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Wiki Loves Monuments meetup
Friday 13th, 14th and 15th May 2011, Betahaus, Berlin

Result wrapup[edit]

Five lessons from 2010
  • Easy to participate
  • Attractive/Fun to do
  • Nearby your home
  • Help Wikipedia
  • Results should be quick and visible to the participants
Main obstacles for national organizers
  • List of monuments
  • Upload Wizard
  • Volunteers
  • Sponsors/partners
  • Many prototypes/no tools
Agreed upon
  • Technical:
    • We should not have multiple login layers
    • Upload form should be country specified
    • Uploader should be sent directly to their own country's upload form: customized upload wizard on Commons
    • We are going to build a central api/mapping tool
    • An ImageViewer for all the jurys could be done to help them in judging photos
  • Non technical:
    • Rules (local rules may different, these are the European):
    • Photos has to be self-taken and self-uploaded
    • Uploaded in September (to Commons but perhaps also Flickr etc. if you agree on that locally)
    • License defaults to CC-BY-SA 3.0
    • We need an identifier of the monument
    • You need to confirm the e-mail-adress (so WLM can reach you)
    • European judging criteria
    • Nominated by local contests (10 images from each country)
Technical quality
  • Sharpness, use of light, perspective, color hue, megapixels (?), what about retouched images? (overprocessed images were excluded last year -> have to be realistic)
  • Originality
  • Usefulness for Wikipedia
Jury composition criteria
  • 2 Professional photographers/Photo editors
  • 2 Heritage specialists (one from Europeana) i.e., Council of Europe (probably from the European Heritage Days)
  • 3 Wikimedians (ideas: Winner of POTY/WLM10, list specialist, someone involved with organizing Commons POTY)
  • Facilitator
  • Total of 8 people (7 voting)
  • End of August: Major PR announcements
  • Start contest: September 1
  • End conterst: September 30
  • Deadline formation European jury: September 30
  • National jury deadline: October 31
  • European jury deadline: November 21
  • Prize announcement: DISH is 6-9 December


  • Every national organization is resonsible for their own website, code sharing is encouraged.


  • TOTAL: Worst case scenario: 10.300€ + shipping − Best-case scenario: 3.000€
  • Prizes (1.500€) (if no sponsors are found)
  • Printing 500+ calendars (WMPL will find budget locally): 3.000 euro
  • shipping + boxes, winning messages and so on. ( 200 for finalists + 300 for the chapters)
  • Intl. thankyou goodies (calendars will go for that now)
  • grant system for chapters that need help. 1.500 euro
  • Optional: Jury costs? (7 people (says 8 above)): 2.400 (travel) + 400 (hotel) + 200 (meeting room) + 300 (living costs) = 3.300 euro
  • Announcement costs? 1.000 euro (worst case)


  • if possible to be provided by the sponsors
  • n-th prize winner will get the n-th choice

Announcements, PR[edit]

Potential partners[edit]

  • NGOs
  • tourism offices
  • public administration offices: from local offices for protection of heritage or alike up to ministery of culture/national heritage or alike
  • use national chapters of European level partners (CoE etc)
  • owners of the monuments (i.e. museums, associations of owners of monuments)
  • groups/organisations of potential contest participants
  • Photographer organizations
  • Local contests
  • Monument related magazines
  • Religious organizations
  • Schools/elderly organizations
  • Tourist office/institutions
  • Use European Heritage Day to promote WLM (middle/end September)
  • The world wide ones: Might not be in time for this year, but for next year, start already for next year...

What can they help with:[edit]

  • PR
  • Prize
  • organize local events
  • contact other potential partners
  • credibility
  • approach specific target groups

Tips 'n Tricks[edit]

  • Maarten has developed some tools to work with datas and batch uploading.
  • Commonist (maybe customized)
  • If you don't get the right contacts locally, contact Maarten! For example, make Council of Europe call the institution you want to collaborate with.
  • Get introduced in different institutions
  • Federal problems can sometimes be tackled by giving power to the locals - let them approach their local institutions
  • Statistics are a good way to get people motivated.
  • Thank people
  • Jury: get them together in real life!
  • Get local: locan events can motivate people to participate.
  • Free Publicity is useful.
  • Use existing communities (Flickr, etc.)
  • Contact OSM and Creative Commons
  • If you have handwritten or paper lists, you can ask for help at Wikisource (lists are probably PD-gov or something)
  • Split up the work so a few people does not have to do all the work. For example:
  • Some work on getting the lists of monuments
  • Tech people working with data and identifiers
  • Some work on arranging the contest
  • Helpdesk/hotline for helping people upload pictures on Commons

Action points[edit]

  • Raymond: keep an eye on and get in touch with the Account Creation Improvement Project.
  • Maarten: get the right people in touch with Layar folks
  • Maarten: make sure the Europa Nostra article gets published
  • Tomasz: Do the calendars stuff and find the sponsors.
  • Tim: Get us in touch with Open Streetmap people
  • Maarten: work on a tool to transfer data to templates
  • Elke: Come up with better definition for technical quality jury criterium
  • Maarten: take the lead on formation European jury
  • Kilian: Take the lead on travel agency prizes
  • Nuno: Find out if there are interesting prize opportunities in Guimarães that is cultural capital in 2012
  • Nicole: Check out Zeiss opportunities
  • Alice: get inormation about Wikipic, where you can find pictures independent of description, language etc, it was developed by Daniel Kinzler of WM Germany.
  • Hay: Fix the European website (list of millions of detailed "suggestions" on meeting page)
  • Niklas: Get in touch with Maarten about national heritage board
  • Julia: see what religious organizations might be interesting, write a short introduction about the topic to the mailing list, check out European Youth Forum, UNESCO stuff
  • Andrea: check out San Marino & San Maarten (contact Delphine)
  • SJ: spread the word with world wide cultural institutions
  • Raymond: Set up OTRS system for WLM
  • Maarten: Make sure of redirects
  • Maarten: Partnering with DISH
  • JeanFred: Write email to maillist for village pump announcement so we don't forget.
  • Many prototypes/no tools -> AP Maarten, send email.
  • Platonides: Take the lead on getting the API finished
  • Tomasz will do the goodies checking - what is possible and what is not.
  • Michael: send around email with the results and link to full notes.

Open issues[edit]

  • do we accept only CC-BY-SA or also PD, CC-BY, ...)? -- All free licenses are accepted, tool use CC by default.
  • set up the Helpdesk/hotline : Do it all local, ideally on Wikipedia (large userbase to help answer). If you have organizational questions, do it on the mailing list. Set up central helpdesk on Commons. Link it from
  • Technical issues to make uploads easier:
  • Uploadform/wizard: being worked on, not done yet
  • Commonist tool: nothing happened, unfortunately.
  • Monuments API: Worked on it, set up infrastructure, won't be finished this weekend.
  • Conversion tool (csv2templatelist): Daniel is working on that, link:
  • Goodies
  • Statistics and visualization of the results

The Wall of Good Ideas & Problems[edit]

WLM 2011, The Wall of Good Ideas & Problems.jpg

IRC meetings[edit]

Let's do May 28, 20:00 (CEST).