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This page has been created to organize the URLs in the CentralNotice banners and the overview page of English pages for Wiki Loves Monuments 2019.

Where to create a landing page?[edit]

As landing page you can create:

  • your own website (like www.wikilovesmonuments.xx)
  • a project page on Wikipedia
  • a project page on Commons (like Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2018 in Xxx/Participate with Xxx replaced by the English name of your country/area)

Requirements for landing pages[edit]

Requirements for a website or landing page:

  1. It contains the contest rules, see the Organise page.
  2. It contains a link to the international Wiki Loves Monuments website:
  3. It contains a link to one or more of these options:
    1. A link to the upload form of your country/area; and/or
    2. A link to the monument list(s) (with the eligible monuments) that contain a direct upload link; and/or
    3. A map where participants can find a link to start uploading.
  4. The website or landing page contains an English page or summary in English for international participants.
  5. The website or landing page must be hosted securely.

The website or landing page must also contain information about the selection of the winners (jury) and the prizes.

Landing page template which you can adapt for the local contest:

Other good examples:

URL of CentralNotice[edit]

  1. Where should the CentralNotice in your country link to?
  2. What is the location of the English page or summary of your national contest?

Note: If the landing page contains both your native language as the English summary, add the landing page to both columns of the table.

Country ISO code of country URL address of landing page in local language URL address of English landing page or summary
Albania al Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Albania
Algeria dz Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Algeria Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Algeria
Armenia am Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Armenia_and_Artsakh
Australia au Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Australia
Austria at
Azerbaijan az Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2018_in_Azerbaijan
Bangladesh bd Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Bangladesh/bn Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Bangladesh
Benin bj Projet:Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 au Bénin Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 in Benin
Bolivia bo
Brazil br Wiki Loves Monuments Brasil 2019 Wiki Loves Monuments Brasil 2019
Canada ca Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Canada
Croatia hr Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Croatia
Denmark dk Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Denmark
Finland fi
France fr Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 in France Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 in France
Germany de
Ghana gh Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Ghana Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Ghana
Greece gr
Guinea gn Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_en_Guinée
India in Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_India Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_India
Iran irویکی‌پدیا:ویکی_دوستدار_یادمان‌ها_۲۰۱۹_ایران Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Iran
Ireland ie Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Ireland Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Ireland
Italy it
Kosovo xk Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Kosovo
Malaysia my Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 in Malaysia Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 in Malaysia
Malta mt
Morocco ma Arabic, French Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Morocco
Nepal np Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Nepal
Nigeria ng Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Nigeria Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Nigeria
Norway no Special:MyLanguage/Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 in Norway Special:MyLanguage/Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 in Norway
Peru pe Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Peru
Philippines ph Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_the_Philippines Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_the_Philippines
Poland pl
Portugal pt
Romania ro
Russia ruВики_любит_памятники_2019 Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Russia
Slovakia sk Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Slovakia
Slovenia si Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Slovenia
South Korea kr Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_South_Korea Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_South_Korea/en
Spain es
Sweden se Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Sweden/sv Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Sweden
Switzerland ch Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Switzerland Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Switzerland
Taiwan tw Commons:Taiwan_Memories_2019/Wiki_Loves_Monument Commons:Taiwan_Memories_2019/Wiki_Loves_Monument
Thailand th Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Thailand
Uganda ug Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Uganda
Ukraine ua
United Kingdom gb
United States us Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_the_United_States

Text of CentralNotice[edit]

Add the text for the CentralNotice to Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2019/CentralNotice.