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This is the planning page for the Central Notice campaign for Wiki Loves Monuments 2012.


The banners in this campaign will be specifically calling people to participate in the contest in their country. While they can also participate in other countries, they will be directed to their own country website to keep it simple. Each country website should have a summary in English and a link to the international website which will contain in its turn a link to all English summary pages of the national contests. The links to these pages are collected here.

The campaign will be especially targeted to anonymous users, so that the awareness goal of this contest is reached best. Allowing non-contributers to participate through the simplified upload wizard is one of the strengths of this competition.

When & Where[edit]

The banners will run during the Wiki Loves Monuments contest. In most countries this will be 1 - 30 September 2012. When necessary, the first days may be used for testing in specific countries or sampled (show to 1 in n users). In a few countries, an alternative period will be used (like in Israel, which uses the Hebrew month system) but the banner usage will be limited to one month at most. When conflicting with other campaigns, appropriate measures will be taken of course.

The banners will only be shown in the participating countries.


The banner in each country will be translated in as many languages as possible and relevant to that country, but at least in English and the primary language(s) of that country. For example, in Belgium the banner would have to be at least available in English, Dutch and French. More languages will be added as available.

Technical implementation[edit]

The whole campaign is build with two (translated) templates:

The implementing sysop must remember not to enabled the campaign in languages there's no translation for (visible from the banner page, "preview all languages", among other places).


# Country ISO code URL address
1 Andorra ad
2 Argentina ar
3 Austria at
4 Belarus by
5 Belgium be
6 Canada ca
7 Chile cl
8 Colombia co
9 Czech Republic cz
10 Denmark dk
11 Estonia ee
12 France fr
13 Germany de
14 Ghana gh
15 India in
16 Israel il
17 Italy it
18 Kenya ke
19 Liechtenstein li
20 Luxembourg lu
21 Mexico mx
22 Netherlands nl
23 Norway no ?
24 Panama pa
25 Philippines ph
26 Poland pl
27 Romania ro
28 Russia ru
29 Serbia rs
30 Slovakia sk
31 South Africa za
32 Spain es
33 Sweden se
34 Switzerland ch
35 Ukraine ua
36 United States us


The banner will contain one or two sentences, the Wiki Loves Monuments logo. The banner will call to participate in Wiki Loves Monuments, upload images for use on Wikipedia and win a nice prize (the exact combination and wording depends on the language). We offer at least one default banner and might offer more than one (for example one about a certain record) and is up to the local team to decide which one to put on.

Main banner[edit]

Language Location ISO code Text Status
English Canada, India, Kenya, Philippines, South Africa, also international en Wiki Loves Monuments: Photograph a monument, help Wikipedia and win! OK
Afrikaans South Africa af Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografeer 'n monument vir Wikipedia en wen! OK
Belarusian (normative) Belarus be Wiki Loves Monuments: сфатаграфуй славутасці, дапамажы Вікіпедыі і выйграй! OK
Belarusian (Taraškievica) Belarus be-tarask Wiki Loves Monuments: сфатаграфуй славутасьці, дапамажы Вікіпэдыі і выйграй! OK
Breton France br Wiki Loves Monuments : Monumantoù istorel, fotoioù ha prizioù ! OK
Catalan Andorra, Catalonia ca Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografia un monument, ajuda la Viquipèdia i guanya! OK
Czech Czech Republic cs Wiki miluje památky: Vyfotografujte památku, pomozte Wikipedii a vyhrajte! OK
Danish Denmark da Wiki elsker monumenter. Tag et billede af et monument, hjælp Wikipedia og vind! OK
German Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland de Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografiere ein Denkmal, hilf der Wikipedia und gewinne! OK
Lower Sorbian Germany dsb Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografěruj pomnik, pomóž Wikipediji a dobydni! OK
American English United States en-us Wiki Loves Monuments: Historic sites, photos, and prizes! OK
Esperanto eo Wiki ŝatas monumentojn: fotu monumenton, helpu Vikipedion kaj gajnu! OK
Spanish Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Spain es Wiki Loves Monuments: ¡Fotografía un monumento, ayuda a Wikipedia y gana! OK
Estonian Estonia et Wiki Loves Monuments: Pildista Vikipeedia jaoks kultuurimälestist ja võida! OK
French Belgium, Canada, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland fr Wiki Loves Monuments : photographiez un monument historique, aidez Wikipédia et gagnez ! OK
Scottish Gaelic United Kingdom gd Tha gaol aig Wiki air carraghan-cuimhne: Tog dealbh de charragh-cuimhne, cuidich an Uicipeid is buannaich!
Galician Spain (Galicia) gl Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografía un monumento, axuda a Wikipedia e gaña! OK
Hebrew Israel he תחרות ויקיפדיה אוהבת אתרי מורשת: צלמו תמונה של אתר מורשת, עזרו לוויקיפדיה, ותוכלו לזכות ב-5,000 ש"ח OK
Hindi India hi विकी स्मारकों से करता है प्रेम: किसी एक स्मराक्की तस्वीर खिचिए. विकिपेडिया की सहायता कीजिये और जीतिए ! OK
Upper Sorbian Germany hsb Wiki Loves Monuments: Sfotografuj pomnik, pomhaj Wikipediji a dobudź! OK
Italian Italy, Switzerland it Wiki Loves Monuments: fotografa un monumento, aiuta Wikipedia e vinci! OK
Luxembourgish Luxembourg lb Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotograféiert e klasséiert Monument, hëlleft Wikipedia a gewannt! OK
Malayalam India ml വിക്കി സ്മാരകങ്ങളെ സ്നേഹിക്കുന്നു: സ്മാരകങ്ങളുടെ ചിത്രമെടുക്കൂ, വിക്കിപീഡിയയെ സഹായിക്കുന്നതിനോടൊപ്പം സമ്മാനങ്ങളും നേടൂ! OK
Dutch Netherlands, Belgium nl Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografeer een monument voor Wikipedia en win! OK
Norwegian (Bokmål?) Norway no Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografer et kulturminne for Wikipedia og vinn! OK
Norwegian (Nynorsk) Norway nn Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografer eit kulturminne, hjelp Wikipedia og vinn! OK
Northen Sotho (Sepedi) South Afrika nso Wiki Loves Monuments: Swantšha monumente, thuša Wikipedia o ka thopa sefoka!! OK
Polish Poland pl Wiki Lubi Zabytki – zrób zdjęcie dla Wikipedii i weź udział w konkursie! OK
Romanian Romania ro Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografiați un monument, ajutați Wikipedia și câștigați! OK
Russian Belarus, Russia, Ukraine ru Wiki Loves Monuments:Сфотографируй памятник, помоги Википедии и выиграй! OK
Slovak Slovakia sk Wiki miluje pamiatky: Vyfoťte pamiatku, pomôžte Wikipédii a vyhrajte!
Serbian Serbia sr Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografiši kulturna dobra, pomozi Vikipediji i pobedi! OK
Swedish Sweden sv Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografera ett minnesmärke, hjälp Wikipedia och vinn! OK
Swahili Kenya sw Wiki Loves Monuments: Piga picha mnara, saidia Wikipedia na ushinde! OK
Silesian Poland szl Wiki Pszaje Zabytkom: Kńipśńij jaki dynkmal, dej hilfa Wikipedyji a wygrej! OK
Tamil India ta விக்கி நினைவுச் சின்னங்களை விரும்புகிறது: நினைவுச்சின்னம் ஒன்றை படம் எடுத்து விக்கிப்பீடியாவுக்கு உதவுங்கள். வெல்லுங்கள்! OK
Telugu India te Wiki Loves Monuments : ఒక కట్టడాన్ని ఫోటో తీయండి, వికీపీడియాకి తోడ్పడండి ఇంకా బహుమతులు గెలుచుకోండి! OK
Tagalog Philippines tl Wiki Loves Monuments: Kumuha ng larawan ng bantayog, tulungan ang Wikipedia, at manalo! OK
Tswana (Setswana) South Africa tn Wiki Loves Monuments: Tsaya ditshwantsho tsa sefikantswe, thusa Wikipedia mme o falole! OK
Ukrainian Ukraine uk Вікі любить пам'ятки – сфотографуй пам'ятку для Вікіпедії і виграй у конкурсі! OK

Record banner[edit]

Language Location ISO code Text Status
English Canada, India, Kenya, Philippines, South Africa, United States, also international en Participate in the world's largest photo competition and help improve Wikipedia! OK
Afrikaans South Africa af [MISSING]
Belarusian (normative) Belarus be Вазьміце ўдзел у найбуйнейшым фотаконкурсе ў свеце і дапамажыце палепшыць Вікіпедыю! OK
Belarusian (Taraškievica) Belarus be-tarask Вазьміце ўдзел у найбуйнейшым фотаконкурсе ў сьвеце і дапамажыце палепшыць Вікіпэдыю! OK
Breton France br [MISSING]
Catalan Andorra, Catalonia ca Participeu en el concurs de fotos més gran del món i ajudeu a millorar la Viquipèdia! OK
Czech Czech Republic cs Zapojte se do největší světové fotografické soutěže a přispějte ke zlepšení Wikipedie! OK
Danish Denmark da Deltag i verdens største fotokonkurrence og gør Wikipedia bedre! OK
German Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland de Nimm am größten Foto-Wettbewerb der Welt teil und unterstütze Wikipedia! OK
Lower Sorbian Germany dsb Wobźěl se na nejwětšem fotowuběźowanju swěta a pomóž Wikipediju pólěpšyś! OK
Esperanto eo Partoprenu la plej grandan foto-konkurson de la mondo kaj helpu plibonigi Vikipedion! OK
Spanish Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Spain es ¡Participa del mayor concurso de fotografía del mundo y ayuda a mejorar Wikipedia! OK
Estonian Estonia et Osale maailma suurimal fotovõistlusel ja täienda Vikipeediat! OK
French Belgium, Canada, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland fr Rejoignez le plus grand concours photo au monde et participez à l'amélioration de Wikipédia! OK
Scottish Gaelic United Kingdom gd Gabh pàirt sa cho-fharpais dhealbhan as motha san t-saoghal is cuidich leinn a' cur piseach air an Uicipeid! OK
Galician Spain (Galicia) gl [MISSING]
Hebrew Israel he בואו להשתתף בתחרות הצילום הגדולה בעולם ולעזור לשפר את ויקיפדיה OK
Hindi India hi विश्वकी सबसे बड़ी तस्वीर प्रतियोगिता में हिस्सा लीजिये और विकिपीडियाके सुधारमें सहायता कीजिये . OK
Upper Sorbian Germany hsb Wobdźěl so na najwjetšim fotowubědźowanju swěta a pomhaj Wikipediju polěpšić! OK
Italian Italy, Switzerland it Partecipa al più grande concorso fotografico del mondo e aiutaci a migliorare Wikipedia! OK
Luxembourgish Luxembourg lb Maacht mat beim gréisste Fotosconcours vun der Welt an hëlleft mat Äre Biller d'Wikipedia z'illustréieren! OK
Malayalam India ml ലോകത്തിലെ ഏറ്റവും വലിയ ഫോട്ടോ മത്സരത്തിൽ പങ്കെടുക്കൂ, വിക്കിപീഡിയയെ സഹായിക്കൂ. OK
Dutch Netherlands, Belgium nl Neem deel aan 's werelds grootste fotocompetitie en help Wikipedia te verbeteren! OK
Norwegian (Bokmål?) Norway no Delta i verdens største fotokonkurranse og bidra til å forbedre Wikipedia! OK
Norwegian (Nynorsk) Norway nn Ta del i verdas største fototevling og ver med og gjer Wikipedia betre! OK
Northen Sotho (Sepedi) South Afrika nso [MISSING]
Polish Poland pl Weź udział w największym konkursie fotograficznym i pomóż w rozwoju Wikipedii! OK
Romanian Romania ro Luați parte la cea mai mare competiție foto din lume și ajutați Wikipedia! OK
Russian Belarus, Russia, Ukraine ru Примите участие в крупнейшем в мире фото-соревновании и помогите улучшить Википедию! OK
Serbian Serbia sr Učestvuj u najvećem svetskom foto-konkursu i doprinesi Vikipediji! OK
Swedish Sweden sv Var med i världens största fototävling och hjälp till att förbättra Wikipedia. OK
Swahili Kenya sw Shiriki katika shindano kubwa la picha kushinda yote duniani usaidie kuboresha Wikipedia! OK
Silesian Poland szl [MISSING]
Tamil India ta உலகின் மிகப்பெரிய புகைப்பட போட்டியில் கலந்து கொள்ளுங்கள், விக்கிப்பீடியாவை மேம்படுத்த உதவுங்கள்! OK
Telugu India te ప్రపంచంలో అతిపెద్దదైన ఛాయాచిత్రపోటీలో పాల్గొనండి. వికీపీడియాని అభివృద్దికి తోడ్పడండి OK
Tagalog Philippines tl Makilahok sa pinakamalaking paligsahang potograpiko sa mundo at tulungang pagbutihan ang Wikipedia! OK
Tswana (Setswana) South Africa tn [MISSING]
Ukrainian Ukraine uk Візьміть участь у найбільшому світовому фотоконкурсі - внесіть свою лепту до Вікіпедії OK