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On this page we keep track of which countries have already notified us with the 10 winning photos. Notifying can be done by publicly announce the ten winners on Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 winners or by sending the international team the 10 winning photos.

If you wish to keep the 10 winning photos secret until a press release, or prize giving ceremony, etc, please send the ten winning photos to the international team with the date of when they will be published.

Please send the 10 winning photos of your country on 24 October!

If there is any delay, we must have received the 10 winning photos on 31 October! Send them to: Lodewijk and Monica!

Country Country code Received?
(only updated by the int. jury coordinators)
How? Published?
Algeria dz ✓ Done Commons Yes
Andorra ad ✓ Done [1] Yes
Antarctica aq ✓ Done Yes
Argentina ar ✓ Done Yes
Armenia am ✓ Done November 23
Aruba aw ✓ Done No yet
Austria at ✓ Done Yes
Azerbaijan az ✓ Done Commons Yes
Belgium + Luxembourg be + lu ✓ Done No yet
Bolivia bo ✓ Done No yet
Cameroon cm ✓ Done mail No yet
Canada ca ✓ Done No yet
Chile cl ✓ Done mail No yet
China cn ✓ Done mail / Commons Yes
Colombia co ✓ Done Yes
Czech Republic cz ✓ Done yes
Egypt eg ✓ Done Yes
El Salvador sv ✓ Done No yet
Estonia ee ✓ Done blog
France fr ✓ Done No yet
Germany de ✓ Done Commons Yes
Hong Kong hk ✓ Done No yet
Hungary hu ✓ Done mail Yes, yes, blog
India in ✓ Done No yet
Israel il ✓ Done mail Not yet
Italy it ✓ Done Yes (blog post)
Jordan jo ✓ Done mail / Commons yes
Mexico mx ✓ Done No yet
Nepal np ✓ Done No yet
Netherlands nl ✓ Done Commons Yes
Norway no ✓ Done No yet
Panama pa ✓ Done October 31
Philippines ph ✓ Done No yet
Poland pl ✓ Done No yet
Romania ro ✓ Done No yet
Russia ru ✓ Done No yet
Serbia rs ✓ Done No yet
Slovakia sk ✓ Done No yet
South Africa za ✓ Done No yet
Spain es ✓ Done Yes
Sweden se ✓ Done Commons yes
Switzerland ch ✓ Done No yet
Syria sy ✓ Done mail / Commons yes
Taiwan tw ✓ Done Commons Yes
Thailand th ✓ Done Commons yes
Tunisia tn ✓ Done mail Yes
Ukraine ua ✓ Done mail No yet
United Kingdom gb ✓ Done mail Yes
United States us ✓ Done Yes
Uruguay uy ✓ Done mail Yes
Venezuela ve ✓ Done mail No yet