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Wiki Loves Earth 2024 in Malaysia


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From June 15th to July 15th 2024
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Wiki Loves Earth Malaysia 2024

Wiki Loves Earth Malaysia 2024 is the 3rdth edition of Wiki Loves Earth in Malaysia.

Participants will take pictures of local natural protected areas, and upload them to Wikimedia Commons. The aim of event is to highlight the Malaysian natural heritage with the goal to encourage people to capture pictures and to put them under a free licence which can the be re-used not only in Wikipedia but everywhere by everyone.

Join us contribute free-licensed photographs of Malaysian natural heritage!

How to participate

1. Explore Malaysia
2. Choose a protected area
3. Take pictures
4. Upload them to Commons
5. Do it again and again

Find places and topics
There are plenty of protected areas in every region: find the closest to you or your holiday destination!

Take photos
Make as many and as good photos as you can, try different angles. Even if the photo doesn't win a prize, it may help Wikipedia!

Describe them
Write down what you photographed. Record the site's name, description, coordinates and date of photo.

Upload to Commons
Upload your images to Wikimedia Commons between 15th of June and 15th of July. Create an account, if you don't have one already.

Freedom of choice

In Malaysia, there are hundreds of protected areas and natural monuments you can choose from. And for every of them, you can choose as many topics as you want!

Why should I participate?

Participate in Wiki Loves Earth Malaysia and help Wikipedia document protected areas, natural monuments and everything inside them!

Because it's fun! By photographing and sharing images of protected areas nearby you, you can explore more about Malaysia and learn about its immense natural heritage. It's a nice challenge to improve your photography skills, and you can of course win some nice prizes.

The jury will select up to 10 images, and the winners will participate in the international selection.

N.B.: All pictures have to be uploaded from the 15th of June to the 15th of July. You can also upload images that you may already have taken in the past, for example during one of your travels to the country, but you can upload them only during the indicated period.

Competition rules

We try to keep the competition clean and simple. There are only a few rules for photos to participate in Wiki Loves Earth Malaysia. Let's quickly go through them.

Every submission should be:

  • Self taken and self uploaded;
  • Uploaded during the contest period (June 15th - July 15th);
  • During the upload process, you give permission with a CC BY-SA license to re-use the image;
  • Represent a topic that don't violate personal privacy or copyright.

Next to that, there are a few practical rules:

  • You should have an activated e-mail address on Wikimedia Commons (otherwise how do we contact you if you have won?);
  • If the photo gets deleted for any reason, it is automatically disqualified from the competition;
  • You are responsible for following the law while taking and uploading the photo.

In the indicated period, you may upload as many pictures (old or new) as you want, at the end of which a jury will evaluate the photographs and select the best 10 pictures of Malaysia. The jury will then announce the winners during the month of September.

Previous editions

Get inspired by the winners of the previous editions:

5th place in 2020 international winners
5th place in 2020 international winners

The Jury

Our jury will process the images through three rounds in July-September 2024.

At the end of this process, the jury will determine the Top 10 images of Malaysia, which will be sent to the international jury.

Judging criteria

The jury will determine the winners of the contest by taking into consideration the following criteria (in no particular order):

  • Technical quality (sharpness, use of light, perspective etc.);
  • Originality;
  • Usefulness of the image for Wikipedia.

Images that reach a top ranking of the final evaluation phase, will typically at least fulfil the technical criteria of the ‘Featured Image’ process at Wikimedia Commons. But feel free to submit many images, and let the jury be concerned if they are good enough.

Local organizer

Contact us!

For any question, don't hesitate to contact the organiser (you can write in English or Malay).
To do this:

  • write in the talk page
  • send a mail to