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Wiki Loves Monuments — just like all projects of the Wikimedia Foundation — is almost entirely run by volunteers. Its success has been achieved thanks to the involvement of hundreds of participants interested in preserving cultural heritage of their countries and building the biggest free media repository in the world.

The success of Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 and high expectations and worldwide interest for the 2013 edition require an even deeper involvement in its preparations. Starting December 1, 2012, a small team of volunteers involved in 2010, 2011 and 2012 agreed to take the lead of the global Wiki Loves Monuments 2013. This page is intended to be an overview of their involvement in the previous years as well as of their responsibilities for the 2013 edition; for each person, there will be also information on how to reach them, but for more general matters, please consider consulting the international mailing list or the FAQ.

Cristian Consonni (CristianCantoro)[edit]

Cristian "CristianCantoro" Consonni (note that Cantoro is not his last name!) is a Wikipedian since 2007, and he likes to describe himself as "Free software activist, physicist and storyteller" (semicit.).

After falling in love with GNU/Linux and Free Software while studying Physics at the University of Milano-Bicocca (in Milan, Italy), he discovered Wikipedia and the Wikimedia movement. Soon he wanted to do something to enable every human being to access the sum of all human knowledge, so in 2008 he decided to dedicate some energy to this cause and he became a member of Wikimedia Italia, the Italian chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. This activity occupied an increasing portion of his free time and, in 2010, he was elected as a member of the board. He has been reconfirmed three times since then, and he is now serving as Vicepresident of WM-IT (depicted left). Now (April 2013), he is a fresh graduate and he just started working for Fondazione Bruno Kessler in Trento about OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia.

In 2012 he helped the Italian team to organize WLM in Italy, taming in particular the technical issues. In 2013, joining the WLM international team he hopes to help new countries to organize the contest, documenting the processes and the technical infrastructure of WLM.

You can reach him on his talk page, or via e-mail at You can contact him either in English, Italian or French.

Lodewijk Gelauff (Effeietsanders)[edit]

Lodewijk "Effeietsanders" Gelauff has been an active member of the Wikimedia community since 2005; over the years, he helped out as a steward and an administrator of several wikis as well as a board member of Wikimedia Nederland, member of the Chapters Committee and organiser of various internal Wikimedia activities. In 2010, he led Wiki Loves Monuments in the Netherlands together with Maarten, and was mainly responsible for the community-related part of the contest as well as for documentation, and internal and external communication. In 2011 and 2012 he was as well member of the international organizing team.

In 2013, Lodewijk will be responsible for communication with a large number of countries, helping out with transferring knowledge and best practices as well as facilitating the preparations for the contest in general. When in doubt about communications or community-related aspects of the preparations, you might want to contact Lodewijk; he will surely answer your questions or direct you to the right person.

You can reach him on his talk page, via e-mail at or on the IRC channel #wikilovesmonuments on Freenode (sometimes available as effeietsanders or eia).

Monica Mora (Ayaita)[edit]

Monica "Ayaita" started contributing to Wikipedia in 2011 when she realized she could help change the statistics about the low percentage of women editing Wikipedia. Having been involved in local Free Software communities, and being advocate of Open Educational Resources and Creative Commons licences, in her country, Panama; contributing to Wikipedia came natural.

With Wikimedia Commons her passion for photography was born. Therefore, when Wiki Loves Monuments was announced to be global in 2012, she took the lead and organized the contest in her country with a group of avid local volunteers.

In 2013 she became part of the international organization team of Wiki Loves Monuments where she is particularly interested in helping increase the number of Latin American countries participating this year. She will be focused on helping with the internal organization of the team, coordinating between its members and making sure the various tasks flow in a timely manner.

You can contact her (in Spanish or English) on her talk page, or via email to

Karthik Nadar (Karthikndr)[edit]


Karthik (Karthikndr) Nadar has been an active contributor to the English Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons since 2010. He jumped to Wikimedia fame after volunteering to become a poster boy for the 2011 fundraiser, post which Karthik became active in local Wikimedia group by organizing regular meetups, workshops and photo-thons. In 2012, he volunteered to be part of core team for organising "Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 in India" and played a key role along with Naveen Francis in making it a grand success. Karthik is on the board of the Wikimedia India Chapter and serves as the secretary. He also represents Wikimedia India at the Wikimedia Chapters Association.

In 2013, Karthik joins the WLM international team, where he will be responsible for communication with a large number of countries, helping out with transferring knowledge and logistics to prepare them for the contest in general. Karthik will also coordinate the WLM's international (WMLi) budget.

You can contact him on his talk page, via email at or on the IRC channel #Wikilovesmonuments on Freenode (as Karthikndr).


Platonides has been a contributor to Wikimedia projects since 2005, being an administrator on Spanish Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. He has been involved in wikitech since 2006, being a MediaWiki committer since January 2010. He has collaborated in the organization of WLM-ES in 2011 and 2012, as well as helping with the monument api and providing several tools.

In 2013, he joins the WLM international team, where he will coordinating the technical things.

You can contact him on his talk page, via email or on the IRC channel #wikilovesmonuments on Freenode.



Romaine has been a contributor to Wikimedia projects since 2003; over the years helping out as administrator of several wikis, GLAM volunteer for Wikimedia Nederland, publisher of This Month in GLAM. He's often fixing template problems, active with bots, and is since 2010 involved with the organization of Wiki Loves Monuments. For this photo contest he mostly does on-wiki technical support with templates and the upload wizard, translations and checking images. In 2011 and 2012 he organized the photo contest in Belgium and Luxembourg.

In 2013, Romaine will be responsible for the campaigns and upload wizards, translations of those pages, navigational structure of the Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments pages, categories for the contest, and supporting the contest in general. If you have any questions related to these subjects, feel free to ask!

You can reach him on his talk page, via email at or on the IRC channel #wikilovesmonuments on Freenode. If it concerns the campaigns and upload wizards it is preferable you use his talk page or the talk page of the upload campaigns.

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