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Basic information[edit]

  • Date: Thursday 25 April 2013, 7pm–8pm BST (18:00–19:00 UTC)
  • Venue: WMUK phone conference system
  • Participants: All welcome!
  • Contacts: For access information or questions, please contact Katie Chan on, 020 7065 0990

Meeting outcomes[edit]

  • Decision taken to focus on Grade I and II* listed buildings (plus Scottish/NI/Welsh equivalent classes) - estimated around 50,000 items.
  • Scheduled monuments and other classes to be skipped (for this year, anyway).
  • Considered focus on different themes:
    • coherent sets
    • "non-artistic" architectural photography
Things to prepare
  • Infrastructure
Need to figure out what remains to be done!
  • Source lists
Exist in spreadsheets; need to transfer to on-wiki lists.
Licensing probably clear for England; will need to confirm
  • Promotion
    • to contributors
    • to prospective partners
  • Sponsorship

Unedited Etherpad notes taken during the meeting[edit]

3Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 in the United Kingdom Hope all goes well - really pelased we are taking part this year. Jon Davies.

In attendance:

  • Andrew Gray
  • Richard Nevell
  • Michael Maggs
  • Katie Chan
  • Peter Coombe

Notes from last year:

   What happened in previous years?
       What were we missing?
       What do we need to do differently in 2013?
   What should we cover?
       Listed buildings (Seperate systems in England; Wales; Northern Ireland; Scotland)
       Scheduled monuments (Seperate systems in England; Wales; Northern Ireland; Scotland)
       ?Historic parks, gardens, landscapes (Seperate systems in England; Wales; Northern Ireland; Scotland)
       ?Protected wrecks (UK-wide system)
       ?War memorials (Is there a central registry?)
       ?Other "protected areas" (eg SSSI) (Probably not appropriate?)
       What about overseas territories/dependencies? What systems exist for (eg) Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Falkland Islands?
   What do we need to prepare for WLM-UK 2013?
       Source lists

do we want to do a broad approach and ask for everything? Listed: > grade I and II* = 50k buildings > grade I, II* and II = 500k buildings so I and II* equivalent best bet > A only in Scotland; - skip scheduled monuments - skip everything else - - possibly territories? - - look into lists & communities probably skip war memorials (unless they're otherwise listed)

WHAT TO PREPARE > have datadumps (Multichill) - source lists > need to build onwiki lists (per county?) > > look onwiki and build task list

TODO ALL work out prospective partners/sponsors >

TODO KATIE - Set up email list

Groups to reach out:(participants) > Archaeology courses; 1st year students as an opportunity to learn about building photography > Photography groups - directly accessing people with technical skills with a camera > Local history/archaeology groups - involving people interested in their local heritage

TODO - contact potential sponsors and people to join judging panel (English Heritage/National Trust representatives etc)

PRIZES - perhaps offer a range? > WLM prizes usually seem to be for most aesthetically pleasing image > Could offer prizes for best architectural/documentary image > Most comprehensive survey of a single building > Most comprehensive collection of an area