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Wiki Loves Monuments
Photographing the Brazilian monuments

Wiki Loves Monuments ( is an annual international photography contest and crowdsourcing event in which participants photograph and upload images of historic monuments to Wikimedia Commons. These images are then available for free use on Wikipedia and beyond. More details about this year's annual competition can be found at Wiki Loves Monuments 2016. The competition takes place throughout the month of September each year.

The Wiki Loves Monuments Brazil is a project under organization and planning by the Wiki Education Brazil with participation of the Brazilian community, volunteers and local partners.

Get involved![edit]

Volunteers are needed now to help us set up the competition!

Volunteers are currently being sought to help organize the contest. If you can help, think you might like to take part in September, or would just like to register your support, please add your name at Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 in Brazil/People.

About the contest[edit]

Wiki Loves Monuments is a photo contest organised for the first time in 2010 in the Netherlands. In 2011 it took place in 18 European countries, achieving 169.000 photographs uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, in 2012 it was organized in 33 countries worldwide reaching 350.000 photos uploaded, in 2013 366.000 in 52 countries and last year 39 countries with 321,000 photos uploaded. Wiki Loves Monuments has been registered in the Guinness World Record Book as the largest photography competition.

Rules to participate[edit]

To compete for the national award and be eligible for the international stage the following rules must be followed:

  • Photos must have been taken and sent by the author;
  • Images must be loaded on Wikimedia Commons through the lists available on the contest's page between September 1 - 30;
  • Photos submitted must contain as a central element an identified item in the list of monuments;
  • There is no limit number of photos submitted by photographer, each photographer may submit as many pictures as you want;
  • To receive the award the participants should have a bank account in Brazil and an account registered email;

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