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This page contains e-mail addresses and other methods of communication with the people behind Wiki Loves Monuments 2012. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, issues or problems related to WLM 2012; we'll here to help!

International team[edit]

  1. Right now, the international mailing list is the best method for asking questions and getting information on the project.
  2. When having specific questions about the project, you might want to directly contact members of the international team;
  3. Many people involved in Wiki Loves Monuments are on-line in the IRC channel #wikilovesmonuments on Freenode.
  4. If you want to privately contact the international team for Wiki Loves Monuments 2012, please write an e-mail to

Local teams[edit]

There are also several methods to directly contact the local organising teams:

Country/region Wikimedia organisation On-wiki leader E-mail Twitter/Facebook/Flickr Other channels
International The international WLM team @wikimonuments Twitter, WikiLovesMonuments Facebook irc: #wikilovesmonuments on Freenode
Andorra & Catalan areas Amical Viquipèdia Kippelboy, Vriullop Flickr, Panoramio
Argentina Wikimedia Argentina Galio
Austria Wikimedia Österreich Regiomontanus
Belarus Wikimedia BY org. committee User:Wizardist
Belgium & Luxembourg users of fr-wiki and nl-wiki and others, the future Wikimedia Belgium Romaine or @wikimonumentsBE Twitter, Wiki-Loves-Monuments-BelgiumLuxembourg Facebook Chat: webbased version + mailinglist
Canada Wikimedia Canada Benoit Rochon Twitter, Facebook
Chile Wikimedia Chile B1mbo, Zuirdj Twitter - Facebook
Colombia Wikimedia Colombia Racso -
Czech Republic Wikimedia Czech Republic Limojoe, Aktron FB:WMCZ
Denmark Wikimedia Danmark Palnatoke / MGA73)
Estonia Wikimedia Eesti Adeliine facebook
France Wikimedia France Jean-Frédéric @WLM_Fr & FB
Germany Wikimedia Deutschland
Ghana Wikimedia Ghana
India Wikimedia India Karthik, Naveen
Italy Wikimedia Italia Caramellamenta

Facebook, Twitter, G+

National coordination wiki
Luxembourg See Belgium
Netherlands Wikimedia Nederland Els Arends & CyrielB

Wiki Loves Monuments NL page on Facebook
and WLM Nederland on Twitter

IRC: #wikimedia-nl
Panama Ayaita

Wiki Loves Monuments Panama page on Facebook
and WLM Panama on Twitter Flickr Group

Philippines Wikimedia Philippines Roel Balingit
Poland Wikimedia Polska Hanka Nowicka
Romania Strainu
Serbia Bebauautu
South Africa Wikimedia South Africa MADe, LouriePieterse
Spain Wikimedia España Millars / Platonides Facebook, Twitter, Flickr IRC Freenode: #wikimedia-ayuda
Sweden Wikimedia Sverige ArildV
Switzerland Wikimedia Switzerland Ilario /Chantal Ebongué
Ukraine Wikimedia Ukraine Jbuket, Perohanych, A1, NickK, Ksenz
United States Wikimedia US regions Smallbones

Getting a local OTRS queue[edit]

There are already some e-mail addresses and OTRS queues for Wiki Loves Monuments. These addresses can be put on our websites so that people can easily get in touch with us. You can ask Raymond to set up a wlm-<countrycode> queue for you.

It's even possible to have e-mail sent to an external info@<your domain> address end up in your OTRS queue; for example can end up in the wlm::wlm-nl queue. If you want that, you need to add an MX record to your local Wiki Loves Monuments domain:  3600    IN      MX      40  3600    IN      MX      10

As soon as you have the record added to your domain, please contact Raymond to set up the OTRS part.

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