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As part of Wiki Loves Monuments, all local teams distinguished a top-N pictures (generally 10), that would serve at the basis for the international contest − see Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2012_winners.

Several countries also orgnised:

  • Prize for the user who illustrated the most monuments: France, Poland, Serbia, etc. (Please expand!)
  • Prize of the public: Germany, Philippines, (…)

Some countries also organised special prizes.

Best photo of a monument used as a home (in partnership with a thematic magazine)
Selected 1 picture per day as Picture of the day (this selection was more based on originality and diversity than quality or Wow)
Largest amount of unique monuments photographed (quantity)
The best sculpted gate (in partnership with a learned society)
Jury's favorite
Seven special prizes (Please expand)
the Netherlands
Largest amount of unique monuments photographed (quantity)
Best photo series (5-15 photos per series, self-identified)
Best photo in Gouda (city)
Best Android App Entry
Best Unique Monument
Special local prizes for the best photo in Catalonia & in the province of Girona
Three categories: Archaeological sites and monuments, Buildings and Ships.
Special prize for best photo series of one monument.

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