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For organizers & helpers

For competitors

This is the main planning page for Wiki Loves Monuments 2014 in the United Kingdom. Please use the talk page for general planning discussions.

If you are interested in helping to plan the competition, please volunteer below and also add your name at Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2014 in the United Kingdom/People.

Open tasks[edit]

Volunteers: Before posting here, please add your name to Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2014 in the United Kingdom/People so that we can keep track of who is involved.

Please append your name and a comment if you are working on something. When complete, please move to the Completed tasks section

Prepare lists of eligible subjects[edit]

Create portal on English Wikipedia[edit]

  • Set up a competitors' portal page for Wiki Loves Monuments in the UK on the English Wikipedia

Prepare monument lists[edit]

See Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2014 in the United Kingdom/planning/lists

Set up tools for competitors[edit]

Rules and jury[edit]

  • Decide how to appoint jury members

Documentation and competitor resources[edit]

  • Write instructions/guidelines for participants, including FoP information.

Public relations[edit]

  • Set up team to review and advise on PR requirements, including press releases and external outreach
  • Discuss/agree communications channels
  • Seek official backing from the listing organizations
  • Contact other partner organizations or institutions
  • Find sponsors to provide awards and promotional materials (may be the same as partners)
  • Consider and advise on a local events programme
  • Write and send press releases to the media:
  • Initial announcement of competition
  • Middle-of-the-contest press release
  • Final press release, with details of winners
  • E-mail volunteers, partners and sponsors and invite them to the awards ceremony
  • Draft text for spamming Wikipedia county projects and put up for discussion
  • Decide on projects/channels to spam

Official UK website[edit]

  • The official website
    Do we want to plan what goes on it? Does the content need revising? (Probably according to what monuments we cover.)

Rules and jury[edit]

  • Define some proposed rules and judging criteria for the UK contest, and put up for discussion.
  • Discuss proposed rules and judging criteria online.


  • Create online awards for each of the the winners. Preferably different for each class.
  • Create barnstars to give to the organizers and helpers.

Physical events[edit]

  • Attend Wikimania, and publicize the UK competition
  • Consider and agree local events programme (around the country)?
  • Try to seek local interest/awards via personal contacts [all]
  • Promotional materials
  • Write WLM flier to hand out to local groups & at Wikimeets
  • Arrange awards ceremony

Commons processing[edit]

  • Get team together to categorize all images & to fix upload errors, before, during and after contest
  • Define mechanism for reporting errors


  • Decide how to evaluate the project
  • Write participants' survey
  • Complete the evaluation and post results/recommendations

Spam various websites and lists to seek volunteers[edit]

  • Commons VP.
  • English Wikipedia VP.
  • WMUK Water Cooler.
  • Forthcoming Wikimeet pages.

Completed tasks[edit]

Historical record of things that have been done so far





Older material (resources from previous years)[edit]