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Award session WLM Belgium[edit]


Offices of the Royal Institute for Culturale Heritage (KIK / IRPA) in Brussels.

Jubelpark 1, Brussel:

Parc du Cinquantenaire 1, Bruxelles:


10 November

  • 19h00: you're welcome
  • 19h30: keynote speech by C C (neutral introduction of the competition)
  • 19h45: speech by M H, member of the jury (explaining how the judges worked)
  • 20h00: start of the award session
  • 20h30: closing remarks by M D, organisator (about Wikipedia/chapters/...)
  • 20h45: closing reception, offered by the KIK/IRPA
  • 21h30: end of the award session


We need people to help us with
  • practical things before the start with the KIK/IRPA
  • help with handing out the prices

Still to do
  • make some sort of award document with signatures of the judges --> Robin OK
  • buy the prizes Ik doe dit na de uitreiking
  • making a presentation with the best images. We'll show this from 19h00 till 19h30, and during the reception --> Romaine OK