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Wiki Loves Heritage

Wiki Loves Heritage is a yearly photo contest that is a spin-off, and an extension, of the worldwide Wiki Loves Monuments, so that movable and immaterial heritage, landscapes, folklore, craftsmanship, and museum collections are also allowed. It was organised for the first time in 2018 by Wikimedia Belgium.


1. Walzin, Château
Château de Walzin
User:Nenea hartia
Winner WLH BE 2021

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The goal is to document the Belgian heritage, culture and traditions (both material, and immaterial), including monuments and museum collections. The primary focus is on taking and uploading pictures, including metadata (SDC), but also describing the items on Wikidata and Wikipedia.

Since 15 July 2016 Belgium has freedom of panorama, including permanent public exhibitions. This means that, in principle, you are allowed to take photographs from a public place. You must respect other laws like the general copyright, w:privacy, and image rights. Museums might impose their own restrictions.

Wiki Loves Heritage campaigns in Belgium
Photo Contest Start date End date Status Category ISA Tool Report Project Participants Images
Wiki Loves Heritage 2022 in Belgium 1 July 2022 31 October 2022 Upcoming WLH BE 2022 WLH BE 2022 WLH BE 2022 WLH BE 2022
Wiki Loves Heritage 2021 in Belgium 1 July 2021 31 October 2021 Closed WLH BE 2021 WLH BE 2021 WLH BE 2021 WLH BE 2021 37 2076
Wiki Loves Heritage 2020 in Belgium 1 July 2020 31 October 2020 Closed WLH BE 2020 WLH BE 2020 WLH BE 2020 WLH BE 2020 17 840
Wiki Loves Heritage 2019 in Belgium 1 July 2019 30 November 2019 Closed WLH BE 2019 WLH BE 2019 WLH BE 2019 WLH BE 2019 19 1056
Wiki Loves Heritage 2018 in Belgium 15 Juni 2018 15 November 2018 Closed WLH BE 2018 WLH BE 2018 WLH BE 2018 WLH BE 2018 141 4348

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