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Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 維基愛古蹟
Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 維基愛古蹟
English: Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 is an annual international photography contest which takes place in September 2013. Participants are welcomed to take photos of historic buildings and declared monuments. The Hong Kong part of the contest is organized by Wikimedia Hong Kong
中文:2013年維基愛古蹟(Wiki Loves Monuments)於2013年9月舉行。是項活動是由香港維基媒體協會主辦的一項古蹟攝影比賽。

About the contest 關於比賽[edit]

English: Participants upload pictures taken by themselves of listed historic buildings and declared monuments in Hong Kong and upload them to Wikimedia Commons during September 2013 under a free licence.

Uploaded photographs do not have to be taken during September 2013, but they must not have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons before. Participants are free to take photographs of any eligible historic buildings or declared monuments, even if Commons already has one or more photographs, but of course a new angle or a new detail is more useful to the project than simply repeating what has been done before.

For more details about the declared monuments and listed historic buildings in Hong Kong, please refer to the next section (List of declared monuments and historic buildings). You are required to quote the ID in the list when you state which monument you photographed
中文:參賽者自行為香港任何法定古蹟或歷史建築拍照,並把照片以自由版權協議授權上傳至Wikimedia Commons。参賽照片可以在任何時間拍攝,但必須在2013年9月份上傳。縱使Wikimeda Commons上已有該古蹟或建築之照片,參賽者仍然可以為該古蹟或建築換個角度拍照,並上傳至Wikimedia Commons。 有關香港法定古蹟及歷史建築,請參看以下「法定古蹟及歷史建築列表」 ,為方便確認古蹟,請在列明古蹟資訊附帶下面列表當中的古蹟編號。

List of declared monuments and historic buildings 法定古蹟及歷史建築列表[edit]

Contact us 聯絡我們[edit]

Upload photos 上載照片[edit]

Local awards 本地獎項[edit]

English: 10 local winners will be selected by juries and nominated into international contest. Other prizes are to be announced.

International awards 國際獎項[edit]

English: The main prize will be a trip to Wikimania in London, August 6-10 2014, including travel and accommodation. Wikimania is the annual meeting where Wikimedians from all over the world meet each other and discuss the global movement. This prize has a maximum value of €2000.

In addition, there will be a number of photography-related vouchers, ranging from €500 (second prize) to €50 (fifteenth prize), including an aluminum print of a winning photograph (see below), sponsored by Europeana. In total, 16 prizes are available.

The distribution of these awards is determined by the principle that the first prize winner will have the first choice from the prizes, and so on – to ensure that every prize winner gets the prize he or she would like the most. Prizes are not exchangeable for money.

  • Grand Prize: A trip to Wikimania 2014 in London, including conference access, accommodation, and more. Maximum value is €2000.
  • Photography-related voucher of €500
  • Photography-related voucher of €400
  • Photography-related voucher of €300
  • Photography-related voucher of €200
  • 2 photography-related vouchers of €100 each
  • 8 photography-related vouchers of €50 each
  • Large scale aluminum print of the winning photo (sponsored by Europeana)



  • 大獎: 2014年倫敦「維基媒體國際會議」會議套票、機票、住宿及其他相關配套。最高總值約為港幣20000元。
  • 約港幣5000元攝影禮券
  • 約港幣4000元攝影禮券
  • 約港幣3000元攝影禮券
  • 約港幣2000元攝影禮券
  • 2張約港幣1000元攝影禮券
  • 8張約港幣500元攝影禮券
  • 優勝作品之大型鋁質沖印照片 (由Europeana贊助)

Special awards 特別獎項[edit]

English: The special award for East, Southeast and South-Asian countries including China, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand is sponsored by Guiddoo.

The prize will be awarded by a mixed jury from the participating countries based on their 10 nominees per country for the international competition.

This comprises of three photography related vouchers worth €200, €150 and €100 for the best three photos from these countries.



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