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  1. Waerth (talk · contribs) from the Netherlands (former Thai Wikipedia sysop)
  2. WhisperToMe (talk · contribs) from the US (English Wikipedia sysop)
  3. Mike [1] from the US on behalf of the Siamese Heritage Trust by The Siam Society Under Royal Patronage
Jury comments
  1. A lot of very beautiful high quality photos. It is a shame they are mostly only temples though. Few other objects were photographed. Also maybe for the next contest we should adhere less strictly to the "official" list of monuments. There are many more nice buildings and objects to photograph outside of this list!
  2. There were so many photos it was hard to choose. Building upon #1 comment I wonder if specifying the types of monuments available would lead to more diversity in photo selections. I mainly went on what looked beautiful, and I gave higher points to sets A and C.

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