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Draft for Village Pump announcement about the Wiki Loves Monument contest


An interesting part of the knowledge that we try to collect on Wikipedia is Cultural Heritage. Monumental buildings are available nearby you, more (nearer?) than you would expect.

  • Relate to existing material on your wiki
  • We have this really cool project: WLM
  • All European: Portugal to Estonia!
  • Also in XXX
  • Leads
  • Partners locally -- know anybody? please introduce us or go directly to them!
  • Partners Europe

What is the concept:

  • September
  • Photo contest (+ articles if you wish, maybe?)
  • monument
  • All throughout the country: nearby
  • With the European Heritage Days in September

How can you help:

  • Contacts
  • List completion (coordinates, adding wikilinks, adding portraite photos to list, ...)
  • Making photos!
  • Help with creating HOW-TOs and FAQs bugzilla:#1
  • Organize local even cooler events (photo scavenger hunts?)
  • organise meetings of local organisers team
  • Organising local goodies
  • Making buzz: press coverage help (citizen journalism)

Hunts →

Jane: Check this out!!!!

The Actual Announcement That You Were Waiting For So Nervously[edit]

(*knock knock*) Hello there!

You may have heard of this amazing project, Wiki Loves Monuments <>. It is a pan-European contest, aimed at gathering photos of all monuments in more than ten countries, from Portugal to Estonia, including ⧼NAME_OF_THE_COUNTRY_YOU'LL_BE_GOING_TO⧽.

The actual photo contest will take place from September 1 to September 30 coinciding with celebrations of the European Heritage Days.

The rules are simple. You have to take the photo yourself, upload it in September to Wikimedia Commons, and you can win a cool prize! Or even several of them. Top ten pictures from each country will also participate in an European-wide contest. More details can be found on this page ⧼WLM_LINK-NO1⧽.

The project is now being supported by several European organisations, including the Council of Europe as well as some local institutions and Wikimedia chapters. We are still looking for more partners -- if you have any ideas, please share them with us!

So dear monuments-loving Wikimedians, spread the word to your families and friends! Keep this in mind on your holidays! Check out the monuments and don't forget to take your camera with you!

While you take pictures, we will do our best to make everyone's participation easier, so check out ⧼COMMONS_LINK_NO1⧽ for more information about how you can help!