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Wikipedians Launch World’s Largest Photo Contest

Participants from 33 countries uploading hundreds of thousands of images under free license for use on Wikipedia as part of Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 photo contest

San Francisco -- September 11, 2012 -- Wikipedians around the world are participating in the world’s largest photo contest by number of uploads: Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) 2012. The contest runs from September 1st through 30th and many of the photos will appear in Wikipedia, the world’s largest encyclopedia. As with all images on Wikimedia sites, they are freely licensed and available for anyone to download from Wikipedia’s image database, Wikimedia Commons (

In conjunction with the contest this year, the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit that operates Wikipedia, has developed a free Wiki Loves Monuments mobile application for Android smartphones, available in the Google app store. With this app, Wikipedians for the first time are able to upload photos to Wikimedia sites through their mobile devices. Try the app here:

“Wiki Loves Monuments is an important way for volunteers around the world to showcase the cultural heritage in their countries and share these images with everyone through Wikipedia,” said Lodewijk Gelauff, an organizer of the international contest.

Volunteer Wikipedians organize the contest in each country, with the winning photos from national contests considered by an international jury in November. The international jury will announce the top-ten international photos and the overall best picture winner in early December. The grand prize winner will be flown to Hong Kong for a photo tour as part of the Wikimania 2013 conference.

“By uploading your photos you are sharing our national heritage with everybody in America and in the rest of the world,” said Peter Ekman, national coordinator for the U.S. part of the contest. “The photos will be free to use, and free of cost, forever.”

WLM 2012 builds on the success of last year’s contest, where 5,000 photographers from 18 European countries uploaded more than 168,000 photos. Already in the first 10 days more than 5,000 participants in 33 countries have uploaded more than 80,000 photos.

  • One Spanish contributor has more than 5000 uploads already
  • India leads with most contributors by country with over 1,000
  • September 9th was the busiest day so far with over 10,000 uploads

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Media contacts for international contest: Lodewijk Gelauff and Barbara Fischer

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Media contact for US: Peter Ekman

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Media contact at Wikimedia Foundation: Matthew Roth

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