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This is the organizational timeline for Wiki Loves Monuments 2011


This is a general overview what when should happen. This gives an indication what should be done and when you should hurry. This timeline is mainly an advise, especially when it comes to local organization. You can choose to do things differently. If you want to do things earlier, please do!

International WLM Local WLM Wikipedia heritage project
Send out emails: who wants, is interested?
  • Get started. Indicate that you're interested.
  • Start contacting local national heritage organizations.
  • Produce concept including time path.
  • Have clear overview which countries are interested to do this.
  • Start including structured lists in the monuments database.
  • Start the heritage project.
  • Analyze the interest in the community
  • Set up template and category structure for the list pages
  • Analyze what information is available in your country, for example: address, geo-information, unique identifiers, architect, building date etc.
  • Set up a portal page
  • Set up a metrics system to measure the completeness of your list structure
  • First version of structured list templates ready.
  • Organize Chapters Meeting - brainstorm session.
  • Add more structured lists to central tool.
  • Go to Chapters Meeting - brainstorm session
  • Have a simple landing page at the website.
  • Work on a budget
  • Improved version of structured list template finished.
  • Some structured lists.
  • Create environment where people can report errors
  • Advertise the project extensively in the community
  • Identify & contact partners: heritage organizations, photographer organizations etc
  • (Real life) meeting with volunteers to explore road ahead, identify local problems
  • Find someone to design and build the website.
  • International meeting
    • Decide on international jury
    • European awards
    • Discuss local issues, exchange experiences
    • Start analyzing which technical developments/tools are needed
  • Start with upload facility
  • Start looking for local sponsors to provide awards
  • Possibly: set up a local events program
  • Do a pre announcement at your local village pump
  • Start conversation on rules and judging criteria.
Set up category structure for your monuments on Wikimedia Commons
  • Have some nice webtools based on the monuments database.
  • Make documentation on running local events (Wiki takes ... / WikiExpedition).
  • Partners should be all contacted, ready and participating.
  • Design promotion material and get it printed if you want to distribute it.
  • Set up specific rules for the national contest.
Start processing already existing photos at Commons.
Prepare Wikimania presentation.
  • Create website pages with clear explanations of the rules, methods etc.
  • Set up Flickr group (and other platforms)
  • Set up judging criteria
  • Translate all relevant pages into your local language
  • Upload facilities ready.
  • Test upload environments.
  • Presentation at Wikimania.
  • Prepare press statements.
  • fully finished.
  • Go to Wikimania
  • Prepare press statements
  • Website fully finished
  • Test upload environments
  • Possibly: finalize local events program
  • (last week) Send invites to Flickr users in relevant groups to join the contest (there is a max number of invites you can send per day)
  • Lists should be finished
  • Finish processing already existing photos at Commons.
  • Contest!
  • Operate transfer bots for secondary uploads (flickr) and do the moderation
  • Regular updates on progress both on website and on international mailing list.
  • Organize local meetups a-la "wiki takes..." or "WikiExpedition" with a focus towards monuments
  • Try to get press attention, especially in local media
  • Run site notice (geo-located)
Add all the new photos to the lists.
  • Local jury deliberations
  • Create preliminary report for outcomes (no. of images etc)
  • possibly: press release
Make sure all photos are in the lists and categorized
  • Collect top-X from each country.
  • European jury deliberations.
  • Start with evaluation.
  • Local award ceremonies
  • Send out national awards
  • Send out thank-you's to partners, volunteers etc.
  • Announcement final results Europe.
  • Present project at conference(s).
  • Send out European awards.
  • Finish evaluation.


This gives an overview of deadlines.

Activity International WLM Local WLM Wikipedia heritage project
Major PR announcements End of August
Start contest 1 September
End Contest
Formation European jury 30 September
Nominations by National Jury October 31
Jury results (European) November 21
Prize announcement Begin december
Activity International WLM Local WLM Wikipedia heritage project

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