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"Wiki Loves Monuments" - Looking into the Future[edit]

Catalan Wikipedians during Wikipedia Takes Andorra
Torre Herveo, Colombia
Wikimania Haifa, Aug. 2011
Cross near the Bran castle, Romania
Wikiloves monuments panel participants, Wikimania 2012
Moscow Oblast', Marfino Estate
Photowalk Wiki Loves Monuments México

Over the past 3 years, the Wiki Loves Monuments photo contest has developed from a one-country activity into a global endeavour that every year in September brings Wikimedians, Wikipedians, and photo enthusiasts together in order to shoot great pictures illustrating Cultural Heritage and to make them available on Wikimedia Commons. The photo contest has also turned out to be an excellent tool for the community to reach out to new contributors.

However, we will soon be facing the challenge of having good pictures for virtually every official monument in some countries, thus reducing the contest's usefulness with regard to the illustration of Wikipedia articles. But this will also free our capacities to engage in new exciting activities, building upon the great experiences with the Wiki Loves Monuments contest so far.

For this reason a group of motivated Wikipedians came together on 9 August in Hong Kong at the "Wiki Loves Monuments Future Workshop" to exchange their ideas for the future of the contest. You'll find the results below.

Contests in Other Thematic Areas[edit]

Below you will find the most popular approaches to “re-invent” Wiki Loves Monuments that were suggested and rated at the Wiki Loves Monuments Future workshop at Wikimania 2013 in Hong Kong:

WikiRIC – Requested Image Competition[edit]

Concept: The editor community generates image requests; photographers take pictures. (20 points)


  • Fun for Wikimedians: Not all articles have free images, and getting images for our favorite articles would be awesome.
  • Fun for non-Wikimedians: Same reasons as WLM: events, prizes, good time and a higher chance to see your image actually on Wikipedia!

Wiki Loves Earth[edit]

Concept: Photo competition focusing on natural heritage. (16 points)

History: Carried out for the first time in the Ukraine in 2013 (365 participants; 7000+ objects; 11000+ photos)


Wiki Loves Public Art[edit]

Concept: Photo competition focusing on artworks in the public sphere; in some countries extended to include artworks at museums (13 points)

History: Carried out for the first time in May 2013 in Austria, Finland, Israel, Spain (Barcelona) and Sweden, in cooperation with Europeana.


  • Use tools and structures of Wiki Loves Monuments already in place
  • Digitizing public art collections
  • Setting public art free
  • Social aspect: it’s fun and engaging!
  • Time is running out: artworks get stolen or are damaged (take pictures before they disappear)

Website: Wiki Loves Public Art 2013, Wiki Loves Public Art 2014

Mailing list: Wiki Loves Public Art Mailinglist

Ideas to enhance WLM and similar contests[edit]

At the future workshop, five other proposals to transform or enhance the contest were brought forward. The various ideas of how to enahcne WLM and similar contests are listed below:

  • better integration with Wikipedia: edit-a-thons, writing competitions, involvement of domain experts
  • outreach to and retention of new contributors
  • use of 3-dimensional and other photo techniques
  • focus on pictures of details of the monuments
  • better descriptions of the pictures, integration with Wikivoyage
  • gather useful information for Wikivoyage: how to get to the monument, a short description (history, etc.), the best time to visit, opening hours if applicable (this is information that is urgently needed on Wikivoyage; contact: User:DerFussi).
  • monuments infoboxes
  • workshops on photographic techniques
  • publish best photos in a magazine, etc. / photo exhibitions
  • develop more and better partnerships around the contest
  • scavenger hunts; Wikipedia Takes Events
  • photography contest in museums and cultural institutions; develop partnerships with GLAMs
  • produce ordered galleries/slideshow/videos (see proposal below)

Share Your Idea of How to Transform the Contest in the Future[edit]

Please put a title, a short description of the approach (max. 300 words) and sign it with your user name. If there is already a similar approach on the list, you may also just comment it, suggest variations, or simply endorse it by signing next to its author. - Or you may just add your favourite WLM picture on the right. ;-)

A series of smaller projects[edit]

The organization and technology of WLM should be used to support smaller related projects, such as sort of happened with Wiki Loves Public Art this year. Not everybody can, or needs to, participate in these smaller projects, e.g. though I would have loved to participate in WLPA this year, non-Freedom of Panorama problems in the US make that almost impossible. Also the smaller projects can be spread throughout the year, to e.g. allow better participation by US students and teachers who start the school year in September.

Specific projects might include a cemetery photo project for, say, the week before Halloween. This might be paired with a Day of the Dead project in Mexico and other countries where they really get into All Saints Day (Nov. 1), but might seem a bit creepy in other places.

Focusing on Historic Districts might be another smaller project. See my approach below. We might even do it during June when folks are on holiday. Other focuses for special projects might be for courthouses and government buildings, libraries, lighthouses, literary places, religious buildings (e.g. churches, mosques). "Official lists" need not be used for all of these, as long as we can come up with some reasonably well defined list. And no need to do them all at once together in one month. We need a series of smaller projects with perhaps shorter terms during different seasons. Smallbones (talk) 16:45, 17 July 2013 (UTC)


Short description of your approach (max. 300 words)

Share Your Idea of How to Develop New Activities around the Pictures Gathered / Partnerships Established thanks to WLM[edit]

Please put a title, a short description of the approach (max. 300 words) and sign it with your user name. If there is already a similar approach on the list, you may also just comment it, suggest variations, or simply endorse it by signing next to its author.

Ordered galleries/slideshow/videos[edit]

A Walk up Main Street, Adamstown, Pennsylvania, video (2 minutes)

This could be used for some of the smaller projects I described above such as for historic districts. Events can be planned to take the photos or individuals can do this on their own (without WLM).

The idea is to show "A Walk through X" where the walk might be anywhere from a few blocks to a mile. The 10-40 photos would be presented in the order that you'd see the buildings during the walk. An ordered presentation could be made using a gallery on Commons or Wikipedia (better on Commons), in a slideshow (but surprisingly we don't have slideshow technology where you can specify the order of the slides) or as a video, such as the one on the left (It took me about 3 days to learn how to do this). Note that Adamstown, PA is not listed on the National Register, but as part of Lancaster County it is on the World Monument Fund (the other WMF) official list.


Short description of your approach (max. 300 words)