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LUSITANA WLM 2011 d.svg Welcome to Wiki Loves Monuments in Russia 2018! Detailed information about the competition is available on our landing page. It is in Russian, so we provide a quick translation below. Further links can be useful too:

If you have questions, feel free to contact us at any of the talk pages or by e-mail.

Yaroslavl ElijahProphetChurchInterior 7302.jpg


  • Take pictures of cultural heritage monuments in Russia and upload them to Wikimedia Commons
  • Lists of cultural heritage monuments are available. You will find an upload link (Загрузить файл) on the right-hand side of the monument's description. This link will take you to the upload wizard with a few important fields already filled, namely, the file description, Commons categories, and monument ID. You are welcome to modify or augment the file description. Please, don't change the monument ID.
  • You should take photos yourself and release them under a free license like CC-BY-SA-4.0.
  • Photos can be taken at any time, but should be uploaded between September 1, 00:00 and September 30, 23:59 UTC

Last, but not least:

  • If you are new to Wikimedia Commons, remember to update your profile and provide your e-mail address. We will use it for informing you about the prize. A link to "Email this user" should be visible in the left panel of your user page.
  • Photos of any reasonable quality can be uploaded and will be appreciated by the organizers. However, the jury reserves the right to consider only those photos that exceed 2 megapixel in resolution
Дом Татарская 46 2.jpg

Wooden house in Tomsk
one of the 10 best photos from 2017


Prizes will be given for:
  • 10 best photos selected by the jury based on technical and aesthetics criteria
  • Best coverage (pictures of monuments that have been missing a photo prior to the contest)
  • Cultural heritage imperiled (photos of monuments facing heedless renovation or imminent destruction)
  • Aerial photos taken with copters and other air-borne instruments
  • Photos of interiors of cultural heritage monuments
  • Photos of architectural details
  • Rural destinations of the Volga region (photos taken in hamlets and small towns along the Volga)
  • Wikivoyage page banners (from all around the world!), detailed information here

10 best photos will also take part in the international competition.

See also detailed information about the awards

Вознесенская церковь (Григорьевка) 1.jpg

Church in Grigoryevka, Saratov Oblast
short-listed photo for the
Cultural Heritage Imperiled award in 2017


Have questions? Feel free to ask here, or send us an e-mail. We speak Russian, English, German and will do our best to translate from other languages. Have fun with exploring the Russian monuments!