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Welcome to the guide for Ohioans (and visitors of Ohio) participating in Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 in the United States. See the national event page for more information!

Ohio is home to a rich cultural history. From Native American sites to the birthplace of flight to the sites reflecting the industrious boom along the Cuyahoga River, Ohio's history is illustrated through many preserved historic sites and districts. Our goal with this project is to help document these sites through photographs. As a side-bonus to this project, we will also be working to improve Wikipedia's coverage of historic sites in Ohio.

Sites to photograph[edit]

National Register of Historic Places[edit]

The Wikimedia Commons has a category of National Register of Historic Places in Ohio.

The National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) is the federal government's official list of historic places that are deemed worthy of presentation. Wikipedia has all of Ohio's NRHP listings sorted by county, of which there are over 3,800 across Ohio's 88 counties. A very good chunk of these are already photographed - but some are still missing, and some can use better photos or photos taken from new angles.

 List of Ohio NRHP sites >>
 Ohio's NRHP sites missing photos >>

National Historic Landmarks in Ohio[edit]

The United States National Historic Landmark lists 72 sites across 35 of Ohio's 88 counties. Explore and document the National Historic Landmarks in Ohio near you.

 List of Ohio NHL sites >>

Ohio History Connection sites[edit]

The Ohio History Connection is a non-profit organization that aims "to promote a knowledge of archaeology and history, especially in Ohio." The organization maintains Ohio's Historical Markers, which mark over 1,500 historical locations as chosen and sponsored by the community. See Remarkable Ohio for a full directory of all Historical Marker locations, and our own list of all Remarkable Ohio sites.

Ohio History Connection also maintains its own list of over 50 museums and sites.

Civil War monuments in Ohio[edit]

The Cincinnati Museum Center, through its History Library and Archives, maintains a database of Civil War monuments. Searches can be performed here for locations near you.

Local historic sites and districts[edit]

The Wikimedia Commons has a category of historic districts in Ohio.

In addition to districts denoted by the federal government, many localities in Ohio maintain their own historic sites, landmarks, and districts that aren't designated by the NRHP. Explore whether any local cities by you have their own historic designations separate from the NRHP, and communicate with your local historic societies!

Cleveland / Akron area
Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Ohio's only national park, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, is home to all sorts of sites of historical significance.