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Wiki Loves Monuments 2010 was a photo competition / scavenger hunt that took place throughout the Netherlands between September 1 and September 30, 2010. It's the successor to Wiki Loves Art in the Netherlands (in 2009).

Participants were encouraged to photograph some of the more than 50,000 national monuments (Rijksmonumenten) throughout the Netherlands. These are buildings or objects of general importance because of their beauty, importance to science, or cultural history – like archeological sites in Drenthe, the canal houses in Amsterdam, and the Royal Palace in The Hague.

In total 12,501 pictures were taken of monuments.


The only official rules description is to be found here
Photos are only admitted to the contest if:

  • The photo is taken by the uploader him/herself
  • The photo is freely licensed (default: cc-by-sa 3.0 nl)
  • The photo is uploaded between September 1 and September 30
  • The description includes the "rijksmonumentnummer" (a unique monument identifier) A description in Dutch how to find this identifier
  • If uploaded through Wikimedia Commons: the email address of the uploader is activated

A jury will award the best photos with a prize. A separate prize will be awarded to the persons uploading photos of the most objects.


You can upload files using the special Wiki Loves Monuments upload form


There were three categories in which awards have been presented: a category for photos from Vlissingen (Flushing); a category for the contestants with the highest number of objects photographed and a category for the best photo over all, awarded by a jury. All prizes were announced at a prize ceremony in Utrecht on November 20, 2010. A motivation from the jury (in Dutch) is available here.

Jury prize[edit]

The top-10 of the jury selection can be found (in order 1-10) below:

Quantity prize[edit]

  1. Rudolphous - 1371 objects
  2. Havang(nl) - 1344 objects
  3. Michiel1972 - 503 objects
  4. Kasteelbeer - 394 objects
  5. Ilonamay - 325 objects


  1. Rene Olsthoorn
  2. Pinkelhoorn

Post mortem[edit]

On this page a description has been made with several tips on how to organize such event in future cases.

Template system[edit]

The template system and all the bot magic based on it is explained on this page.

Wiki Loves Monuments 2011[edit]

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