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Participant survey[edit]

/!\ Answers in different languages

Compared to country they live in:

  • Where do the participants come from?
  • Age range per country
  • Timeframe for taking pictures
  • Global User Happiness (User retention & recommendation to friends)
  • Main motivation
  • How did they find us
  • Likelyness to participate more in Wikipedia.

Open questions (H & M questions) → need human triage to be meaningful: main obstacles (like “upload system”, “finding IDs”, “communication/information”…"lack of time", )

Commons user data[edit]

All of those per country and in total

  1. participants
  1. participants for whom it’s first the first Commons contribution

The (3) biggest uploaders based on number of pictures and number of monuments

Ratio of participants with more than (x, 5) uploads

  1. pictures / day (see heritage Days influcence & week-end)

How many people uploaded pictures in multiple countries.

Users who upload in most pictures.

User retention :

  1. users uploading pictures still active after WLM (1 october is big because of late closure of UI, first 10 days people still have a list they wanted to upload, rest is really staying)

For all users, and new users only

/!\ RotateBot !!!

/!\ Flickr uploading bots


The biggest/smallest picture (size in pixels and/or bytes) 
La plus petite (taille en pixels et/ou poids en octets) 

Breakdown of pictures / size

QIs / FPs / VIs

Global usage on Wikipedia, reach in other languages projects

All the stats "lopped" (without the top xx users).

Sectorize uploads (how many 1-10 / 10-100 / 100+ etc.)

EXIF metadata:

files with no EXIF

Delay between taking / uploading

  1. Pictures taken ages ago / special for the competition

Flickr data

  1. participants

bigger images ? Winning pictures from flickr compared?


  1. Monuments total
  1. Monuments with no illustrations before

The most photographed monuments

# pictures / monument (dispersion, ratio of total pictures / nb distinct monuments) 

Geo repartition : # monuments / region, ~(see for France : <>

Coverage of Commons on monuments before / after ; region-wise (ratio of cities illustrated in said region, etc.)


Number of visits

Number of visits on the english page on the website/from other countries IP's

Which visits NOT from the CentralNotice

Outbound data from the websites ? (to Commons ? Quitting ?)

CentralNotice stats

From which language to which language website.


All about newbies → User retention

Commons coverage

Analysing the participant survey

Regional data

What we're gonna make in statistics[edit]

  • Map of participating people by country
  • Map of participating people by photographs in a country
  • Pie diagram of age