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Wiki Loves Love

ويكي تهوى الحب, উইকি লাভস লাভ, Wiki Loves Love, Vikio amas amon, Wiki ama o amor, विकि लव्स लव, Вікі любіць любоў, Вики сөюне ярата, Вікі любить любов, Wiki nife ife, ویکی محبوب محبت, 维基-爱情之念, ویکی دوستدار عشق

This page describes what local organizers and others need to translate for the pages and upload campaigns of Wiki Loves Love 2019.

If you need any help with the translations, please write a message in the talk page.


  1. meta:Wiki Loves Love/communication release/2019/01
    An incitive to help in the last minute tasks and translations
  2. Translate the CentralNotice banner
    This banner is shown above Wikipedia, etc.



Translate the following templates to your local language (if not already done):

  1. Translate Template:Wiki Loves Love 2019
    This template is put on images that are uploaded within the contest. This template is not country specific. (If an image is not eligible according the rules, this template should be removed from that file page.)
  2. Translate Template:Upload campaign header Wiki Loves Love
    This template is shown during the photo contest above the special upload wizard. This template is not country specific.
  3. Translate Template:Upload campaign use Wiki Loves Love
    This template is shown after someone has finished uploading.
  4. Translate Template:Upload campaign country Wiki Loves Love
    This template contains the label above the field (in the special upload wizard) in what uploaders should indicate the country of the photo.
    Between brackets is an example given for a country + country code, this may be localised to the country's name(s) + country code(s) in what the language is (mostly) spoken. For example: when translating this template to French, you can indicate that the country code for France is FR.
    Be aware: only the long name in English will work, not in the local language.
  5. Translate Template:Wiki Loves Love 2019 country
    This template is put on images that are uploaded within the contest to indicate in which country the photo has been made.



Translate the following pages to your local language:

  1. Translate Commons:Wiki Loves Love 2019
    This page is the landing page where all participants first go to. This page is not country specific.
  2. Translate Commons:Wiki Loves Love 2019/FAQ
    This page contains the frequently asked questions about the photo contest.
  3. Translate Commons:Wiki Loves Love 2019/Rules
    This page contains the rules of the photo contest.



The name Wiki Loves Love has been translated in many languages already, but maybe yours is/are still missing.

  1. Translate the label on Q52286144 (Wikidata) to your language