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This page describes how the readers and users of the Wikimedia projects should be directed to the lists of monuments in their respective countries.


The CentralNotice banners are configured so that only visitors from one of the participating countries will see them on top of every Wikimedia page they access. They are set on a per-language and per-country basis—so that visitors will see a banner with a link to the external website of their country in the language of their preference.

For example, visitors from Germany will see a banner linking to the external site of Germany in the language of their choice—which in most of the cases in this example will be German, but if there are visitors using another language in their computer settings, the language of the banner will be automatically set to that (for instance, French, German or Lower Sorbian). If there is no translation to the language of the user, the banners will automatically be displayed in English.

External website[edit]

Here's the most tricky part. When the user is directed to the external website of their country, he needs to receive all the information that are needed to take part in the competition. These include:

  1. an explanation of the rules;
  2. an explanation on where to find the numbers of the monuments;
  3. an explanation on how to create an account on a local Wikipedia or on Commons;
  4. a link to the UploadWizard of their country (or the information that one can find upload links in the lists of monuments, see Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2012/Upload campaign link for more information).

In order to allow people who do not speak the default language (or languages) of the country, every external website should also contain a short English summary of the contest, the rules and the other information mentioned above. This way we would be able to involve tourists who visit the participating country, and maybe even convince them to stay with Wikimedia for longer.

Wikipedia page[edit]

In most of the countries, users who visit the external website will be directed to a Wikipedia page which contains the lists of monuments divided on an administrative basis (into provinces, counties, etc.). Please make sure that these pages are in place when leading people to them; not doing so might create too much confusion, and lead people to resign from participating in the competition.

You can include the information on how to create an account on the top of this page (or in a sidebar or any other place you choose); it also helps to have the UploadCampaign links included in the lists, so people can clearly see which monuments miss photos. Please try to pass as many information as possible through the upload link; the less information the participants will need to type in manually, the bigger possibility that they will move on with the UploadCampaign.


The actual part of the interaction between the user and the MediaWiki software is the UploadWizard, which is modified by our UploadCampaigns. The UploadCampaigns will be turned on manually on September 1 (local time) by a group of helpful volunteers, so please take the time to check and re-check the settings of the campaign(s) for your country before September 1 in your location.

The default licence should be CC-BY-SA 3.0 localised for your country. If there is no localised version mentioned, please have a look at the Creative Commons website too see if it's available for your country; if not, you'll need to use the Unported version of the licence.

You will also need to localise several settings of the UploadCampaign for your country. Each country uses different messages for the header of the UploadCampaign, and different templates to mark pictures of their monuments on Commons (this does not include {{Wiki Loves Monuments 2012}} template which is added by default) as well as different names for the objects.

The easiest way to do so is to have a look at the UploadCampaigns used in other countries; the complete is available at Special:UploadCampaigns. If you are not able to view this page, please contact the mailing list or directly the international team and we'll grant you the required user rights.

If you're having trouble with the settings, or if there is something unclear for you, you can get help on the mailing list ( or (in real time) on the IRC channel #wikilovesmonuments on Freenode.