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Wiki Loves Monuments was a photo competition/scavenger hunt that took place throughout the Netherlands between September 1 and September 30, 2010. In 2011 the photo contest drew 172,305 entries from over 5,000 participants in 18 European countries which is now global in 2012. The contest gives everyone the opportunity to discover and showcase our country’s rich heritage at the same time get a chance to win prizes and compete with the world’s best in the International Round of the competition. Anyone who has a digital camera (including cellphone or tablet cameras) can participate in the world’s largest photo contest. With hundreds of sites listed and scattered all over the country, all it takes is to capture images and upload it at the event website.


  • List of monuments to be acquired from the Ministry of national heritage. ✓ Done
  • Setting up a task force to follow up on various items as set out below.
  • Wiki-Website
  • Look for sponsors
  • Media and PR
  • Launch of event
  • Awards Gala

Rules and regulations[edit]

  • This will be open to the public.
  • Competitors must be registered online to be eligible to compete
  • Teams should be a minimum of one and a maximum of three persons
  • All pictures submitted should be taken during the competition
  • You should not make persons on the street the focus of your photographs, without their permission. If someone is in the background, or part of a crowd, or happens to be standing in front of a building in an inconspicuous way, it’s OK.
  • The entrant(s) must be in a position to release the image under a CC license to be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and released under a compatible Creative Commons or Public Domain license.
  • Respect the police/authority: if the police or someone in authority asks you to stop taking pictures, stop.

How to participate[edit]

What is needed[edit]

  • Volunteers
  • Help for prizes; usually these are sponsored by local parties or cultural partners.
  • Help for organizing wikiloves your town since the monuments are distributed across the country.

Sponsors and partner organizations[edit]

    • Get companies, trying to get sponsorships, and promotion of the event.
Social networks (reviving our facebook page for Wikipedia Takes Nairobi) - Twitter.

Get involved![edit]

Please add your username, what you'd like to help with, and if you're able to plan events in your area.

  1. stephenWanjau Talk to Me. Email Me.
  2. LIMOKE Oscar
  3. Kenyan105
  4. Kelly.leshan
  5. lordmwesh[1]
  6. Dennis Munene
  7. MicheChaz Talk to Me.Email Me. User: - available to help with anything in Nairobi. Yes I can plan events in my area.
  8. Krunal Patel - available to help with anything.
  9. User: images of western and pokot.
  10. Kamargiddie - ELDORET
  11. Nyeri Online - Monuments in Mount Kenya Region.
  12. - NAIROBI-manuments in and around nairobi city and VOLUNTEER.
  13. Julius Mokaya - - available to help with anything in Nairobi.
  14. - list photographs required
  15. Xelawafs (talk) 06:57, 12 September 2012 (UTC)
  16. Kennedy Nyaga a camera nairobi and me.
  17. Arif Baradia - volunteer

pkithome-anything to do with travel around the country

Wiki Loves Monuments 2012

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