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  • Layered approach
    • Lists on wikipedia
    • Harvested into a database
    • API to use the database
    • Tools using that
  • avoid bottlenecks:
    • API is done and "scales"
    • database import: 2 people, but not very time consuming
  • deciding on which tools should be improved (Killer app?)
    • developing them
    • make them international
    • design them
    • document them
    • advertize them
  • Decide if we (who?) hire a front end developer
    • how to involve volunteer hackers?

how to generally avoid frustration or "leaning back" if people are hired?

Core use cases for participants[edit]

  • I took a photo and want to upload it, find the identifier
  • I want to take images, where to go and find monuments by identifyer?

more use cases[edit]

  • Jury tools:
  • statistics for the wlm organisation
    • unused pictures
    • improvements in lists
    • new users
    • contributions, retention rate
  • Keep the wikipedia lists up to date (unused images)
    • Adding categories
    • Find id's for monument pictures without id and report on them
    • Assign coordinates

Core tools[edit]

  • locating the identifier
  • search tool for database
    • Outputs?

Quick wins[edit]

  • Search form for API - MaartenD and Elke this weekend
  • Documentation of tools we want to communicate - Jane
  • Communicate unused monuments thing - MaartenD

We need front end people!

  • Hire?
  • Google Summer of code?
  • Jean-Fred's students
  • Foundation? (mobile people)
  • Chapters?
  • Other partners interested in helping out?(Pausanio ...)
    • how to involve volunteer hackers?