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Share the intangible cultural heritage of Pakistan with the world

Wiki loves folklore is an international photography competition to enjoy and celebrate cultural diversity from around the world through Wikimedia projects (Especially Wikipedia & Wikimedia Commons). Everyone can participate.

In Pakistan, we invite people to dive into their photo archives or visit local sites with connections to Pakistani culture, folklore or storytelling and upload to win! The main objective of the competition is to collect images of human cultural diversity to enrich Wikipedia articles and other Wikimedia Foundation projects around the world. Submissions must match the theme, including but not limited to festivals, material culture, parties, weddings, dances, cuisine, clothing, or daily life routines with an emphasis on popular culture in Pakistan.

To find out about the various other national competitions currently taking place, you can visit Global website.

There is also a writing competition running throughout February and March for Feminism & Folklore (more on this on Meta-Wiki)

The competition is organized in Pakistan by: Sindhi Wikimedia user group ، In collaboration with the International Team for Wiki Love Folklore.

Top tips


The jury will judge individual entries/ the uploaded photos based on the following criteria (in no particular order):

  • Technical quality
  • Originality
  • Potential usefulness and overall value of the image (including licensing) to the Wikimedia projects

General tips

  • Please be respectful and considerate of all fellow photographers and all other participants.
  • If you are photographing the interiors of a particular building, stop immediately if asked. Some places prohibit indoor photography, but in others you may be allowed to proceed if you ask permission.
  • Private property should not be trespassed (it is okay to take pictures of a private place, but while standing in a public place such as the street).
  • If possible, avoid photographing transport vehicles, especially their number plates.
  • Please do not upload images of posters, billboards, banners, or anything else that contains 2D text or images that may be protected by copyright. This applies even to texts or photos in a public place that are taken by others.

Contest times

  • February 1: The official opening of the competition and the start of uploading photos.
  • March 31st: Contest closes, photo uploads end.
  • Results announcement: International results will be announced at the end of July 2023 at Wiki Loves Folklore 2023 page on Commons.

(Note: The announcement of the results may be subject to changes outside our control or be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.)



JogiAsad is a Pakistani Wikimedian, free knowledge enthusiast, software engineer & nature photographer. He has been contributing to Wikipedia and its sister projects for more than 12 years (2011). He is a founder of Sindhi Wikimedians User group, admin of Sindhi Wikipedia. He has been an organizer and a jury member on Sindhi Wikipedia for Wikipedia Asian Month since 2015, organizer and a jury of Wikiloves Women South Asia, Wikiloves Folklore since 2020. Apart from the wiki ecosystem, he also contributes to other Open-source communities like Glosbe (the biggest community-built dictionary), Open Street Map and Internet Archive. He is being volunteering on Google translate, Google Local Guides (Level 5).


Photo stats
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Take a picture and upload it to Wikimedia Commons
Make sure you enter your email address on your Wikimedia account or we may not have a way to contact you if you win a prize.

International awards

You can win the following prizes in the international competition:

  • First prize: $400
  • Second prize: $200
  • Third prize: $100
  • Top 10 Consolation Prizes: $10 each
  • Best Video Award and Best Audio Award: $25 (each)
  • Most Photo Uploader Prize: First Prize $100, Second Prize $50
  • Postcards for wiki loves folklore for the 100 people who have uploaded the most documents across the world

Note: Prizes will be distributed in the form of gift cards or vouchers by the international organizing team, not by the Sindhi Wikimedia Pakistan team.

Connect with us!

There are several ways to contact us:

Define the features of the Pakistani intangible cultural heritage
From festivals, material culture, dances, cuisine, clothing or daily life routines.

Take as many photos as you can and try them from different angles. Even if the photo doesn't win an award, Wikipedia might help!

Give a description of your photos
Describe what you photographed in the photo description and captions. Record the name of the place, its description, and the date of the photo.

Upload on Wikimedia Commons
Upload your photos to Wikimedia Commons between February 1 and March 31. Create an account ، If you do not currently have an account.