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Wiki Loves Fashion in the Philippines

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Wiki Loves Fashion in the Philippines is part of the international campaign for adding in as many language versions of the Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia, Commons, Wikidata, Wikiquote, Wikinews) content related to fashion (fashion industry, fashion designers and brands, haute couture & prêt-à-porter, clothing, accessories, models, unforgettable dresses, etc.). The campaign runs every year, usually at the end of September, covering Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and events organized by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This year, the community of contributors in the Philippines has organized a photography contest which aims to improve and increase the available media of traditional and modern locally-designed costumes and formal attires reflecting the heritage of the Philippines. Many festivals are being held year-round in the Philippines which feature models, pageant contenders from all genders and their locally-designed iconic dresses, colorful regional and national costumes, elegant evening gowns and formal wears. Festivals also feature street dancing competitions showcasing creative and exotic festival costumes as well as uniforms of band members and majorettes. The photography contest will not only increase the content related to Philippine fashion but the different underrepresented ethnic groups in the Philippines. Thousands of images have also been donated and contributed to Wikimedia Commons via various advocacy programs, photowalks, and contests including the international photography contests namely Wiki Loves Folklore and Wiki Loves Pride.


Photography Contest Mechanics

  • Rule 1: Authors uploading images should own the copyrights.
  • Rule 2: Photos must be uploaded within the stipulated time period from 10 October to 10 December 2021. You can enter media that was taken at any time, even historical photographs (as long as you own the copyright on these photographs), but they must be uploaded during the contest period.
  • Rule 3: All entries should be under a free copyright license, or release it to the public domain. The preferred license used by the upload wizard is Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).
  • Rule 4: All eligible pictures should have an identification. The identification is done by tagging the image with {{Campaign wlfa-ph}}. This tag is automatically added when using the red button with special upload link on the main contest page.
  • Rule 5: The photos that are in any way related to the listed categories are eligible.
  • Rule 6: Participants must enable e-mail on Wikimedia Commons so they can be contacted should their image be chosen for a prize.

Source attribution of text on this page: Commons:Wiki Loves Love 2019/Rules