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This page is a work in progress to collect good examples to messages the international team sent out, and tasks to be done.


The members of the international team usually divide work into the following standard roles. Depending on the size of the team, people may have multiple roles, or share roles to get work done. The roles may also change depending on the competition's focus for the year.

Jury coordination[edit]

  • Recruit international jurors
  • Gather winners from national competition
  • Facilitation international jury process
  • Coordinate/write jury report & announcements
August, October-December

Organizer outreach[edit]

  • Connect with national organizers
  • Answer questions from organizers for national competition
  • Track progress
  • Make organizers' announcements

Project management[edit]

  • Manage the competition’s overall timeline
  • Help the international team make key decisions
  • Convene conversations among international team and national organizers (office hours)
  • Keep the team happy :)
Year-round, January-April (planning)


  • Post on instagram, twitter, facebook
  • Write announcement blog posts
  • Find ways to reach out to the public through alternative channels
Year-round; September, December (announcements)

Banner/template management[edit]

  • Register banners, campaigns
  • Set up banners
  • Set up templates, categories, upload campaigns on Commons
  • Answer questions related to banner/commons infrastructure

Technical Infrastructure[edit]

  • Support campaigns in Montage
  • Build various campaign tools
  • Build Montage features
  • Maintain Wiki Loves stats page
  • Respond to technical questions
Year-round; October-December (jury support)

Survey and analysis[edit]

  • Write and send survey for organizers and survey for participants
  • Coordinate translation of surveys
  • Analyze results and make recommendations
  • Communicate results
October-February, July

Grant & report writing[edit]

  • Submit annual grant to allow team to execute
  • Oversee finances
  • Coordinate with fiscal sponsor
When grant requests and reports are due (changes from year to year)

Organizing the “rest of the world” competition[edit]

  • Basically, invent it
  • Communicate, coordinate: get some grassroots support!
Whenever we can start

Award coordination[edit]

  • Contact all winners, get their relevant details and make sure the prizes are shipped
  • Design, print and send certificates