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These are notes from a Skype meeting held between Lodewijk (Effeietsanders), Maarten (Multichill), Elke (Elya) and Tomasz (odder) on Sunday, 18 March 2012, 19:00—20:20 (UTC).

Topics discussed[edit]

Technical issues[edit]

  • The OSM-based map does not always work, we don't know yet why this happens. The map is critically important for the success of WLM, so Maarten will keep an eye on this very closely in the future & try to fix that.
  • UploadWizard:
    • There has been some activity in the past week; one of the most most important feature requests was implemented by Jeroen — it's on Wikimedia Labs, but not yet on Commons.
    • AP Elke: Get in touch with Erik Moeller about the UploadWizard, see what the Foundation can help us with this year.
  • Maarten requested a better documentation on the monuments database; it's quite complicated, so Tomasz, Maarten and Elke will try to work on this together in the coming week.
  • Maarten also referred to his e-mail on the mailing list and described what's been done in the past week by him and Elke (translations, toolbox, etc.).
    • We should try to serve content dynamically instead of statically. Lodewijk & Tomasz will be used as guinea pigs.


  • Tomasz has published a welcoming e-mail template, awaiting opinions and ideas.
  • Tomasz and Lodewijk are creating the March activity report, should be done on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.
  • We should start firing up the blog soon, any ideas for some posts?
    • AP Elke: Publish a blog post about the Layar application, possibly with a video.
    • We might publish a post about another topic (Maarten will forward the press release).
  • AP Maarten: Get the tickets for heritage awards in Portugal.
  • Do we have a clear overview of "all the ways you can expect help"?
    • This includes: giving brainstorming workshops, setting up e-mail list, helping with website, UploadWizard, getting in touch with the right people in Europe, helping with a trademark agreement, but not community involvement and finding prizes.
      • AP Tomasz: Add a question about that to the FAQ.
  • Shouldn't we schedule IRC office hours, just like the Foundation?
    • AP Maarten: Consult the list about that.

Participating countries[edit]

  • State of Wiki Loves Monuments in Japan and Hong Kong (question from Aude):
    • Tomoaki was interested in running the contest in Japan, not sure about Hong Kong; we'll going to wait and see how the situation evolves.
  • USA:
    • Maarten is in touch with some people. It seems to be tough to get enough people to pull the whole concept. We'll monitor the situation.
  • Armenia seems willing to participate, what do we do?
    • AP Tomasz: Send Beko a message on talk page.
  • India:
    • India only have a few thousands of monuments on the national level in the whole country. They have a foundation that track more monuments on regional levels. Maarten did get in touch with Europa Nostra about it.
    • AP Maarten: Contact the other WMF (World Monument Fund) :-)
  • Other countries:
    • Cambodia: Lodewijk was in touch with a Wikimedian willing to organise WLM in Cambodia.
    • Austria is already very active, we should keep an eye on them — might be a good mentor country for the joining ones.
    • The Philippines is quite active, they have a promotional event soon. Tomasz is in touch with Roel.
    • Latino Mundo: What about workshops during the Iberoconf? Still being discussed, language and amount of money is problematic.

Other issues[edit]

  • Update? How to help countries this year most effectively to find local partners?
    • AP Tomasz: Write some documentation on how to approach local partners (hint: remember the Etherpad you wrote for the Czechs, have a look at the guide to content partnerships).
  • Trademarks:
    • If we have countries without a chapter they need to get a trademark agreement with the WMF for using the Wikimedia logo.
    • We will be waiting for the situation to evolve.

Action points[edit]

  1. ✓ Done AP Tomasz and Lodewijk: Write a summary of what we have been doing so far, Maarten will make a peer review;
  2. ✓ Done AP Maarten: Submit a panel and presentation submission for Wikimania with Tomasz as a co-host;
  3. (Moved to next meeting.) AP Tomasz: Split off the documentation on monuments database;
  4. ✓ Done AP Tomasz: Set up a Doodle for next meeting;
  5. (Moved to next meeting.) AP Elke: Figure out the Guiness Book of Records;
  6. ✓ Done AP Elke: Talk with Nicole about a room for a Monday meeting with an employee;
  7. ✓ Done AP Elke: Take care of the map (update & think of another design; Lodewijk says it's sad to have that many grey countries);
  8. (Moved to next meeting.) AP Lodewijk: Send out an e-mail about a volunteer or an employee willing to take the lead on the budget of WLM;
  9. ✓ Done AP Maarten: Poke Wikimedia France about ther involvement in the budget;
    Our contact: Sylvain. Board victim is Christophe Henner (Schiste).
  10. ✓ Done AP Tomasz: Add all the 25 countries to the progress table;
  11. ✓ Done AP Tomasz: Contact Beko about WLM in Armenia;
  12. ✓ Done AP Tomasz: Move the notes from this meeting to Wikimedia Commons;
  13. (Moved to next meeting.) AP Maarten: Contact the other WMF :-))
  14. (Moved to next meeting.) AP Tomasz: Create a documentation page with videos from last year on Wikimedia Commons;
  15. ✓ Done AP Elke: Publish a blog post about the Layar application;
  16.  Not done AP Maarten: Forward the press release as soon as you get it;
    Maarten didn't get the press release, so couldn't have forwarded it to us.
  17. (Moved to next meeting.) AP Maarten: Get the tickets for heritage awards in Portugal;
  18. ✓ Done AP Elke: Get in touch with Erik Moeller about the UploadWizard;
  19. ✓ Done AP Tomasz: Add "How can we help you" to the FAQ;
  20. (Moved to next meeting.) AP Maarten: Schedule office hours, write an e-mail to the mailing list, set up a page for questions;
  21. (Moved to next meeting.) AP Tomasz: Write some documentation on how to approach local partners;