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Photographing the UK's heritage

Wiki Loves Monuments ( is an annual international photography contest and crowdsourcing event in which participants photograph and upload images of historic monuments to Wikimedia Commons. These images are then available for free use on Wikipedia and beyond. More details about this year's annual competition can be found at Wiki Loves Monuments 2017. The competition takes place throughout the month of September each year.

Wiki Loves Monuments

Everyone is welcome to get involved, whether as a participant (photographer), organizational volunteer, or both. There is no requirement for participants or volunteers to be from the UK. The UK part of the competition is volunteer-led, with significant support from Wikimedia UK.

The main competition website (for competitors) is at

About the 2017 contest[edit]

Participants upload pictures taken by themselves of eligible UK heritage subjects and upload them to Wikimedia Commons during the month of September under a free licence. Uploaded photographs do not have to be taken during September 2017, but they must not have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons before that date. Participants are free to upload photographs of any eligible subject, even if Commons already has one or more photographs, but of course a new angle or a new detail is more useful to the project than simply repeating what has been done before.

Viewing the images[edit]

You can view the images by each country here:

Uploading images[edit]

You can upload images taken at:

Wiki Loves Monuments UK is looking for volunteers[edit]

Hi all. Wiki Loves Monuments UK is looking for volunteers to help with reviewing this year’s entries and identifying a long list of images for submission to the three judges who will pick the final winners. You don't need to be a top photographer to volunteer for this, but you should have a good understanding of what makes an exceptional photograph and be able to distinguish good from mediocre images. You'd need to be able to commit to something like four or five hours work, mostly during October but perhaps during September as well.

If you are able to help, please contact me on my talk page, the "email this user" feature, or via @MichaelMaggs1 on Twitter. More details can be found here. MichaelMaggs (talk) 09:03, 23 August 2017 (UTC)