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Items Sub-items Amount
(in Indian Rupees)
Event launch Event launch 20,000
Promotions/Exhibit/Miscellaneous expenses 51,000
Posters and other printed materials 15,000
Transportation 3,000
Courier 3,000
Project planning and incidentals 30,000
Prizes and Trophies 85,000
First Prize 20,000
Second Prize 15,000
Third Prize 10,000
4th and 5th Prize 10,000 (5,000 each)
6th to 10th Prize 15,000 (3,000 each)
Trophies 15,000
Judging period and Awarding Event 50,000
Venue rental 20,000
Audio/lighting equipment 5,000
Snacks and beverages 15,000
Misc 10,000
Grand Total 2,06,000


  • WMIN approved 85000INR for prizes, as none other expenses were incurred on the way.