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This page describes the infrastructure which should be build on Commons in order to allow uploaders to tag the image with only an identifier. The structure provides the possibility for a bot to add information to the pictures such as object location and categories, besides that it also makes an easy way of finding the images back, and this way generate a list of possible pictures for your lists.


I think it's the easiest to explain this with an example, I take Wallonia as example. There are 4 (sub)templates which you have to build. Copy these from Wallonia and change the things which have to be different.

Beside these 4 subtemplates you also have to create a category:

All the categories will be a subcategory of Category:Cultural heritage monuments with known IDs

If you have any problems with this leave a note on Talk from Basvb or step by the wikilovesmonuments-channel on IRC.

Status per country[edit]

Country/ Area Category Template
Andorra Category Template:Béns Andorra
Austria Category Template:Denkmalgeschütztes Objekt Österreich or Template:Doo
Belgium: Flanders Category Template:Onroerend erfgoed
Belgium: Brussels Category Template:Monument Brussels
Belgium: Wallonia Category Template:Monument Wallonie
Estonia Category Template:Kultuurimälestis
Germany: Hesse Category Template:Kulturdenkmal Hessen
Hungary Category Template:Monument Hungary
Netherlands Category Template:Rijksmonument
Norway Category Template:Monument Norge
Poland Category Template:Zabytek
Portugal Category Template:IGESPAR
Romania Category Template:Monument istoric
Spain Category Template:BIC or Template:Bien Catalogado
Sweden: BBR Category Template:BBR
Sweden: Fornsök Category Template:Fornminne
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