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Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 - Antarctica was the local edition of Wiki Loves Monuments covering those historical sites and monuments located in Antarctica.

Wiki Loves Monuments was present in all continents in 2013, becoming truly a worldwide contest. Antarctica, despite having no permanent population, has several sites that commemorate the attempts of exploration and research carried out by the international community over the past centuries. Crosses remembering deceased people, old huts in inhospitable places or marks that indicate landings indicate that activity.

Unlike other local versions, Wiki Loves Monuments Antarctica was a competition organized collectively by volunteers from different countries, in line with the spirit of international collaboration established by the Antarctic Treaty. The contest is coordinated by Wikimedia Argentina, with the support of the Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty.

The monuments[edit]

Monuments lists are available in some Wikipedia versions:


Gold medal icon.svg First place
Scientific instruments in situ, at Robert Falcon Scott's Terra Nova Hut, Cape Evans, Antarctica

Author: Sandwichgirl 
Cross at Hut Point, Ross Island, in memory of George Vince

Author: Sergey Tarasenko 
Discovery Hut at twilight

Author: Mounterebus 
Port Lockroy

Author: Shimbarks 
Cross on Wind Vane Hill with Terra Nova Hut

Author: Sandwichgirl 

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