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Monumentenschildje of herkenningsteken voor Vlaams Beschermd erfgoed. Met tekst "Beschermd Monument" en logo Onroerend Erfgoed Vlaanderen
Three administrative districts of Belgium: Flanders in the North, Wallonia in the South, and Brussels in the middle

Relevant organizations[edit]

For information on Belgian Heritage registers, see en:Heritage registers in Belgium


Contact with two heritage organizations in Flandre:

Ik houd jullie op de hoogte van verder nieuwsMADe (talk) 19:40, 5 May 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

See the complete list : nl:Categorie:Lijsten van onroerend erfgoed in Vlaanderen
On Commons: Category:Onroerend erfgoed in Flanders


en:Institut du Patrimoine - website:

See the complete list : nl:Categorie:Lijsten van beschermd erfgoed in Wallonië on nl: wikipedia
See the complete list on the English Wikipedia: Hainaut, Liège, Luxembourg, Namur, and Wallon Brabant
Some lists ; fr:Catégorie:Liste des monuments classés en Région wallonne on fr: wikipedia
On Commons Category:Cultural heritage monuments in Wallonia


See the lists on nl:Categorie:Lijsten van onroerend erfgoed in het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest
On Commons Category:Cultural heritage monuments in Brussels

Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft[edit]


On Commons Category:Cultural heritage monuments in Luxembourg


See: wmbe:Wikimedia:Community_portal#Tasks_August.2FSeptember
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Organizing team[edit]


2012, 2013 too?[edit]

  • M0tty (talk) for the french part.
  • Zinneke (talk) for Luxembourg (and able to provide some punctual help on Brussels, where I am based).
  • Erik009 (talk) - I can help with getting sponsors and organizing prizes.
  • Dereckson (talk) 06:14, 10 June 2012 (UTC) - Willing to help e.g. trying some parternships with some cultural venues around the country to promote the concours.Reply[reply]
  • Jane023 (talk) 18:05, 13 July 2012 (UTC) I am creating trilingual lists on the English Wikipedia from the Dutch listsReply[reply]

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