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Just like last year, we will be producing photo calendars with the 13 best pictures from Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 as chosen by the international jury. This page is intended to gather all necessary information about the design, production, and ordering process of the calendars.


Learning the lessons from 2011, we decided to outsource the design, production and shipment process from volunteer Wikimedians to a professional external company.

Thanks to the help from Wikimedia Deutschland, the German Wikimedia chapter, we managed to find our first-ever printing partner — dieUmweltDruckerei, a Hannover-based printing house specialised in ecological printing.

dieUmweltDruckerei will oversee the process from the very start to the very end, but has also generously agreed to cover the costs of printing 500 copies of the calendars, thanks to which we will be able to ship 15 copies to every participating country for free!


Draft design of the WLM calendars for 2013. Please comment on it on the mailing list or use the talk page!

The calendars will consist of 14 pages, including the front and back covers, and twelve pages — one for each month of the Gregorian calendar.

The front cover will present the overall winning photo of the competition, and the next 12 pages will include one picture each, ending on the 13th pick as decided by the international jury; the back cover will include some general information about the competition, Wikimedia Commons, as well as a licencing information for the winning pictures.

Following the lead from 2011, and due to the even larger number of languages used in the participating countries, the calendars are intended to be printed in a language-neutral fashion, ie. without using names of the months; we will also try to make them as culture-neutral as possible. However, in order to lower the price of the calendars, the last page — with contest and licencing information — will be written in English (apologies!).

If you have sponsors or partners for your national Wiki Loves Monuments contest, it will be possible to include their logo(s) on the back cover; the logos will have to be passed to dieUmweltDruckerei through the order form (see below).

Ordering process[edit]

The ordering process is done through an on-line order form prepared by dieUmweltDruckerei. It is available as a PDF document — to make a legally binding order, you will need to (1) download the form, (2) print it and fill it in with the required data and amount of calendars being ordered, (3) sign it and (4) send it as a scan to the announced e-mail address with the keyword "WLM calendar".

Please remember that you can add your own logo to the last page of the calendar if necessary; in order to do so, please attach the file you want to have printed to the e-mail sent to dieUmweltDruckerei.

Attention: the deadline for the orders is 05:00 UTC on December 4.

As mentioned above, every participating country will be able to get 15 copies of the calendars for free — including the costs of shipping which will be covered from the international budget. If you'd like to get more calendars, you will need to order the extra copies directly from dieUmweltDruckerei, and also cover the remaining costs of shipment.

One copy costs €2.95 excluding taxes and shipment costs which will be added on top of that sum. For details, please contact dieUmweltDruckerei directly; its contact information, including e-mail addresses and phone numbers, is available in the PDF document.


The shipping process is due to start on December 8, 2012, and will also be handled by dieUmweltDruckerei. For exact costs of shipping parcels to your location and other information that you might find of importance, please contact dieUmweltDruckerei.