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WLM is an ongoing photo competition, part of the bigger Wiki Loves Monuments 2017. We welcome you all to be part of it, use the upload button at the right.


The basic concept is that people are invited to upload images of monumental objects under a free license for usage on Wikipedia. We want to try to get complete lists of these monuments on Wikipedia, including photos - giving a great and unique overview of the cultural heritage in each country. This, in turn, will also help complete many articles relating to India.

This page is intended to help coordinate the Indian component to the 2017 Wiki Loves Monuments. If you want to volunteer, please feel free to add your name below!

Core organizing committee[edit]

Important links[edit]

International Winner[edit]

The grand prize goes this year to India! The Khandoba temple in Pune, India is a wonderful view in any day, but this photo is an amazing combination of activity, color and history. During the Bhandara festival, celebrants are showering yellow turmeric powder on crowd around the temple. The play with colors makes it that you can almost smell the turmeric through the photo. (PKharote, CC BY-SA 4.0)

Khandoba temple Pune, International winner of Wiki Loves Monuments 2017

2017 Winners (India)[edit]

Many congratulations to winners.You can see all of these images here

Serial No. Author Image (Top10)
1 User:PKharote
2 User:Jmadhu
3 User:Manojambadkar
4 User:Shamik Chakravorty
5 User:AmitNimade
6 User:Shivajidesai29
7 User:Jaisuvyas
8 User:Shatarupa Dutta,_Bishnupur,_West_Bengal.jpg
9 User:Kshitij Charania
10 User:AmitNimade

Past Winners[edit]


Sign up below if you would like to volunteer for WLM 2017. Both General and Language-specific volunteer coordinators are welcome to sign up for this event. Interested volunteers are requested to sign up for our mailing list as well for event related updates.

Jury Team[edit]

  • Helping jury team- Training jury members with jury tool.Review incoming images and categorize it.

Cultural Partnership Team[edit]

  • Work with partners and sponsors- identify partners,sponsors and photoclubs which can associate with WLM.

Press, Media and Outreach Team[edit]

  • Volunteer for social media
  • Create press release
  • Make posters for WLM

Technical Team[edit]

  1. --Ranjith -- (Ranjithsiji) (talk to me) 14:00, 25 August 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Build website ✓ Done
  • Update website ✓ Done
  • Update website theme ✓ Done
  • Create a bot for notification WLM id and email not present.
  • Update WLM list with location (lat/long)

Heritage walk team[edit]

  1. --Ranjith -- (Ranjithsiji) (talk to me) 14:00, 25 August 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Helping organise photo-walk in their respective city।
  1. --Koushik -- (Koushikanee) (talk to me)
  • Helping organise photo-walk in their respective city।
Vijayawada, Photo-walk Group Photo for Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 India

Volunteer coordinators[edit]

Organized by[edit]

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