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This page describes the communication strategy of Wiki Loves Monuments 2012.


The aims of the communication strategy are:

  1. To make more people aware of what free licences are all about;
  2. To make people aware that they can actually add content to Wikimedia projects.
  3. Assure the outreach of Wiki Loves Monuments beyond the boundaries of the typical active Wikipedian / Wikimedian
  4. Enlarging the community sourcing for possible complete coverage of all listed monuments by photographs
  5. Strengthen the reception of WLM as important platform for cultural heritage perception

Also see general philosophy


The assumptions we make in the communication strategy are:

  1. Most of the contest is done on regional level, hence press work should be regional / local as well
  2. A lot of the thrill to participate in the contest is due to the glamour of the international level, hence the international WLM contest should be as glamourous as possible
  3. The lower the barriers to participate the more people will actually participate



Empowerment of the national volunteers to do their regional press work by: (serving aims: 1,2,4 & 6)

  • assist, that the volunteers and assigned employees in the participating chapters do know where to find the channels for distribution through questions like: Could you collaborate with the regional cultural heritage office using their press office; Identify the persons in print and other media that show interest in heritage, culture, local news or media; set up a PR-timeline
  • provide digital information pamphlets on the upload procedure, the rules, the stages of the contest in easy language both for print and online (example: Wiki loves Monuments Fotobewerb, German Info pamphlet)
  • providing a template easy to fill in with local information to be used as local press release
  • providing factsheet on WLM international (35+ countries participating, facts from 2011, who are the partners, who is the jury, prizes, rules …)
  • providing Q&A to answer questions we imagine press and participants may have.
  • Social Media:
    • Create a WLM Facebook page and a WLM Twitter feed. Use these two media to broadcast activities and updates, always trying to link back to your national website/blog (e.g. or similar). You can link to recent blog posts there, or events, or updates. But keep in mind You should have the ressources to keep it regularly updated.
    • Follow and like other WLM pages on Twitter and Facebook. Follow and like other photographer, history, cultural outlets on Twitter and Facebook. Create dialog and have conversations with them.
    • Communicate with your followers/fans by sending regular updates. WLM Facebook page is a great exemplar of how one could do this. WLM Philippines also has an active page, for a good sense of how a national group is working.
    • Consider what you will Tweet/post to FB during the contest. Consider doing
    • Search for influential Twitter/Facebook photographers and photographer groups in your country and start talking with them about the contest (example list: Get them excited to either promote the contest or participate themselves. Encourage them to upload some of their photos of monuments to Commons in September under a free license.
    • Consider starting WLM Pinterest account, Instagram page, a Tumblr blog and Google+ page.
    • Create a Wikilovesmonuments-XX Flickr group (useful for those who are not as comfortable with Commons uploads, see NL group for example).
    • Explore popular Flickr Groups and localized Flickr Groups in your country and try to encourage WLM events through those groups. Many Flickr Groups organize photo walks, see if the groups around you would do a special WLM event.


Making WLM even more glamorous than it is all ready by: (serving aims 2,3 & 5)

  • be as prominent as possible on the Wikimedia Chapter Sites (compare: fundraising campaign in autumn) of those chapters participating
  • assign international media partners such as Metro, flickr … to cover further target groups (focus on photography, heritage and monument magazines, online publications and newsgroups nationally)
  • obtaining selected partners such as World Monuments Fund, UNESCO World Heritage, Europa Nostra, INTO …including sponsors and make sure that they will communicate their partnership with WLM as well through their channels (for example: Having an interactive WLM-banner ready to implement on the partners websites)
  • assembling a prominent jury with a good part of professional photographers, that might be willing to communicate WLM via their channels too - providing all jury members with links to their institution or site
  • striving for the approval of the Guinness record as the world’s largest photo contest
  • communicate in press releases the actual achievements (like international Jury is assigned; the contests starts with so and so many countries, the Guinness record is approved ….) to international news agencies and the selected media (list will follow)
  • provide press releases and press echo on our website for information and download, blogpost important articles
  • propose to contract clipping agency for press impact documentation
  • provide one central person to be contacted for further information such as interviews with organizers, community members (?), finalists, winners …, about WLM and about Wikimedia in general
  • in addition to general press outreach, focus outreach to photo editors at selected media outlets


(to be completed)

Month Day Action Distribution channel Responsible
06 30 template for local press release wlm mailing list
07 30 WLM international info sheet technical in X languages download on WLM.ORG
08 1 WLM fact sheet in General in different languages and single layout wlm mailing list / download on WLM.ORG
08 15 press relase: Partner on board press distribution list & WLM Mailing list
08 15 having the WLM banner on all WP editions related to the Chapters participating in WLM Wikimedia sites
08 27 press release: contest starts in xx countries press distribution list & WLM Mailing list
09 1 collecting press coverage through google alert and upload the links to WLM site WLM:ORG
09 10 press release: Guinness record achieved press distribution list & WLM Mailing list
10 20 press release: the finalists press distribution list & WLM Mailing list