least 2Mpx.

Next to that, there are a few practical rules and advice:
Sign in or Create a New Account on Wikimedia Commons
Name your photos well
Use the Find an object! button above or, if you already know the identifier of the depicted site you can Click here to upload the images
Share your upload success on social media with our hashtags: #WLESlovakia2023 #WLE2023.
And wait patiently for the results! All the best!


We offer consultations. You can find us on Meet.

  • Wednesday 5 July 2023 19:00 CEST
  • Wednesday 12 July 2023 19:00 CEST
  • Wednesday 19 July 2023 19:00 CEST
  • Wednesday 26 July 2023 19:00 CEST

Minigrants for Travel

We are offering a minigrant to offset travel costs to take photographs. Reach out to us before travel at and let us know these details: origin of travel, destination, intended photo goals and expected travel cost. Some conditions apply:

  • at least two localities/items must be photographed, at least 5 photos for each
  • the localities cannot already have a photograph in Wikimedia Commons
  • the maximum minigrant is 25€ for one trip
  • there is no maximum per person but we retain the right to consider the situation
  • we approve the minigrant before the trip and reinburse afterwards (after submitting documents)

Contact the organizing team

* Matej Grochal

The Jury

THe jury will choose the 10 best pictures to be send to the international round as well as the photographer that contributed pictures to the most protected areas or monuments. It may issue a special prize.

The Best Ten Photos

These are the best 10 photos from the Slovak version of Wiki Loves Earth photo contest.

No particular order

The winners of the Slovak version of Wiki Loves Earth photo contest are:

We ask the winners to contact the organizers as soon as possible (at the email addresses: or