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In 2012, the UK will not participate in Wiki Loves Monuments, a photography contest and crowdsourcing event in which participants photograph and upload images of national historic sites and places to Wikimedia Commons. These images can be used on Wikipedia and beyond freely.

For more information on the WLM in the countries of the United Kingdom, please see the notes taken at the WLM UK brainstorm held on 19th February.

However 35 nations did participate in 2012, and UK residents who have photographs from any of those natons can participate if they have appropriate pictures.

Steering group[edit]

A steering group for WLM in the UK was formed, consisting of:


  • The UK is at a different stage in terms of coverage. The Geograph uploads give us far more photos than similar parts of the world, and as a result we probably already have images of a large proportion of monuments. Add to that our diversity of monuments databases and you have a complex scenario which doesn't lead itself to easy building of target databases. However we could do a "fill in the gaps" competition:

We don't build elaborate tables, we merely announce the competition, create some hidden categories for entrants and a list of things that would qualify as a monument in the UK. Anyone who wants to enter can just upload an image in September and add the relevant hidden category to their image. We could create a list of databases that contain prospects.

eg category:Wiki Loves monuments 2012 - UK monument not previously on Commons

Categories that I would propose would include:

Best image of a listed building or Ancient monument not on Commons at 00.00 1/9/2012. This is for images of listed buildings and monuments in the UK where Commons did not have an image in August 2012.

Best image where we already had an image, as above.

Other prizes at the judges discretion

Then we recruit some judges and come up with some awards - I would suggest an engraved glass cup would be the most appropriate award. Plus Barnstars for special mention and userboxen for everyone who participates. WereSpielChequers (talk) 20:52, 9 May 2012 (UTC)

Get involved![edit]

Please add your username, what you'd like to help with, and if you're able to plan events in your area.


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