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This is a list of tools related to Wiki Loves Monuments.

Jury tool[edit]

There are multiple jury tools available for your Wiki Loves Monuments jury process. They are all listed at Commons' Jury tools. While each national contest is free to choose their jury tool of choice, the international team develops, maintains, and supports Montage if you decide to choose this jury tool.



Exposure of photos[edit]

  1. WLM-latest. This example exposes the last 10 photos submitted in WLM 2017 in Sweden, at size 300px. this link does the same for the Netherlands.
  2. Imker allows batch-downloading of files from Wikimedia Commons
  3. A list of standalone applications and command-line tools
  4. Browse Wiki Loves Monuments images offline: . The code builds a list of pictures from the winners pages, then queries for meta data, resizes and annotates. It could be fed any list of images.
  5. GlAMorous can help you find where your WLM campaign uploads (by user or by category) are being used (across Wikimedia projects).

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