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Notes, notes, notes.

Technical issues[edit]

  • WMF

Upload Wizard tech[edit]

      • a lot of improvements, latest: August
      • initial contact next week
      • Need a contact on our side to facilitate and translate (human -> techyspeak) (AP:


Mobile phone app tech[edit]

      • Pausanio Cologne and other companies is also interested (still) and so are probably some more companies (AB-C Media (nl))
      • What exists: -> layar + immediate upload onto Commons
      • Integration into timeline: Ready by August 1.
    • Needs communicator (AP: Elke)


  • Communication plan

Maarten: We used the Foundation's communication machine it a bit, can improve.

- Blog posts, PR?

  • Contact to Press agencies via WMF -

Who's our contact at WMF (A) LG email Jay.

  • Drag Moka in the US bit (AP) MD. (done by MD)
  • We need to have draft [international] press releases as a basis. It's in the timeline
  • Communication commitee?
    • They're not a committee in fact, just a small group of people, but they're quite proffesional.


  • Partners (local and international)
  • MD's been in touch with them already

New partners: UNESCO, others?

What countries need help: UK, Ireland, Italy, Denmark (?), Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Vatican, San Marino

Create Google Doc for private about partners, and countries that need help to keep track. (AP) MD. (done by MD)

  • Use the carrot, not the stick!

Sponsor: Elke has a potential sponsor in mind (publisher


  • What countries? Who will contact who?
    • Is there a chapter (or are they creating one)?
    • Did they participate last year? (or tried to?)
    • Did they show any interest?
    • What is the impact? (we want huge countries!)
    • Do they have a mentor country?
    • Is there any GLAM activity going on?

here's the full list <>

    • e-mail Moushira (AP)
      • Elke approaches for Africa/Global South (who could be interested) DONE
        • AP: see what countries are not yet on the list (TK)


  • Workshops!
    • UK (Lodewijk)
    • Italy (lodewijk)
    • Ukraine (Tomasz - in touch with Andrij)
    • Belarus (Tomasz - in touch with Paul)
    • Czech Rep. (Tomasz - in touch with Aktron)
    • Russia (I'll look into that TK)
    • USA GLAMcamp (Canada and US)
    • South America?
    • India?

Other meetings:

  • Chapter's Meeting (30 March-1 April? Tomasz)
  • Hackathon (1-3 June? Elke(?), Tomasz). Something like last year? Discuss that next week
  • Wikimania (12-14 July Elke)


  • $$$ & Lodewijk
    • (AP) Get somebody do the budget thingy.
    • Staff member?
      • Book keeping, yes!
      • Budget owner, big picture, no.
  • Set up Doodle (AP) Tomasz

Reminder todo[edit]

Register in advance for Guinness book of records