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This page is created to organize the banner text of the CentralNotice for Wiki Loves Monuments 2015.

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If there is any urgent matter, visit our IRC channel and call the name "Romaine" for help, visit:
#wikilovesmonuments     (with webchat)

Also less urgent matters are welcome there!

August and September are months with much e-mail traffic and only using e-mail can cause delays in getting things done!


To get attention for the photo contest Wiki Loves Monuments, the international team will create a banner that will be shown on top of page on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons during the month of September. This banner will link to your website or landing page. The banner will be activated only if you meet the requirements, and have provided a link to the landing page on Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2015/Landing pages and translation(s) of the banner text in your local language(s) on this page below.

We can only activate the banner in time, if you have provided us all the translations and information in time. If provided in time, the banner will be activated in your country within the hour after the start of the contest in your country. (In the IRC channel #wikilovesmonuments at Freenode live status updates will be provided with the start of the contest.)


The banners in this campaign will be specifically calling people to participate in the contest in their country. While they can also participate in other countries, they will be directed to their own country landing page to keep it simple. Each country landing page should have at least a summary in English and a link to the international website

The campaign will be especially targeted to anonymous users, so that the awareness goal of this contest is reached best. Allowing non-contributors to participate through the simplified upload wizard is one of the strengths of this competition.

When & Where[edit]

The banners will run during the Wiki Loves Monuments contest. In most countries this will be 1 - 30 September 2015 (overview of start and end times). When necessary, the first days may be used for testing in specific countries or sampled (show to 1 in n users). In a few countries, an alternative period can be used (like in Israel, which uses the Hebrew month system) but the banner usage will be limited to one month at most.

The banners will only be shown in the participating countries.


The banner in each country will be translated in as many languages as possible and relevant to that country, but at least in English and the primary language(s) of that country. For example, in Belgium the banner would have to be at least available in English, Dutch and French. More languages will be added as available.


The banner will only be activated if the national team satisfies the requirements as mentioned on Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2015/Organise, including:

  1. The text(s) for the banner translated in the primary language(s) spoken in your country is added to this page.
  2. The link for the banner to a landing page is provided on Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2015/Landing pages.
  3. The landing page contains (provided in the major languages of your country):
    1. It contains the contest rules, see Organise page.
    2. It contains a link to the international Wiki Loves Monuments website:
    3. It contains a link to one or more of these options:
      1. A link to the upload form of your country/area; and/or
      2. A link to the monument list(s) (with the eligible monuments) that contain a direct upload link; and/or
      3. A map where participants can find a link to start uploading.
    4. The website or landing page contains an English page or summary in English for international participants.

The landing page must also contain information about the selection of the winners (jury) and the prizes.

URL of CentralNotice[edit]

Where should the CentralNotice in your country link to?

Add this to the page Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2015/Landing pages.

Text of CentralNotice[edit]

The banner will contain one or two sentences, the Wiki Loves Monuments logo. The banner will call to participate in Wiki Loves Monuments, upload images for use on Wikipedia and win a nice prize (the exact combination and wording depends on the language). We offer at least one default banner and might offer more than one (for example one about a certain record) and is up to the local team to decide which one to put on.

Main banner text[edit]

The texts below are (with the creation of this page) a copy from the texts of 2014. If your local team likes to use a different text instead, you can change the texts below. Keep in mind that the text in the table below also will be shown to people who speak your language, but are from a different country than yours. So avoid country specific texts in the banner texts below.

In the table below are also countries that do not participate in this year's Wiki Loves Monuments, just ignore those: they are there for administrative purposes only.

Available texts are at the moment:

Language Location ISO code language Text Status
Afrikaans Botswana, Namibia, South Africa af Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografeer 'n monument vir Wikipedia en wen!
Albanian Albania and Kosovo sq Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografo një monument, ndihmo Wikipedian dhe fito!
Arabic Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Syria, Tunisia ar الويكي تهوى المعالم: قم بتصوير معلم تاريخي، ساعد ويكيبيديا واربح
Armenian Armenia hy «Վիքին սիրում է հուշարձաններ». լուսանկարի՛ր հուշարձաններ, բեռնիր Վիքիպահեստում և դարձիր մրցույթի հաղթող։
Azerbaijani Azerbaijan az Viki Abidələri Sevir: Abidənin şəklini çək, Vikipediyaya kömək et və qazan!
Belarusian (normative) Belarus be Wiki Loves Monuments: сфатаграфуй славутасці, дапамажы Вікіпедыі і выйграй!
Belarusian (Taraškievica) Belarus be-tarask Wiki Loves Monuments: сфатаграфуй славутасьці, дапамажы Вікіпэдыі і выйграй!
Breton France br Wiki Loves Monuments : Monumantoù istorel, fotoioù ha prizioù !
Bulgarian Bulgaria bg „Уики обича паметниците“: Заснеми паметник, помогни на Уикипедия и спечели!
Catalan France, Spain ca Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografia un monument, ajuda la Viquipèdia i guanya!
Chinese China, Hong Kong, Taiwan zh 维基爱古迹:拍摄古迹,帮助维基百科并赢得大奖!
Chinese (China) China zh-cn 维基爱古迹:拍摄古迹,帮助维基百科并赢得大奖!
Chinese (Hong Kong) Hong Kong zh-hk 維基愛古蹟:拍攝古蹟,幫助維基百科並赢得大獎!
Chinese (Simplified) China zh-hans 维基爱古迹:拍摄古迹,帮助维基百科并赢得大奖!
Chinese (Taiwan) Taiwan zh-tw 維基愛古蹟:拍攝古蹟,幫助維基百科並赢得大獎!
Chinese (Traditional) Hong Kong, Taiwan zh-hant 維基愛古蹟:拍攝古蹟,幫助維基百科並赢得大獎!
Crimean Ukraine crh Viki abidelernen meraqlana. Vikipediya içün begengen abideni resimge çekip, yarışta birincilikni qazana bilesin
Czech Czech Republic cs Wiki miluje památky: Vyfotografujte památku, pomozte Wikipedii a vyhrajte!
Danish Denmark da Wiki elsker monumenter. Tag et billede af et monument, hjælp Wikipedia og vind!
Dutch Aruba, Belgium, Netherlands nl Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografeer een monument voor Wikipedia en win!
English Algeria, Antarctica, Botswana, Canada, India, Ireland, Israel, Kenya, Namibia, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States**, also international en Wiki Loves Monuments: Photograph a monument, help Wikipedia and win!
American English United States en-us Wiki Loves Monuments: Historic sites, photos, and prizes!
Esperanto eo Vikio ŝatas monumentojn: fotu monumenton, helpu Vikipedion kaj gajnu!
Estonian Estonia et Kultuurimälestised Vikipeediasse: jäädvusta Eesti kultuuripärandit ja võida auhindu!
Finnish Finland fi Wiki tykkää monumenteista: Valokuvaa monumentti, auta Wikipediaa ja voita!
French Algeria, Belgium, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Senegal, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Tunisia fr Wiki Loves Monuments : photographiez un monument historique, aidez Wikipédia et gagnez !
Galician Spain (Galicia) gl Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografía un monumento, axuda a Wikipedia e gaña!
German Austria, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg de Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografiere Denkmale, hilf der Wikipedia und gewinne!
Hebrew Israel he ויקיפדיה אוהבת אתרי מורשת: אתרי מורשת, תמונות ופרסים!
Hindi India hi विकि लव्ज़ मॉन्युमॅण्ट्स: किसी स्मारक की तस्वीर खींचिए, विकीपीडिया की सहायता कीजिए और जीतिए!
Hungarian Hungary hu Wiki Loves Monuments: fényképezz le egy műemléket, segítsd a Wikipédiát és nyerj!
Irish Ireland ga Wiki Loves Monuments: Grianghraf séadchomhartha, cabhrú Vicipéid agus buaigh!
Italian Algeria, Italy it Wiki Loves Monuments: fotografa un monumento, aiuta Wikipedia e vinci!
Japanese Japan ja Wiki Loves Monuments: 歴史的建造物の写真コンテスト
Kannada India kn ವಿಕಿ ಲವ್ಸ್ ಮಾನ್ಯುಮೆಂಟ್ಸ್: ಸ್ಮಾರಕಗಳ ಛಾಯಾಚಿತ್ರ ಸೆರೆಹಿಡಿದು, ವಿಕಿಪೀಡಿಯಕ್ಕೆ ಸಹಾಯ ಮಾಡಿ ಮತ್ತು ಗೆಲ್ಲಿ!
Kurdisch Iraq ku
Latvian Latvia lv Kultūras pieminekļi Vikipēdijā: fotografē pieminekļus, palīdzi Vikipēdijai un laimē!
Lower Sorbian Germany dsb Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografěruj pomnik, pomóž Wikipediji a dobydni!
Luxembourgish Belgium, Luxembourg lb Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotograféiert e klasséiert Monument, hëlleft Wikipedia a gewannt!
Malagasy Madagascar mg Wiki Loves Monuments : Alaivo sary ny tsangambato, ampio i Wikipedia dia hahazo loka !
Malay Malaysia ms Wiki Loves Monuments : Ambil gambar monumen, bantu Wikipedia dan menang!
Malayalam India ml വിക്കി സ്മാരകങ്ങളെ സ്നേഹിക്കുന്നു: സ്മാരകങ്ങളുടെ ചിത്രമെടുക്കൂ, വിക്കിപീഡിയയെ സഹായിക്കുന്നതിനോടൊപ്പം സമ്മാനങ്ങളും നേടൂ!
Macedonian Macedonia mk Вики ги сака спомениците: Фотографирајте споменик, помогнете ѝ на Википедија и освојте награди!
Nepali Nepal ne विकी लभ्स मोन्युमेन्ट्स: आफ्नो नजिकै रहेको धरोहरहरूको फोटो खिच्नुहोस्, विकिपीडियालाई सहयोग गरी पुरस्कार समेत जित्नुहोस् ।
Northen Sotho (Sepedi) South Afrika nso Wiki Loves Monuments: Swantšha monumente, thuša Wikipedia o ka thopa sefoka!!
Norwegian (Bokmål) Norway no Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografer et kulturminne for Wikipedia og vinn!
Norwegian (Nynorsk) Norway nn Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografer eit kulturminne, hjelp Wikipedia og vinn!
Occitan France, Italy, Spain oc Wiki Loves Monuments : fotografiatz un monument istoric, ajudatz Wikipèdia e ganhatz !
Persian Iran fa ویکی دوست‌دار یادمان‌ها: عکس یک یادمان را بگیر، به ویکی‌پدیا کمک کن و برنده شو!
Polish Poland pl Wiki Lubi Zabytki – zrób zdjęcie dla Wikipedii i weź udział w konkursie!
Portuguese Portugal pt Wiki Loves Monuments: fotografa um momento, ajuda a wikipedia e ganha!
Brazilian Portuguese Brazil pt-br Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografe um monumento, ajude a Wikipédia e vença!
Romanian Romania ro Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografiați un monument, ajutați Wikipedia și câștigați!
Russian Algeria, Armenia, Belarus, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine ru Вики любит памятники: Сфотографируй памятник, помоги Википедии и выиграй!
Scottish Gaelic United Kingdom gd Tha gaol aig Wiki air carraghan-cuimhne: Tog dealbh de charragh-cuimhne, cuidich an Uicipeid is buannaich!
Serbian Serbia sr Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografiši kulturna dobra, pomozi Vikipediji i pobedi!
Silesian Poland szl Wiki Pszaje Zabytkom: Kńipśńij jaki dynkmal, dej hilfa Wikipedyji a wygrej!
Slovak Slovakia sk Wiki miluje pamiatky: Vyfoťte pamiatku, pomôžte Wikipédii a vyhrajte!
Spanish Algeria, Antarctica, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela es Wiki Loves Monuments: ¡Fotografía un monumento, ayuda a Wikipedia y gana!
Swahili Kenya sw Wiki Loves Monuments: Piga picha mnara, saidia Wikipedia na ushinde!
Swedish Finland, Sweden sv Wiki Loves Monuments: Fotografera ett minnesmärke, hjälp Wikipedia och vinn!
Tagalog Philippines tl Wiki Loves Monuments: Kumuha ng larawan ng bantayog, tulungan ang Wikipedia, at manalo!
Tamil India ta விக்கி நினைவுச் சின்னங்களை விரும்புகிறது: நினைவுச்சின்னம் ஒன்றை படம் எடுத்து விக்கிப்பீடியாவுக்கு உதவுங்கள். வெல்லுங்கள்!
Telugu India te Wiki Loves Monuments : ఒక కట్టడాన్ని ఫోటో తీయండి, వికీపీడియాకి తోడ్పడండి ఇంకా బహుమతులు గెలుచుకోండి!
Thai Thailand th Wiki Loves Monuments คุณสามารถเข้าร่วมการประกวดภาพถ่ายที่ใหญ่ที่สุดในโลกได้ที่นี่
Tswana (Setswana) South Africa tn Wiki Loves Monuments: Tsaya ditshwantsho tsa sefikantswe, thusa Wikipedia mme o falole!
Ukrainian Ukraine uk Вікі любить пам'ятки – сфотографуй пам'ятку для Вікіпедії і виграй у конкурсі!
Upper Sorbian Germany hsb Wiki Loves Monuments: Sfotografuj pomnik, pomhaj Wikipediji a dobudź!
Urdu Pakistan ur ویکی یادگارعمارتوں کو چاہتا ہے: کسی یادگارعمارت کی تصویرکشی کیجئے، ویکیپیڈیا پر تعاون کیجئے اور انعام پایئے
Welsh United Kingdom (Wales) cy Wiki Loves Monuments: Tynnwch lun o heneb, gan gynorthwyo Wicipedia, ac ennill!
Yue Chinese China, Hong Kong yue 維基愛古蹟:影低古蹟,既幫到維基百科,又可以贏大獎!

Wikivoyage banner text[edit]

It is also possible to show a banner above Wikivoyage. This should be with a text that fits better to the nature of Wikivoyage.

Language Location ISO language code Text Status
English Multi en ...

Alternative/second/third banner[edit]

It is possible to set a different text or to set up a different banner for a specific country if the local team wants that. This can be an option if the local team

  • considers the text above as not effective for your country
  • wants to announce an activity
  • wants to show an achieved record
  • wants to announce the end of the contest
  • ...
Location Language ISO code language Text Date & time Status
Pakistan English en Wiki Loves Monuments: World's largest photography competition in Pakistan. Photograph a monument, help Wikipedia and win!
Brazil Portuguese pt-br Wiki Loves Monuments: Participe do maior concurso fotográfico do mundo enviando suas fotos e concorra a prêmios!

Wiki Loves Monuments 2015

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