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WLM Meeting Amsterdam (2011-12-01) : "Scaling up for 2012" workshop[edit]

Participants of this talk : Basvb, Andre, Maarten, Romaine, Sylvain, Raymond, Rastrojo

We can anticipate to have around 40 countries participating next year, so we need more people for the international coordination.

  • Two or three tier approach

Roles (next year)[edit]

  • Project manager (Lodewijk and MaartenD)
  • Technical coordinator tooling (MaartenD)
    • Statistics (tools): Nuno
  • Partner communication (mostly MaartenD, also Lodewijk)
  • Internal communication (mostly Lodewijk, also MaartenD)
  • WMF communication (mostly Lodewijk, also MaartenD)
  • Technical coordination with WMF (MaartenD)
  • Sponsors (aaaaargh)
  • Budget (Lodewijk, Maarten lost track in January) - Funders for contest organization and prizes: International (WMNL, WMDE, WMPL, any others?) per country: WM chapters in each country and for countries with no chapter, International group or "sponsoring chapter"
  • goodies:
    • T-Shirts (Nicole [and Tomasz a little bit.])
    • Calendars (Tomasz)
  • Jury coordination (Lodewijk)
  • Knowledge transfer (workshops & online - Lodewijk & Maarten)
  • Motivator (Lodewijk and MaartenD)
  • Webmaster tech part (Elya and also Hay)
  • Webmaster content part (MaartenD, Lodewijk, Elya, ....)
  • Wiki tasks which could use a coordinator and don't have to be done by main organisers?
    • Translations: Beria, Romaine, Basvb. and many others
    • Survey: Lodewijk mainly, Basvb, Romaine, Yaroslav
    • Commons structure: MaartenD, Basvb
    • Central notice (Beria, MaartenD, odder, basvb .....)

Central roles[edit]

  • Project management (core organisers in each country communication)
  • Tooling / technical stuff
    • Coordination with toolers
    • Coordination with WMF
  • Budget
    • Local chapters advise & support
    • Worldwide
  • External Communication (sponsors, partners, press)
    • Worldwide level
    • Website
    • Local chapters advise & support
  • Community coordination (internal communication, translations, website, lists...)

We have two ways of looking at this:

  • Roles
  • Tasks

Project management and external communication could probably be hired.

Would be nice to hire people who are already involved.

Budget is probably going to be someone from Wikimedia Nederland

Tooling could be MaartenD

Community person would be someone who is already well known. Could be Lodewijk.

Tooling doesn't have scaling problems.

Website can be moved to .org, we want more content for the website next year. We could outsource the technical hosting?

  • Hosting for local sites? This could be a service
  • Domain registration?
  • Small financial grants
  • Adopting another country? Mentorship/
  • Organisational helpdesk for WLM?
  • #Wikilovesmonuments irc channel does scale!
  • Mailing list is already crowded. How to use that next year? Better documentation. ML should not be the only source of information/documentation.
  • Table with tasks per country and a sort of check list.
  • Documentation should be an explicit responsibility for someone in the core group.
  • UploadWizard seems to scale