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You can create an Upload campaign link from your monument template directly to one of the upload campaigns here at Commons. Several fields will be filled out.


The fields that can be passed to the upload campaigns

  • campaign - The name of the Upload Campaign
  • id - The id field. This is for upload campaigns where it is possible to pass an id of for example a monument
  • descriptionlang - Language of the description.
  • description - The description to be used for the image
  • lat - Latitude of the image
  • lon - Longitude of the image
  • categories - categories of the image

Create the template[edit]

First you need to create the template in your language Wikipedia. Easiest is to copy the contents of the English template. Modify the template to suit your needs.

Use the template[edit]

Once you have the link template you need to add it to your row template. Some examples:

List of templates[edit]

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